If you could live your life one more time


If you could turn back time, live your life again. What would you do?

During December last year at Taiwan, me and my dad met this 30+ guy who was working as a cameraman, and had 1 year left from graduating from medical school and getting a degree. He seemed like a great guy, had a kid and a wife already. When my dad was having a chat with him, he asked if he could redo college, would he take another subject.

With no hesitation, he said, “Of Course!”. My dad asked what course would he take, he promptly replied, “To tell you the truth, I would take a medical course.”

His wife said, “When you were 21, why did you give up being a doctor?”

He replied, “At that time, I wasn’t sure if I could finish. The lessons were so long and boring, and a waste of money. I was just thinking of graduating early, start to look for a job, and have a happy family.”

He then carried on with his ending, “My wife asked me that now I have a job, earning moneyand savings, have already a child and a marriage, why not trying to be a doctor? At that point of time, I was speechless, I just wanted to accomplish my childhood dream, at the end I decided to finish studying my course. Now I have 1 year left in my course, my results are good, and I have nothing to worry about the fees, best of all, I have my wife’s support. My life now never felt any better more!”

If you believe you can do it… most likely you can.
If you believe you can’t do it… you can never do it.