It’s going to be alright!

Another TGIF moment lol, starting to look forward to the CNY break already even though only 2 weeks has passed. Shall try to type this note on a happy note instead, been too emotional these past days.

Starting to get a feel of what I an going to be for this year, or at least for the next few weeks. I’m trying to replicate the way I studied last year during the EOY period. Have a change in attitude, and make sure to put your words into action. Everyone is calling me a “changed man” lol, which I kind of dislike. It’s only 2 weeks into school, and people have been so positive with my newfound attitude. However, I’m starting to lose my drive and my motivation, and my mugging feels kinda more and more forced. Although I have done it before, there’s still that little fear that you got, the fear of you failing despite all the effort you have shown. But take baby steps I suppose, so I need to make sure to have that never-say-die attitude through out the year and make sure it isn’t just a one-shot-thing which will fizzle out slowly.

I guess due to my mugging style, I’m starting to isolate myself. I still have this sense of awkwardness in the class, like I’m a new student in the class. I prefer to study at the library compared to the canteen where my class is. It’s more quiet, comfortable, has free aircon and conducive. Being alone means you get less distracted, which is I suppose a good thing… I’m the chairperson of my class, yet I’m not acting like one and being away from them doesn’t help. I always tell myself one thing, that if I am truly willing to put in the effort, it will show somehow. It can be torturous and painful, but it would be worth it. Same goes for guitar, if people are willing to put in so much effort in guitar, why can’t I? We all have the same amount of time in the world. It’s just that others make full use of their time, while I don’t. Lol god I make myself look like an asshole now.

I find myself much happier than the me 3 years ago, wow time flies. Live life to the fullest, and always remember to smile. Maybe I have been smiling too much lol, as seen by awkward scenes during guitar haha. I laugh at even the smallest things of life now, which should be a good thing now right? Stay strong, and live the way you want to live.

Let’s do this thing.

It’s been a week only?

1 week of school which felt like forever. TGIF lol, I was supposed to post this yesterday but I fell asleep because I was so god damn tired.

After 1 week of school, I still got that strange feeling that I got last year before EOYs. The ‘me against the world’ feeling which inspired me to push for my exams. I’m having it right now zzz. My class haven’t changed a bit lol. But I think I have been blessed with very good classmates for the past 4 years. Having quite a laugh people around me and helping me forget the sinking feeling which makes me keep sighing for no apparent reason. I’m already starting to doubt myself, thinking “why am I doing this”, or “why am I thinking this way”. It’s only been a week into school, but it felt like a month. I got a feeling of the path I’m going to take for school, and it may not be pretty. I seriously need some alone time, makes me think better. People change, and so do I. I need to be myself and ignore all the negative influence around me. God I got so many things to write that I can’t recall.

So what am I going to do? Just relax, stop spazzing around, and focus at the end goal. Why should I bother about others? They are just not worth it, even though it may hurt sometimes seeing people have fun and you not. But now I will draw line, I don’t give a damn. That’s their lives, not mine. Why choose I care how they live their lives? I don’t have even enough time to care about mines. I’m gonna make another miracle again, and show to people that the one I did last year was no fluke.

Maybe I just found my inspiration. Haha. btw I’m hooked to King Of Anything by Sara Bareilles. I think acoustic performances are awesome. Damn I need a box drum soon…

Adrenaline Rush

Told you I would be back. Haha

I wanted to do this post last week, but it would be more appropriate to do this after Orientation ended. Had a blast during Dota and the finale clubbing, the other activities were alright. I really need more of this stuff which makes you suddenly forget about the world and that any worries bottled inside are just gone. I should stop wasting time worrying about unimportant stuff and focus on those stuff which are right in front of me. Maybe it’s because I think too much, and I still got some anxiety here and there. The world isn’t perfect, not everything can go your way. There are always some people and some things that will always be in your way. I like the phrase, “Brick walls are there for a reason”. No matter where we go, there will be always brick walls that you dread to face. Climb over them and not complain about them. Your feelings may get in your way sometimes, but they would be gone soon. I need to read “The Last Lecture” again sometime again when I’m free.

