Moments where age is nothing but just a number~

Oh wow its April already, and this place have been sorely lacking any sign of life an update. It has been over a good 3 months since I last updated here but it honestly felt way way longer than that, so here’s me sneaking one in while I still can. I had to read my previous post just to have an idea how 2018 was like, so I’ll try my best again to talk about newer things and at least leave something here so that I know what happened during the first months of 2019.

Life hasn’t been the most exhilarating as it has been largely just work… and nothing else. It’s not that I’m drowning in work, but rather I haven’t found much meaning outside of “Mondays to Fridays, 9-6 9-9″. First taste of peak was dreadful as life was just sleep-work, rinse and repeat and second wave of peak this month is starting to feel the same way. Reading memes about how fellow auditors around the globe are suffering from the same fate; it feels amusing and comforting at the same time as you are not the only one out there going through this. Social life is as good as non-existent when you are spending your weekdays on the other side of Singapore, and you are too lazy/tired to go out of the house during your weekends. In short, life really has been kinda stagnant and hence the lack of any decent updates.

Busy season in a nutshell~

Balance seems to be my main keyword for 2019. What I mentioned in the previous post still applies; still trying my best to attend classes and do some late night runs around the field. Although I must say that I have been eating more ROFL, I have been running more as well as work gets less busy (IPPT is always a good motivator to stay fit). Not that I have many other stuff going on in life, but life has been on pilot mode for a significant period. Passed recital audition early in January, and juggling peak with practice was actually a crazy experience as I literally had to squeeze any free time here and there to practice. Dance-wise I stopped going to school as there were too many unhealthy things going on… so I’m always thankful there’s still another avenue to still dance. When one door closesanother opens; never felt so real. Often we get too focused on the closed door that we do not see the one which has opened for us.

That’s about it… ROFL I should have taken some physical notes from time to time to really remember what the hell is going on. Negativity aside, life has been quite smooth sailing so as bad I sound, it isn’t that bad HAHA. An exciting 2019 2Q awaits (rofl at such business terms); many public holidays and a 2 week study leave as well, and ending it off with recital. Going to take my first SQP paper, and I’m looking forward to being a student yet again, although it meant sacrificing some time in the weekends away (please pass omfg). First year associate life will come to an end but I still have to survive one last busy period, then I can look forward to year dos and of course BONUS (its all about the money). Nobody’s perfect but I will be alright~