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This wordpress is dead, dead, dead, and there are still people viewing this? Thanks to all those who still view this shitty blog of mines. Most people are probably using tumblr now, but I’ll stick to WordPress. I’ll try to revive this blog by adding a few more inspirational stories kinda thing.

Why the sudden revival and not let it die? Well, one of the main motivations of reviving this blog is due to school. School? You gotta be kidding me. Not. I’ve been failing GP, so maybe writing a few ‘essays’ will help, even though it will never come out in A levels, like I said before, I want something to reflect on. Life has been in chaos, I’m tired, I’m bushed, sum in up in two words, fucked up. So a portal for me to channel my thought would be extremely useful now for me.

Now I see my mom spending 12 hours on FaceBook and I wrote a wall post for her. Guess what, she deleted me as a friend. lol? Now given a little time to reflect, it’s her fucked up life she’s living, not mine’s. She’s the one wasting her life on the computer, not me, why should I care? Only problem is that she’s hogging the computer and I can smell my dad’s overheating computer already. If she doesn’t want help, fine be it. I get scolded for helping my mom. That’s a first, and now come to think of it, I fucking miss my dad. It’s true, although we spend so little time together, it is all those small moments that counts. Hope you’re doing well overseas appa (dad in korean), sarangheyo (love you in korean)

This made me also reflect on my addiction on games, particularly one game called MapleStory, and if you ask me to rewind back 4 years and ask if I would play maple. I would, cause you can’t learn without failing. One by one, every 1 of us quitted maple, due to our busy lives already. When I stopped playing maple, I suddenly found so much time to do more stuff. These are life lessons which will affect you for the rest of your lives. Trust me, in just 3 years in Dunman High, I learnt so many life lessons which I wouldn’t have learn elsewhere.

So what now for Guardian? Just keep swimming, just keep swimming, swimming, swimming. It’s just 4 months to Senior High, better late never, from now on, I’m going to live life to how I want to live it, and no-one is going to change it. Even as I’m typing this post, I’m getting happier already, because hopefully I’ll change for the better. Ironically, it took a few words of my Geography teacher to make me realise that. Man, I’m really fucked up.

I’ll end this post with one of my current ‘addictions’, *obvious right?* and what makes their performances so nice to watch? Practise, practise, practise, sprinkled in with some hardwork and determination. Some of them took 7 years of training just to debut, and they are referred as idol groups since many fans support them. Idol in another sense means someone to look upon, so maybe this will inspire me to do well when I see their performances. 9 days to guitar concert, focus nick focus you fag 😡

“Change is a welcomed friend…but only if it is invited.”
– Shane Pendley

I’m laying down the red carpet down already baby.


Guardian Will Be Back I


Quick Update on My Baby Bishop.

Currently Stuck on lvl143, but got free 2x + spare A-Cash = Chiong?
Very busy, got a lot of homework, so must try to prioritise! Homework 1st for today. Finally got MS running, great to see stan, lucy and poonit. Liverpool FTW! hope to reach 147 lol, so this is my little update on my bishop.

Next Update: The ‘My MS Story’ which has been rotting for very long.

Having fun with Zakum Part I


2nd Zakum for the year, 1st for the month. Haven’t really been active in Zakum, only joining marcus’ Zakum if got slot for me.

Saw woodie using a girl NL today, very long never see him, exchanged some words. Nothing much in 1st round, sucky drops as well. Could slack as there was another bishop, was practically AR-ing half of the time. 2nd round, Zakum had a double kill during B3, had to go to marcus pt, which means I couldn’t slack anymore. Actually I was slacking a lot, pressing my iTouch to skip a song. Better drops for the 2nd round, had more exp as well, that would cover the pots cost I used for training last week >.<. Poor Woodie still didn’t manage to get his TT.

Won’t be going to any other Zakums for the while, tests are coming which means less time for other stuff.

P.S. To all guys in 4F, please don’t leak out the URL of my blog, really appreciate it. I think so far Dillon, Janson, JJ, JK, SK and Leon know my blog link , and I don’t mind the other guys in 4F knowing it, but no one else =D. Not that I’m selfish, just want a bit of privacy.

You gotta love 4x EXP


YAH~ Gratz myself for finally getting out of 140 and now i’m lvl 143 *applause* lol.

However, everything comes with a price, spent 300 MMR and 700 Elixers, which is around 10m *cries*. I think I wont be so chionging until March Holidays or June Holidays. Thanks punit, mel and bran for the gratz too! ‘Just’ had to leave my com on for 5h to get free eh 40k exp for every 3 skele killed! 4x FTW.Maple nowadays very sian… Haha

Got maths test on thursday and geog test next week, so Nick cannot slack anymore.

P.S (I do this very often now…) I already recapped and wrote finished the tab My MS Story which has wrote ‘To Be Updated’ for so long, will update it ASAP. And some anoynomous email sent me regarding this blog and liked my style of writting. Lol? who the hell is pinkynite@hotmail.comAnyway thks whoever you are *got a feeling someone is pranking me*, will write one post like that soon. =D

1st Zakum for 2009

end zakum 2

2nd post for today, the other post was supposed to be for yesterday, but too lazy to post. haha

My Party

It has been AGES since I zakum-ed, I think my last zakum was 9 months – 1 year ago. Anyway login-ed at 4.45pm for marcus’ zakum, made my way to the altar. Really strong party *pressuuuure* and had a good run, bush aka SagaBlow died at B1 and I TOTALLY screwed up my resurrection *Sorry >.<*. No equips at all for Round 1.

Round 2 Zakum, 5 man party. Screwed up at the beginning, didn’t heal+dispel well. My HS at Shift so sometimes I press enter and screw myself up. Then at B1,2,3, started to get back the old Guardian form at 2007. 1st round didn’t dare to even touch zakum, now banging zakum to avoid stun and 1/1 (save pots), anyway I think I did a good job, taking the fact that I haven’t zakum for ages! No EQs again, stingy Zakum =.=

thanks guys

After getting out of altar, everyone in the party was really happy with my healing. Of course, I was like WTF lol, haven’t lvl-ed in a year and barely touch zakum. Thanks guys for the praises, I’m so touched+happy for the comments. Although it might be a few words, it really gave me feel proud to be a Bishop!

Wanted to post bush mati SS =x, but need go study Chinese test.
And at least 10 people have asked who the girl in my display picture on MSN, may post who she is during CNY or something, got 2 tests this week =D