Seems like I’m going off topic. Like jogging on the track, I love those moments where it’s like only you in the world and all your worries seem to be just gone. It’s a new year, it’s a new me. I still have that type of feeling at times that the world is against me. This is my response to them, “Watch Me”. It’s not really good to post such a emotional post at the beginning of the year, but maybe it’s good to start out strong for the year.

Love those adrenaline rushes, like a G6 lol.

2011 New Year Resolutions

I have been posting a lot of pictures in this Tumblr, but not a single written post yet. Since it’s a new year, I decided to write down a few stuff I want to do for this year. Last year’s resolution was a little shitty in the sense I did some no sense resolutions which wasn’t even worth keeping to. A’s are coming this year so can’t play around, now I should enjoy my holiday which is reduced to a week already. Tests are coming after orientation already, so I’m screwed. I did 9 resolutions for a lol reason (소녀시대)

Here goes…

*drum rolls*

Resolutions for 2011


I rather study consistently and not lag and die in the future. Mugging the last few months isn’t healthy at all. So I will need to study from the start, do tutorials, study for tests, etc. Being 1 year in JC already, I should know what to do to keep my studying period productive, no matter if I need to go stone at Starbucks every weekend.

2. Less time on the computer/watching Korean stuff

This is probably one of the resolution which is the hardest to follow, but this is a must. No more Garena, and definitely less slacking on FaceBook and other sites. I’ll try to watch my Korean things on the weekends or during dinner time. 1 hour a day watching a show should be fine, especially after a tiring day in school.

3. Improve on my drumming

Another resolution which would be hard, but I’ll try. Having no drum set is definitely a disadvantage, but you have to work with what you have. Whenever I’m bored, turn on the computer and view the tutorials on drumming websites. I always feel very bad to the band for having no skills at all on the drums, and a drummer can change the whole feeling of the song. Although this isn’t on high priority, I would still try to do so

4. Improve on my Korean

I studied it for fun earlier this year, and I can read and write Korean. I got the basics down, so just learn some words and stuff. Also one resolution not really important, but one I would like to note down.

5. Stay healthy and exercise

Lol this one… Don’t eat too much junk food, and go for a light jog maybe during Saturday mornings to clear my head. Jogging makes you forget the world, and relieves stress since you face the world and not your books.

6. Don’t procrastinate/slack

Procrastination and slacking are going to the 2 things I am probably going to do the most and must overcome. Time is precious, so I need to have a list or something on my wall and write down stuff I need to do, when school formally starts. I will also need to prioritize things, and school work will always come first.

7. Keep tidy

Something I’m really bad at, and my room is always at a mess. I shall do filling and cleaning regularly, instead of procrastinating that my work table is not clean and not productive for learning. Hell I need to do this soon ASAP

8. Have fun on the way

It’s going to be a tough year, but that does not mean I need to mug 24/7. I’ll probably die if I do that, so might as will enjoy, even though I don’t know how I could. Mugging can be fun… right? Bullshit, maybe except for Maths. Can’t wait for post-A’s trip with the guys, haha

9. Never Give Up

Title says it all, and this applies to the other 8 resolutions above. If others can do it, so can I. It’s not an impossible feat, and I did it before. So yah… wew

Let’s hope I follow them for this year, since it’s going to be hell. Happy New Year!

*I did this on tumblr 2 weeks back, on 4th Jan to be exact, I just transferred it over here*

Old School~

I’m back, bitches.

Decided not to abandon this WordPress lols. Wanted to create a new one, but couldn’t think of a nice name, so I just sticked to this one. Changed the theme to the one I used way back, seems quite nice anyways. Did a banner too, but this one is so damn ugly compared to the previous one. It’s so hard to find nice photos of the appropriate banner size to be used, but I’ll stick with this one. Will use different Categories too, like this post. Other than that, I will be posting on this WordPress hopefully at least once a month. more of reflection stuff and I leave my fanboying of SNSD and other less important stuff to my Tumblr.

I will add one post REALLY SOON from my orientation week, other thant that. Peace