Guardian Will Be Back I


Quick Update on My Baby Bishop.

Currently Stuck on lvl143, but got free 2x + spare A-Cash = Chiong?
Very busy, got a lot of homework, so must try to prioritise! Homework 1st for today. Finally got MS running, great to see stan, lucy and poonit. Liverpool FTW! hope to reach 147 lol, so this is my little update on my bishop.

Next Update: The ‘My MS Story’ which has been rotting for very long.

No more slacking. The Real Deal


I don’t know how many times have I said this? Tests are coming! And I’m still slacking off. This should be my last post till the March Holidays, now I need to Put my priorities straight and concentrate, and I’m still recovering from a bad cough. Geog, Physics and Maths CTs, three subjects which I hope I score well, but I hate Physics and don’t like to remember facts for Geog. Eh Maths has been my best subject, but have been flunking seen. Gotta focus…

Nothing new with my boring life. Now just trying to work things out and have sufficent sleep. What a boring day =.=” It’s the real deal now, no more slacking, no more DoTa, no more Maple, now 100% pure mugging till next Friday. Be glad of all the great things you have, and speaking of which, Rock Band 2 Wii may arrive at SG at around May. Hope so, want this game for a long time, seen it on the Xbox 360, killer graphics, but you can’t expect much from a Wii anyway.

Well, back to mugging. Lalala. Here’s another song, the video quite cute lol =.=, good song and simple lyrics which make it so meaningful. Damn wished that I wrote this song =o