If you could live your life one more time


If you could turn back time, live your life again. What would you do?

During December last year at Taiwan, me and my dad met this 30+ guy who was working as a cameraman, and had 1 year left from graduating from medical school and getting a degree. He seemed like a great guy, had a kid and a wife already. When my dad was having a chat with him, he asked if he could redo college, would he take another subject.

With no hesitation, he said, “Of Course!”. My dad asked what course would he take, he promptly replied, “To tell you the truth, I would take a medical course.”

His wife said, “When you were 21, why did you give up being a doctor?”

He replied, “At that time, I wasn’t sure if I could finish. The lessons were so long and boring, and a waste of money. I was just thinking of graduating early, start to look for a job, and have a happy family.”

He then carried on with his ending, “My wife asked me that now I have a job, earning moneyand savings, have already a child and a marriage, why not trying to be a doctor? At that point of time, I was speechless, I just wanted to accomplish my childhood dream, at the end I decided to finish studying my course. Now I have 1 year left in my course, my results are good, and I have nothing to worry about the fees, best of all, I have my wife’s support. My life now never felt any better more!”

If you believe you can do it… most likely you can.
If you believe you can’t do it… you can never do it.

You gotta love 4x EXP


YAH~ Gratz myself for finally getting out of 140 and now i’m lvl 143 *applause* lol.

However, everything comes with a price, spent 300 MMR and 700 Elixers, which is around 10m *cries*. I think I wont be so chionging until March Holidays or June Holidays. Thanks punit, mel and bran for the gratz too! ‘Just’ had to leave my com on for 5h to get free eh 40k exp for every 3 skele killed! 4x FTW.Maple nowadays very sian… Haha

Got maths test on thursday and geog test next week, so Nick cannot slack anymore.

P.S (I do this very often now…) I already recapped and wrote finished the tab My MS Story which has wrote ‘To Be Updated’ for so long, will update it ASAP. And some anoynomous email sent me regarding this blog and liked my style of writting. Lol? who the hell is pinkynite@hotmail.comAnyway thks whoever you are *got a feeling someone is pranking me*, will write one post like that soon. =D

Happy 牛 Year!

happy niu year
Happy Chinese New Year To All! =D

Hooray for holidays! Much needed these 2 days of break. But hell no, its more of a do homework session every night. Yesterday went to my aunt’s house to eat our 团圆饭, had the kids eat first, and then the adults eat. I was slacking with my cousin’s labtop playing DoTa and MS, they have only 1 mahjong table so we had to take turns, and only managed to start playing at 9pm, lost around $40+ *cries*, coming out of my hongbao $$. Today at the morning went to see grandma and exchanged praises. Now, currently slacking with my mother’s friend’s kids and really have nothing to do… My mom is so high when it comes to mahjong, asking her to let me play is impossible. We are now stuck with playing Monopoly LOL

Talking about the new year, this reminded me of 4F’s class decoration. My phone now cannot connect to the new computer directly, need to take out the memory card and put it to a reader. Enjoy!


Just something I thought of:
I saved some money in your bank
but only 四千万~
千万 must happy
千万 must healthy
千万 must peaceful
千万 must remember password?
Wishing all 提钱(前)快乐 in this new year!牛年大运!

Sorry for my terrible translation, using a translater as new computer can’t type chinese.
P.S. For those who requested to link you all, I will do it probably at Feb, studies for me comes first, hope you understand =P Btw I have no photoshop, and I want to make a mini banner sort of thing. And my dad is leaving for Western Europe tommmorow, so maybe have to stick with Paint Shop Pro.

Working at Sony must be fun


have nothing interesting in school to post, so decided to write about my dad working with Sony.

Working for a big company and being able to travel around the whole world while taking pictures and videos must be really fun. I envy my dad. Had a chance to ‘explore’ his computer, the pictures inside were awesome, ranging from Spain to the US, he is a lucky bastard. Also managed to find some chiobu picture during his trip to Taiwan. He managed to work with some celebrity in a photo shoot (oh so lucky) and now he puts some unguessable password to make sure I can’t go in. By the way, my father is not a photographer -__-”

A rough week has ended. HOLIDAYS 2 DAYS! But should be studying at least half of the time and the rest collecting my hongbao $.$ Now my legs are burnnning due to basketball, damn I wasn’t in form at all, hitting around 15% 3 point and defending badly, got burnt soooooo many times by girls. Many tell me to stop shooting 3 pointers and some call it a waste of time. BRICK WALLS ARE THERE FOR A REASON. Maybe will work on mid-range, can’t get used to such a low post. Two of my favourites shooters in the NBA are Ray Allen and Michael Redd.


Random Playlist (My Zakum Playlist)
1. Plain White T’s – 1234
2. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Your Guardian Angel
3. Boys Like Girls – Thunder
4. Simple Plan – I Can Wait Forever
5. Oasis – Wonderwall
6. Smash Mounth – All Star
7. Poets Of The Fall – Roses
8. Hinder – Lips Of An Angel
9. Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway
10. Cassie – Is It You

a very wierd playlist, but very soothing and nice.

And yes you all h0rny bastards, I had more people and even my teacher (shall keep my mouth shut =x) asking about who the fuck is that in my DP…
iris 0122

2 more days to CNY

1st Zakum for 2009

end zakum 2

2nd post for today, the other post was supposed to be for yesterday, but too lazy to post. haha

My Party

It has been AGES since I zakum-ed, I think my last zakum was 9 months – 1 year ago. Anyway login-ed at 4.45pm for marcus’ zakum, made my way to the altar. Really strong party *pressuuuure* and had a good run, bush aka SagaBlow died at B1 and I TOTALLY screwed up my resurrection *Sorry >.<*. No equips at all for Round 1.

