Enjoy the ride.

I have been really inactive on this blog, very very long since I last posted. The June Holidays just arrived, and so was the holiday homework, but who cares? I’m happy, I have nothing to complain about and I’m feel so accomplished after getting High Distinction for AIC and no need to fucking go SSS next term. I’m not the only one out there stressed as I am, all of my friends also have something to do, regardless of work, homework, romance, blabla… So for this post, I’ll just type a short story/poem kinda thing and see how to take things slowly.

“Two roads diverged in a wood, and I took the one less travelled by, and that has made all the difference” -Robert Frost

We always seem to stress ourselves out, the small, the big, the important, the not-so-important. Sometimes, you have no confidence and just want to give up on yourselves. You feel like the pressure is squeezing you to death, and you can’t sleep at all knowing that when you wake up, the problem’s still there. When you leave the problem there and hope it disappears on its own, you are so wrong. Even if you feel better, it would be only for a while.

We always seem to be things to the last minute, even when it’s due next month. We alwasy stress ourselves, trying to find an answer, trying to find a way out, trying to get an end. Life should be taken slowly, and if you rush your way through, you won’t get the enjoy the things the others can. When you retire and think about the past, you would just have a blank mind with no memories.

When you can’t seem to find the answer, don’t keep thinking about it and force an answer out. When you can’t find a way out, just walk and let karma take its way. When things seem to screw up, try again next time and let the past be an experience. When you missed out on something, there’s always tommorrow to look forward to. When you just chill and think about things, you’ll slowly realise that things aren’t as serious as it seems, and there’s always an answer to things. This is what let us see, learn and earn, the journey on how we find those answers.

Smile! Everytime I feel bad, I just try to make myself smile by thinking of something gunny in the past, and you will believe in yourselves that we all can put in 100% and even more. Just relax, be that normal kid in the neighbourhood kind of guy. If you don’t give in your best, who would? You are ultimately your own destiny.

Enjoy the ride.



So after all my exams and my dead friendster, I decided (after being harrassed by many) to create a Facebook account. It was pretty fast, like 5 minutes or so, and I already had 14 pending friend requests, which was kinda nice and interesting. So i just pressed some buttons and it should have sent friend requests which I didn’t know lol.

Watching the Magic dominate the Celtics in the morning, seeing Ray Allen struggling with 3-13 shooting and the Magic getting shots down anywhere zz. Bball was sadly cancelled due to some ppl, so now slacking here with a little dota and trying to download the new MapleStory. Went on MSN and got 43 e-mails o.o” Will explore Facebook a bit later and I haven’ received so much mail since the March Holidays PW surveys.


Anyway thanks to all those who accepted, great to start off the weekends to know that I have some friends on my new Facebook =D. Level camp has been cancelled, so damn need go back school study 1 more week *screw H1N1*, at least I get to enjoy my Vesak Day, watch a few football matches with my dad, celebrate Mother’s Day tommorrow. Finish my homework. bla bla bla and train for interclass. No moving screens FTW!

Happy Belated Brithday to Dillon Foo aka The Socialiser/Flirt/That’s why you dont get girls man.
Happy Mother’s Day to all the mothers out there as well!


It’s been a while…

It’s been three weeks since I last posted in this blog, and many things have happened. I haven’t forgot about this blog, and I probably will try to post more stuff here as my tests start to finish. Left with Maths CT and LA PW presentation. On the plus side, there’s interclass and level camp to look forward to!

So now I’m sitting here thinking what I should write, and I have no idea what to write. But sometimes the best things could be just infront of you. What could be something I’m complaining about? I’m completely happy. Yeh I don’t really like my school, but the guys in my class are awesome. Many times I see myself complaining about this and that, but sometimes I wish I could just stop and enjoy it. There’s so much I want to share here, but I’ll do that on the weekends. Besides there’s Vesak Day on Monday.


Currently, I’m enjoying my wide variety TV channels, playing some dota pub games, and anything else other than my work, so I better start working zzz.