One In A Million

It’s useless to be mad on those who ruined your mood
When it’s unsolvable as you think, take a deep breath temporarily
Whatever they say, don’t be afraid
Shout out loud with the only voice in the world

I was contemplating doing my September post either now or during recess week, but feels were strong to type out one tonight. In the midst of a “busy” start to the last year of school, there hasn’t been an urge to do a post as other priorities in life start to pile in. Yes adult-ing is real and more responsibilities fall into our laps; so less excuses, less distractions, less procrastinating.

It wasn’t the most comfortable start during the first few weeks of school. I am only taking 3 modules with a FSP this semester, and my earliest lesson starts at noon? Omg this is a total heaven for the night owl life, but the body clock has been accustomed to waking up early ever since internship. Not sure whether it is a good or bad thing, but there is something about doing things at night which helps in bringing in the inner peace. Content-load wise it is actually not as bad as last semester, but the dreaded group work arrives as I am working with mostly unfamiliar people (acquaintances). I know it would be the same in the work place, but situations where you need to form groups make me realise the insignificant number of friends in the faculty. Okays this is quite a superficial problem HAHAHA so count your blessings, not your problems.

The harder the battle, the sweeter the victory

The lack of motivation is very strong; both in classes and in terms of a more serious job search, yet another instance of feeling lost & still wondering I want to accomplish in this last year. #lastyearbestyear still stands, as there has been many instances of the reinforcement of the life principles I love . It’s still the same ol’ shit: Grateful for the constants, blessed for the new. Yes no one is perfect, but there are just pet peeves that yours truly cannot stand. Not going to state them here, but I have encountered and witnessed too much of the people/cases. You always have 2 ways around it: either you fight it or you ignore it. I choose the option where I don’t let insignificant things get into my head. It’s all about finding tranquility amidst the storm, so work hard in silence and let your success make the noise.

Meanwhile, the mom is off back in Taiwan for a month, while the sister stays in school most of the time. It kinda felt like I was transported back to exchange lifestyle; just me and my Macbook in my room. It was a journey of finding the best version of myself back then, and it’s the same now just in a less foreign environment. Keep pushing, keep moving and get back to the right healthy mentality.