The first brick wall of the final lap

Disclaimer: I literally typed this whole thing on my iPod touch during Wednesday’s assembly in the auditorium, with Loong Ge spying on me half the time. He said he liked the title, haha. Some of the content inside is probably dervied from the talk and I just typed it in as I hear the lecture.

Common Tests are coming in probably 40 days or so, and this is the start of the impending doom in 6 months that we will face. It’s seriously time to get serious and stress would be inevitable. So if not now, when? Of course, while dealing with work, there’s a need to balance work, health and fun. Keep calm in face of the lack of time for revision and follow a regime during the holidays. since I’m going to NZ during the first week, I will surely need to put it much more effort to make up for the first week loss. But that said, too much work is not good, I will still not be able to watch any of my Korean dramas during the holidays but that doesn’t mean that I need to stay in Starbucks over 12 hours straight and mug. Study smart, and take charge.

During the holidays, I’m left with 3 weeks instead of 4, so time is of the essence. To be honest, the only lessons I would go back to school for is Maths, and I’ll do my very best to secure that A for Maths (since there’s the only place I can get my A). Maybe even better, strive for the best get Top 20 in cohort (highly unlikely though LOL). The main thing for Economics and Chemistry is to better my results during this Promos. There’s this mental block there in my head that I suck at these 2 subjects and the CTs would be the best chance to break all of them. Especially for Chemistry, a subject which I barely pass in Junior High, and attaining single digit scores for lecture tests in Year 5. Sure, I passed all my lecture tests in Chemistry this year and proven to myself that I can do it, but for the CTs, I want to show myself that I can do it on a wide variety of topics and not just small lecture tests. There’s this one phrase that my Economics Tuition teacher told me when I had a little chat with him. “Don’t let your circumstances let you down”. Now he’s teaching me about philosophy as well haha. There’s no point whining about your situation, so I told myself to just live with it. Try and gather resources from others and with a WHOLE LOT of practice, I would be able to write with RIGOUR and slowly inch my way up. For Geography, I just need to practice more and remember my case studies. What I lack in Geography is the effort and practice since it’s only a H1 subject for me, so the first thing I need to do is change this mentality. In short, for this CTs, prove to yourself that you can EXCEL.

The last point to myslef is: DON’T SLACK!!! I don’t want a repeat of last year’s holidays where I basically burned myself out in the first week. Since I’m going to be alone this holidays, there would be less distractions around me, but the temptation of slacking would always be there. If the bed gets too inviting, go out and study and slowly get into the studying groove. And just make sure that I really put in 100% effort, and starting working really, really hard after New Zealand. Don’t be bothered about others, and live your life the awesome way you want it.

Ultimately, I just want to make sure that I am able to look myself at the mirror and proudly say “I did my best, no regrets”. Nothing else matters 😀

Keep Calm and get GWH

It’s been 1 week since SYF ended. Sometimes I wonder if it actually happened. It all happened in a flash, we performed in the morning, got the results in the late afternoon, and celebrated for a few days. Now, it’s back to reality and normal life. Time flies…

This journey to SYF has been kinda like a bumpy marathon run. There are many times in the middle you curse and want to just stop and give up, but at the end it would be worth it in the end. If you’re going to do something, might as well put in your all. You only get to live life once, so live it with no regrets. I was surprising not nervous before SYF, just the minor case of sweaty palms. Compared to Centerstage, my nerves were totally in control. Probably due to the 5 months of practise we had, I felt relaxed and comfortable. But right after we finished playing, the 1st thought immediately was “fuck it sure silver”. It didn’t even feel like a Gold performance. But it’s done, over, no point wasting time pondering over it. The only thing you can do is wait for the best. But guess what, GWH. Lol wtf? The whole guitar room exploded. I will probably remember that moment for a long time. That is the moment we earned after 5 months of hard work and effort. Goddamn worth it. This would be a great driving force for the A’s. If you are willing to put in that effort, karma will take care of itself and your dreams will turn to reality.

The next paragraph will be kinda off-topic, but I will to write it according to the context of this post. I’m currently ignoring my work (what an irony) and watching My Girlfriend is a Gumiho. It’s a bloody heartbreaker. It’s similar to Secret Garden, in the aspect of what people are willing to do for love. How lovely it would be if people in real life could achieve it as well. That’s what I love about Korean Dramas, you actually can derive some life lessons from it. SG and MGIAG is probably two of the more happier endings, as compared to dramas like IRIS. When you are willing to do crazy things against all odds to achieve what you desire, SOMEHOW it would work out in the end. The probability of success in real life is low, but as long as you have that determination, miracles would occur. This is probably one of the hardest test in your life, not the A’s, but more of a test of character. Ah shit, I’m seriously crapping around.

Anyway I added some pictures in this post, it was getting too dull. Probably one of the lousiest post I written in months, but oh well. As long as I’m satisfied, who cares? =D

T_T Will find time to watch it during the June Holidays after A’s. haiz…