Doing your best

I have promos in 2 weeks and I’m writing this blog post. Excellent… Anyway I wanted to write this since this is kinda relevant for now, so here goes,

“Doing your best”, it means give your all, 100% dedication. Sounds easy, but easier said than done. We are often encouraged to do our best, and we’ll be fine. But are we really putting in 100%, ALL of your effort, making use of anything possible? Even when we do, sometimes our best isn’t good enough. Even when we pushed our limits, it doesn’t make the cut. There are 100 athlete out there trying to break Usian Bolt’s record 100m timing of 9.58s, but they can’t, because they reached their limit. So is your best good enough?

We learn that there is always something that it is impossible to achieve, something something is able to do, but not yourself. And when our best fall short of expectations, we slump and do even worse because we think that our best isn’t good enough, so why try? It’s a matter of pushing your own limits, because there is never a fixed 100%, it is how you push your boundaries. It’s about believing that you can do it, and putting your words into action. Having the right mentality is good, but if you think you are going to achieve it by dreaming about it, well have fun in your limbo.

3 years ago, I was at a low point of my life. I screwed up my life, I screwed up anything possible of what’s left with it. I had no limits, because I didn’t have something in mind. Thanks to the support of my faggy classmates, I managed to get back up. Even when I failed miserably before, if you put in effort, things will happen. When I got back my results of my EOY, I was happy even though I’m the last 25% of the cohort (<–LOL). I passed all my subjects, something I never achieved before. I know this is really noob compared to the other smartass people in my school, but I did it. I did something which I would not believe I would have done. With a positive mindset and a never-say-die attitude, nothing is impossible.

I’ve got a theory that if you give 100 percent all of the time, somehow things will work out in the end. ~ Larry Bird

Fast forward to this year, if you asked me at the beginning of the year if I could play the drums, let alone be in a band, I would laugh at the thought. Thanks to Dillon, I managed to join Guitar even though I failed the audition. So here I am with 47 other guitarist, all supposedly better than me because they did one thing I couldn’t pass, pass that fucking audition. Dillon wanted to form a band, and I was the obvious choice for playing the drums since I had a little experience with the drums in CO. My first experience with a real drum set was awful, I played the drums like I was hitting the chinese drum, my foot was inactive as practically stoning there. But after six months, I played at 4 performances, had a drum solo, and won 1st place in Dunman High’s centerstage, defeating past year champions along the way. Miracle much… I believed I didn’t really put in my 100%, maybe 80%… But I believed I could do it. Confidence can do wonders. Now, I’m even more excited to learn more about drumming, even if I never gotten professional help before. Take Cobus for example, 3 years ago he posted his first video, now his videos has 50 million views, and everywhere around him is practically sponsored, his drums, his cymbals, his mikes. And for someone who hadn’t had professional help as well and self-learn drums himself, it’s godly. Passion is what drives him, even when he had all those nasty blisters, he just wrapped them and continue. When I had one blister, I would complain, and now I feel like a pussy. If you have the determination to push your boundaries, they will be broken. This is what make people successful, because they are not afraid of the consequences, and even if they fail , they will try again until they succeed.

ouch those blisters…

Life doesn’t require that we be the best, only that we try our best.
~ H.Jackson Brown

I have come to understand that I have nothing more to offer than, simply my best. I learnt to stop comparing others around me, as it is illogical for a someone who’s failing all his subjects to becoming the top all of a sudden. But I’ll try to achieve that goals, one small step at a time, and in this journey, sacrifices are definitely needed.

No Sacrifice, No Victory ~ Sam Witwicky (Transformers)

I’ll end this post with a story Mr Ng showed us before, which I actually saw the day before with my dad. It’s about this guy in China who lost both his arms in an accident, yet he chose not to let his disabilities be a negative factor and managed to play a beautiful piece on the piano… with his TOES. God some people require years to play it with their fingers. Losing both his arms did not deter him from his ambition of being a great music producer. He started practicing the piano at the age of 19 and admitted that it was tough at first. Although, he suffered from cramps and abrasion, he persevered. Life is never, never a smooth journey. His performance left one judge speechless and Liu Wei was asked how he was able to do it. His response? ”I think there are only two roads that I can choose in my life. One is to give up which would lead to a hopeless death. The other is to live life wonderfully. Nobody says that to play a piano, one can only use his hands.”

No complaints from me for this year. Push yourself and fight hard, people. This includes me, who would go back to his Economics after this post…

Sorry I couldn’t resist posting a SNSD picture haha

P.S. I would change to a nice theme after my Promos, it is getting kinda dull in here.