Guardian Will Be Back I


Quick Update on My Baby Bishop.

Currently Stuck on lvl143, but got free 2x + spare A-Cash = Chiong?
Very busy, got a lot of homework, so must try to prioritise! Homework 1st for today. Finally got MS running, great to see stan, lucy and poonit. Liverpool FTW! hope to reach 147 lol, so this is my little update on my bishop.

Next Update: The ‘My MS Story’ which has been rotting for very long.

You gotta love 4x EXP


YAH~ Gratz myself for finally getting out of 140 and now i’m lvl 143 *applause* lol.

However, everything comes with a price, spent 300 MMR and 700 Elixers, which is around 10m *cries*. I think I wont be so chionging until March Holidays or June Holidays. Thanks punit, mel and bran for the gratz too! ‘Just’ had to leave my com on for 5h to get free eh 40k exp for every 3 skele killed! 4x FTW.Maple nowadays very sian… Haha

Got maths test on thursday and geog test next week, so Nick cannot slack anymore.

P.S (I do this very often now…) I already recapped and wrote finished the tab My MS Story which has wrote ‘To Be Updated’ for so long, will update it ASAP. And some anoynomous email sent me regarding this blog and liked my style of writting. Lol? who the hell is pinkynite@hotmail.comAnyway thks whoever you are *got a feeling someone is pranking me*, will write one post like that soon. =D