Round 2 Zakum, 5 man party. Screwed up at the beginning, didn’t heal+dispel well. My HS at Shift so sometimes I press enter and screw myself up. Then at B1,2,3, started to get back the old Guardian form at 2007. 1st round didn’t dare to even touch zakum, now banging zakum to avoid stun and 1/1 (save pots), anyway I think I did a good job, taking the fact that I haven’t zakum for ages! No EQs again, stingy Zakum =.=

thanks guys

After getting out of altar, everyone in the party was really happy with my healing. Of course, I was like WTF lol, haven’t lvl-ed in a year and barely touch zakum. Thanks guys for the praises, I’m so touched+happy for the comments. Although it might be a few words, it really gave me feel proud to be a Bishop!

Wanted to post bush mati SS =x, but need go study Chinese test.
And at least 10 people have asked who the girl in my display picture on MSN, may post who she is during CNY or something, got 2 tests this week =D

Goodbye 2008. What 2008 has taught me.


Never had the time to this. Just something I thought I would do to recap my Year 2008.

January, the start of 2008.
New class, new year, oh brother…
I always hated the new year, means new things to do, new stuff, most importantly, end of holidays and star of another gruelling 40 weeks of school.
Everyday just trying to stand strong, but school is just sucky at the beginning…
Don’t get me wrong, I love 3F 08, just had a rough start
You can’t get a perfect start always. Brick walls are there for a reason

March, the beginning
Started to blend with my new class, less niao-ing lol. haha
Wasn’t really struggling with tests or homework, it was still ok.
1st term is over. *phew*
Learnt how to play dota, tio owned at the beginning =.=” zzz
Didn’t even touch maple, too busy or just too lazy?
Every new beginning comes from some other ending, from a small beginning come great things

May, the journey
Started to play basketball with my class, was soooooo noob back then (now still noob. lol)
Studies was still ok, managed to get a 2.93 GPA
Private servers are so fun and it’s free. Screw A$ia$oft
Level camp was fun, playing bridge, taitee, blackjack, mahjong, learnt new games like 100 (Mr Yap teach de), sabotaging each other was fun (and when it fails you can go LOL at him)
It’s good to have an end to the journey, but it’s the journey that matters

September, the struggle
Started to slack off a bit, stared to fail all maths and sciences test
Skipped CCA like nothing, even if I went I also slacked inside
Then at the end, just started to chiong like shit for EOYs
Everday weekend, going to Starbucks and blowing $7 for a frap, studying from morning to evening
At this rate, I didn’t get enough sleep, just slept and slacked during classes.
But I can’t give up…
What the struggle, continue the climb. Take it one step at a time, no matter how tough the climb will be.

November, the end of a journey
Flunked EOYs, got a GPA of 2.20. Had to stay back 2 weeks for extra remedial lessons. Lol I deserved it =.=
Had fun during the chalet, watching movies, the MTG tournament, playing mahjong, trying to get the volleyball on the roof by building a structure of tables and pilows.
Went to Taiwan for a while, great to see my grandma and grandpa, had some fun with my niece and nephew, went to 101 and had some great food. I kept brushing off being take pictures of (don’t know how to phrase it), now nothing to remember the great views. DAMN x3!
Com was down, was very bored, went out for a couple of times. That was it. Quite a boring 2008 holiday for me.
And me, I just offically got 1 year older, felt birthdays were quite a bore, had a smally party at Orchard. (Thanks guys, you all were awesome!)
There are things that we never want to let go of, but letting go isn’t the end, it’s just a new beginning.

That was my 2008, it felt quite short compared to others.
365 days of growing up day by day, may well pay off in 2009
2008 changed me a lot in a lot of ways. 給了我另一種面對人生的姿態.
No point crying over spilled milk anyway =D

You just have to decide if you’re a Tigger or an Eeyore
tigger and eeyore
Eeyore is pessimistic, depressed, and deflated. He has no self-confidence and doesn’t think he does anything right. On the other hand, Tigger is energetic, joyful, enthusiastic, and positive. All a Tigger wants to do is have fun. You decide who you want to be.

What are the odds?

“Always make a total effort, even when the odds are against you.”


Everything good seemed not to happen to me, and everything bad seemed to happen to me. What are the odds…

Rough school week coming to a end, tests are flying. Seated right in the fucking middle on the class, lol I need special attention? Nah no thanks. Just a rough idea, the __ are just empty spaces,O denotes 1 table


Yup, right in the middle! I’m so happy that now everything teacher is going to have a clear view of me so I can’t slack or sleep =D (oh the irony). I just try to think it in a way that Mr Yap wants me to concentrate more or something, its good that at least he is caring about me, if he doesn’t bothered about me = he has given up on me. Lol just a way of thinking of the positives. Mr Yeo still the same, niao-ing me 24-7, I’m not in Hawaii anymore… Really dry lessons, especially 3-periods of Chinese! LA now has around 3 tests a term. Yikes.

The 90/10 Principle By Steveb Covey
10% of life is made up of what happens to you. 90% of life is decided by how you react.

You really do not have any control over 10% of what happens. The other 90% was determined by your reaction. No point just keep thinking about what happened, just move on. What are the odds? Low, but it just seems stacking up on you. Really good article, the 90-10 principle is incredible. By the way, I REALLY HATE extra people who want to know things they do not need to know. Even middle-age guys do that, it’s a natural reaction to be curious. Just really hate those extras…

Update: My computer is finally up, can’t wait to maple/dota in it, had a game of dota yesterday, no lag, graphics are awesome!

NICKS = Nick’s Irresistible Course of KSing