Tumblr vs WordPress

Lol dead dead dead (no idea how many times i repeated the word dead) Holiday life not as enriching as it seems. I have aches all over my body from gym and my hard disk crashed. I’m kinda sick doing all those holiday assignments bleh. But no idea whether i should continue this wordpress blog. always tempted to change to tumblr because im not using wordpress to its full potential. Tumblr seems much simpler and for user-friendly regarding pictures.

Not sure if I would make the change, time will tell.

It is good to fail at times

I probably write too much on the topic on failure, but I’ll go ahead with it anyway.

1 mark from passing the Common Test, 0.7 mark from passing the overall assessment, and 1 point away from passing. Some people may got it worse than me. But sometimes failing could be a good thing. If I didn’t fail, I might be now still lost in my own world and it might be a little too late. Failing is not one who falls, but one who does not get up. Many time have others blame anyone but themselves, and do not recognize the fact that the only person able to help them are themselves. I am guilty of this common mistake before, but maybe now with a more mature mindset, I finally realize this.

CSSUU. Those were my grades for Common Tests, it was a cruel wake up call from reality. I was in deep shit. When things get difficult, it’s always tempting to lower expectations. Nothing seemed to go my way. At first I was hoping to just pass the year, but I wanted to do something for myself. “Prove it to yourself you can do it, do not care about what others have done, because you are not them”. As Thomas Edison once said, “Many of life’s failures are people who did not realize how close they were to success when they gave up.” Lol maybe I have been close to it, but I didn’t do anything to help the cause.

So the battle began. Many times I just wanted to give up, lie down, and just slack off the day. I had only one thing in mind, the best of my abilities to be shown on that damn result slip. If you put in effort, it would show, one way or another. I was now ready to face the failure hanging with me for five years, to chip it off slowly but surely.

Results came back, time to see if those mugging sessions and coffee worked. So what did I get? ACCDE. Looks pretty average in my school, but definately a much improvement from those S and U. Things will never be the same for me. I now believe that I’m not a bottom student. I can do it, and that is only true after hard work and determination. I proved to myself that I could do it, and now I just need to carry this attitude and confidence for 1 more year into A-levels.

Success only comes to those who, even after failure and failure, to think positively and look forward confidently. If I had given up, I probably would not have time to even write this post. If I learn something from this experience, it would be one thing. Failure does not mean that you suck and will never make it, its just means that you need to put in more effort and hang in there longer.

Failure can be a bitch sometimes, but this asshole called failure can be a good learning life experience at times. You can only succeed once you taste failure

P.S Sorry if this post seems dry and there’s no SNSD pictures LOL. I’m in the process of revamping (really this time) this wordpress. I’m going to stick with it since it has some posts I really like. Haha