2010 resolutions

Ok might as well do one, this won’t be a resolution, more of a short-term dream which I wish to accomplish. since its 2010, I’ll put 10 things i wish to accomplish this year. In no particular order, whatever order I write these is what I thought of first.

1. Pass all of my subjects

Geography, Maths, Economics, Chemistry, GP, PW. All at least a C, hopefully a few Bs and As too.

2. Be able to play the guitar better

Nothing flashy, this is what I aim to be able to play by the end of 2010. May sounds impossible, and why this song? Pretty obvious right =.=

3. Translation and Timing

Aim: To be able to translate 10-minute part in 1 hour, timing not so sure. And maybe I will register myself at RamenSoupSubs. We’ll see and wait

4. Mastering Improving my korean

If I’m going to do something, might as well finish the job. Korean is kinda fun anyway, may come in handy someday, especially *cough, cough*, I’ll skip that.

5. Save some money $$$

Self-explationary. Don’t go out too much, don’t eat too much fast food. Walk instead of taking the bus (Of course from the MRT, not from school.)

6. Enjoy More Quality Time with Family & Friends

I always try to aim this. Being a new class would be hard, they would be many chances for the class to bond, right 5c24 =P. Still wishing the 4F guys could meet up, maybe watch 2010 World Cup? While waiting, Jun Kai and me can watch some SNSD videos rofl.

7. 1000 posts at soshified

No idea why this, must be running out of ideas haha. Got a new account since I forgot my old account username rofl. 3 posts a day should be possible anyway

8. Post in this wordpress more frequently

39 posts in 2009, that’s around 3 every month. I will try to add somemore stuff and remove some as well. Haha

k maybe not 10, 8 will do. More posts to come next week until school starts. Until then, I’m off learning the F chord (1st baby step into playing My Guardian Angel)