Nick aka Guardian

Created somewhat around January 2009, I decided to create this WordPress as I wanted an avenue where I could express and pen down any thoughts I had. Actually writing on paper was a no-no for me as I tend to misplace my stuff easily, and with today’s technology, why not write it online on a blog? At first I was using Blogger, and at one point of time I wanted to switch to Tumblr, but nothing can beat the format of WordPress. I blog mostly about life: army, studying and anything I went through so far. There are some random stuff in there as well, such as my fan-boying of SNSD.

Other than my usual posts which I hope you will find enlightening, beware of massive rants and emo-ing in some of my posts. Well this is like a journal of my life, and I can’t be happy all the time right? 😛

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