Korean wave~

As a Taeganger, I promise to despise all aegyo,
to remain secretive with my butt fetishes,
to laugh whenever and however I want,
to spread my ‘amajjing!’ engrish to everyone,
do everything I can to help Taeyeon in her quest to conquer the world,
and to wear a mustache to make my TaeYeon proud!

oh damn in the beginning of the year, i liked tw girls, now i like korean girls.

Finally done with my EOYs, had a fun time in chalet, although he didn’t get to bond much with the girls, it was very fun, played poker and mahjong with the guys. I was playing mahjong with janson, terence and meng ran so I didn’t watch Friday the 13th, guess I’m a coward, horror movie aren’t my type. Still have 1 more week to the release of the results, my aim now (Pass = Happy Me) is very low, and I predict myself to flunk E Maths, had a lot of careless mistakes. Bleh.

Now I’m really going Taeyeon crazy, I spammed 50 posts in soshified just to go download videos of her, and I watch it in my iTouch after midnight by myself. Reminds me of the June Holidays. Watched 9 episodes of 命中注定我愛你, considering to watch Cinderella Man since 16 episodes only. This means I will have to probably burn a week or so. No wonder people like Jun Kai getting addicted to SNSD so fast, and when I go to Taiwan I will probably buy a few albums for the soshistruck guys in 4F and a few merchandise and stuff, and of course eat the hell out in there.

Now I’m getting sick of dota, and my sis and mom are addicted to farmville to the extent that they beg me to send a horse/ trees everyday, its fucking irritating. Back to watching SNSD videos, nah I’m just kidding, I got better things to do in my life.

Random stuff:

[4FLIPFLOP’09<3!] Guardian says:
donoe why i suddenly so addicted to korean girls
benjamin says:
[4FLIPFLOP'09<3!] Guardian says:
lol how you noe
benjamin says:
my school also the same, they spamming songs like gee and tmyw after class
so whats your favourite 3 snsd members?
[4FLIPFLOP'09<3!] Guardian says:
eh taeyeon, jessica and tiffany
benjamin says:
you got no taste
yuri, yoona and seohyun much better
[4FLIPFLOP'09<3!] Guardian says:
different people different taste wad
benjamin says:
ya you like short girls right?
[4FLIPFLOP'09<3!] Guardian says:

Actually, my favourite 3 happens to be the shortest few among SNSD, exception to Sunny.
What am I saying, I’m off to watch TV.