This would be my first and last post for September before the EOYs rush. The next time there would be a new post would be mid October after my EOYs. Anyway I’m quite surprised about having so many views taking that less than 10 people know about this blog. having 5000 views in 9 months is quite an achievement for me, taking that I have 500 views a month, that means around 15 views a day. This holidays was supposed to be for me this kind of noob fuck to catch up, turns out I get too distracted easily. Went to Starbucks on Sunday and Thursday to do Maths, was quite productive until I ended up watching videos on my iTouch due to getting bored. Still ordered my usual Mocha Frap, $7 pain but Starbucks condusive for learning, especially being away from my computer *MouseHunt*…

Recently, especially among the guys in 4F, there has been a recent Korean girls craze, and I remembered when wz saw me making a wallpaper of TaeYeon, he MSN-ed me and asked when my taste changed to Korean, how the fuck should I know why? Anyway I think the only 1 chio is SNSD is TaeYeon, the rest okok, but Jun Kai mentioned about watching videos of SNSD, but one bad thing is that it’s Korean, so I have to look for subs. Just pure bad timing to get crazy over them… Hope this craze gets away soon… or else I would start having SNSD videos in my iTouch (I now have 10 videos of them out of 550, 2% of total) My father thinks that they are a bunch of plastic dolls, and I don’t disagree with him lol. But what can I expect from my dad? We are of two different generations, so our taste sure different.

Skip the girls for a while, do something constructive *Peter Chao Style*. There’s less than 3 weeks to the start of EOYs, should have started mugging a long time ago. I rewrote the WHOLE chem notebook, did the Physics paper and some maths, haven’t even touched Geography. I can’t wait for the end of EOYs, and class chalet. To be honest, I’m not really looking forward to all those ”class-bonding activites”, I just wanna have fun with the guys, and I’m not really the enthu type. Many will argue, say what I’m a loner bla bla, but looking at the girls in our class, it’s hard seeing all 33 people having fun, some would surely missed out of the fun. Thinking of it now, it’s seems like you want to do alot of things before the EOYs, but after it ends, you seem to have nothing to do… ahhh FUCK IT!

My stomach’s growling now, time to go to the washroom.

Final Wallpaper jpeg