In the modern society that we live in, it can be hard to surround yourself with people that you truly trust and/or love. Before creating this piece, Kaycee and I have had some unpleasant experiences in our lives that allowed us to understand how crucial honesty and respect is, when it comes to having the people you love, stick around your life. no good comes out of going behind someone’s back and telling others how you feel about them. the blindfolds were a representation of our assumptions and fear that kept us from seeing the truth. With our blindfolds on, we were unable to realize the pain we were causing each other. The moment our blindfolds came off, we understood how crucial communication is. As long as anything is said with consideration of each other’s feelings, then the truth will bring you closer.

Life has been in a state of limbo; back in its messy state as time flies with nothing notable being accomplished. Been clueless on what the next post here should consist of, so just going to do a short reflection of the past months and a little on the future. What seemed to be a world of time have trickled down to less than 40 days till I officially commence life in the cycle of Mondays to Fridays, 9am to 6pm, with more to come in the future. Once I enter, there’s no more school holidays to look forward to, no more spoon feeding, no more anything given to you; it’s time for responsibilities and you are now with the big boys. Feels daunting but the time for adulting has arrived and face the tasks ahead.

Starting off with reservist which took off a good chunk of June and this round signalled the start of HIGH KEYYYY, which means 2 weeks of being in green and going outfield (with face painted in green too blehhhhh). Had the opportunity to converse with many people, hearing how everyone is at different stages of life, including a valedictorian like WOWZA~! Oh god that 2 weeks felt so slow as outfield wasn’t as chill as I wished and I took periodic naps.. just wishing that time would pass faster and I get to say bye bye to Khatib. Thank goodness I cleared IPPT so the worry for the year has been cleared. I wasn’t doing anything at all so perhaps when the work life starts I would cherish the opportunity of being able to escape work and earn the same amount of $$$ at the same time.

4 years in one handshake

Going back to reservist forced the night owl in me to start being a morning bird, but World Cup happened and the body clock slowly drifted back to late night mode. Wasn’t into the hype at the start since I stopped watching soccer for quite a bit; but hey it only happens once every 4 years so it ended up occupying much of the nights and ended it off with watching the final at the airport. Graduation happened and it was nice to meet the familiar faces that I have been used to seeing the past 7 semesters (1 sem gone because of exchange). I was playing telegram games while waiting LOLOLOL such a long wait just for those 5 seconds (as shown in Exhibit A, picture above HAHAHA). Going up the stage and collecting your degree signified that final page of the university storybook. It was an anti-climatic ending from what I felt was a pretty awesome 4 years of university. There were little emotions but you will still have that 不舍得 feels that it has finally, FINALLY come to an end. 

With July coming to an end and August approaching, the feel to be more productive and spend time in a more fruitful manner becomes more burdening. Gonna do some proper planning and careful thinking through I want out from this remaining period; 2 more trips to new cities/countries which is exciting yet with that small pinch of nervousness. Flying off was another impromptu decision because I have been lazing along for too long so the urge to do something is realDoing nothing and staying at home has been straight up comfortable but its time to head out and open my eyes towards new experiences. The other issue is just seeing my bank account depleting ROFL, but they always say money can be earned back but you won’t have time in the future. Stay strong my bank account, money will come in soon enough (I hope HAHAHA). Until then… Cheers to living life to the fullest before the grind starts~!

Expectation vs Reality: This is way too cute HAHAHA