Congrats to myself hitting the 5 digit mark LOL! Actually this doesn’t really mean anything, but still thanks to all those people out there who view this lousy WordPress (even though one quarter of them are searching for nude pics and stuff =.=). Anyways, I have so much things to post here, but sadly I got fucking CTs next week, but I will make sure that posting here is one of the first things I do after CTs! Already got one in my head for a long time, till then, jiayou to myself .__.

Another Day. Another Challenge

Back from a week in New Zealand and it was pure awesome! Love to go back there if possible =), being away from Singapore actually let me had some alone time and realized a lot of things that didn’t cross my mind, so here goes.

First off, the 1 week in New Zealand was definitely worth it. The views were simply magnificent, and words can’t describe how beautiful New Zealand is. It makes Singapore look like a concrete jungle. This just shows that economic prosperity doesn’t equate to happiness. I was skeptical during the first 2 days, but later I just got immersed and leaving New Zealand was so sad, especially our guide Alan and driver Daryl, they’re the best as well. I just wonder how ‘shallow’ I would be if I haven’t gone to this trip, so thank you to the teachers and especially my fellow bosses YS, TJ and Bobo for making this trip such a valuable one for me. This is actually my first school trip in DHS aside from level camp and I’m so glad I went for this one.

On a more serious note, this means that I’m left with 20 days to my CTs, with aboslutely zero revision covered so far, aside from maybe half of Geography. I was just thinking, if I could do it and score better than my peers who has a relatively one week longer study break. But with this New Zealand trip, it is going to spur me on and work even harder for times. I was actually thinking, if results really equate to happiness. You are the best, the cream of the crop, but ultimately are you happy? Actually, for me, I think it’s not the results, but more of the feel that you achieved something that makes you happy. Whenever you did something you though you never can do before, you get that sensation once you accomplish it, such as going 1800m above sea level and feeling strong winds near a blow hole! With this spur, I have one thing to say. I’m going to own this CTs, and I better not go fuck around and slack because I badly want this thing.

Now, meanwhile in sunny Singapore, no doubt people have already begin their revision. There’s one problem, they complain. I complain too, but after thinking through it, what for complain? It doesn’t do anything, and the best solution is to face it straight up. Also, I realize how our juniors are so curious and want to learn more during the trip, taking notes diligently and etc, way different than the me 2 years ago. But now, I’m sort of seeing the me in my class now if I didn’t buck up last year. The Promos last year was definitely a major turning point in my life, and I never want to go back. My class is sort of my push the previous months, but now I’ll be my own driver. Ultimately, do it for yourself, and no need to show it to others. It’s YOUR life, and you call the shots.

Meanwhile, I’m seriously loving my playlists in my iPod Touch, perfect mix of acoustic, Korean and catchy songs. Also, I decided to change to my Taeyeon wallpaper for these couple of days, puts a bright smile in my face. Haha, till then, I’ll just slowly face each day and work through it, and I’ll see this WordPress after Common Tests, maybe another post if I had the feel.

ok I’m still in love with her voice. haha