Messing Around 2018

Had to use a reaction video of the song/performance because there isn’t an official MV or any other official performance or good quality videos out there >.<

This post had been left outstanding for such a long duration that (1) I revised the video and post title TWICE, because of change of moods and ending up with one with a happier vibe; and (2) This being a wrap up/review of 2018 instead of just your ordinary update. But I told myself that I confirm guarantee chop must complete this post before 2019. Time felt like it was crawling in the past but recently days just swished past as every week is just the wait till TGIF. September signified the start of the working life grind. It has been almost 4 months already (oh god I had to revise this figure so many times) since it all began, and to be surprisingly honest it hasn’t reached the state of feeling jaded yet. May the burn, angst and sleepless nights arrive when peak comes~

Rather than using 1 word to describe the year, I look back to a phrase that I used just a year plus change ago, 1 year can really make a lot of difference.” It wasn’t that I achieved or did a lot during the year; but rather the large differences in mindset and how I present myself as a person towards others. The first half of year was all about the no shit given attitude as I found myself letting go of several emotional anchors; and the more recent second half is all about the transition from student to employee/office life. The numerous discussions here about it didn’t help in preparing how to adapt to this change; it just happens. The break after the end of university which seemed like eternity finally came to an end; as it is time for a switch of gears where I say goodbye to the books (for now, SQP exams await LOL) and welcome the start of many endless years of hustling with nights until idk what godly timings.

solo tripping means you take awkward selfies like this

This was supposed to be a paragraph or 2 to talk about this solo adventure, so instead of going into the details I will just talk about my thoughts and feels about it. It was yet another impromptu trip which became reality after a moment of spontaneity while watching a World Cup match late at night (so random but i love it HAHAA). The initial thought was that I could still go to Japan whenever I can next time, but might as well do something like this when you know that you got all the time in the world. Yes travelling alone isn’t the most ideal scenario but I have gained a lot from my solo adventures thus far, so you just make do with what you have.

The trip wasn’t all smooth sailing as I fell terribly sick with a bad throat and an awful cough (but thank goodness there wasn’t any fever) and the heat wave was killing my body even further. In the midst of all these, I was still trying to save cost here and there so I took overnight flights to and from Japan, and also an overnight bus across cities. Don’t think my body can withstand such treatment in the future though, next time thirty-plus year old me will say no to sleeping in hostels and sitting budget airlines. Despite language barriers and being lost in Japan’s complex transportation systems, it was still an adventure that I didn’t regret taking. Korea felt too comfortable, like I was in exchange mode while Japan felt like the adventure out of exchange as everywhere is a new exploration. One more country visited and crossed off the list!

The start of yet another long journey ahead~

Rewind it back to early September, I was making my way to some hotel for the first day of work on a dreadful Monday morning. Similar to any journey, the start always seems a little slow but after that; zoom zoom it’s the end of 2018. Life previously as an intern versus current status as a perm staff is very different in so many ways that I’m too lazy to describe. Fellow colleagues are all young blood, along with a fast-paced work culture; I’m actually liking it so far as it has forced me to adapt quickly and learn on the go. I could feel that I am presenting myself in a different manner as well; being a lot more vocal as I try to improve on my working relationships with clients, which is a contrast of what I imagined it to be, just me staring at my screen with little to no human interaction.

I was reading a CNA article on SG’s workaholic culture, which is so damn true as I am feeling it already. Thoughts of a career switch is inevitable when it is an open discussion among all of us, but as of now I just see the start as the grind everyone needs to face, no matter where and which industry you work in. I always fall back to the belief that at least I got a goddamn job. There is still some sort of work-life balance as I am able to go for open classes in the late evenings or revert back to a night jog/run after dinner back at home, so the belly is stopped for now HAHAHA. I have been quite fortunate in terms of job plottings as well, so I shall not complain and remember that there is someone out there who has it way worse. Penning a small note here to remind myself that when times get tough, it is important to keep a positive attitude which has helped so immensely before. Everything is a learning experience and one which you will grow from.

It has been quite a dead year in terms of posting as I sense that I have exhausted most topics and vocabulary already. Same few themes run through recent posts and they explain well how the year has been: Rediscovering and staying true to myself; keeping certain bonds and letting go of others; find the balance in life (if that will be ever possible) and not getting too focused on work while ignoring the ones who matter. This is just the start of the adulting years ahead, evident by the fact that you witness your friends getting married (along with dem red bombs) and discussions heading towards more realistic topics such as career paths and possible BTO locations. There is still the inner kid who enjoys his variety shows and amusing people with my cheesy and quirky side, so 2018 has been a good prelude of the things to come in the future.

Cause we messed around and had some good fun time

Every end marks a new beginning; so end the year with a few good lessons and start the new one by showing that you have learnt the lessons from the past. The heart and mind did a bit of spring cleaning over the year so those who remain did remain; thankful and grateful as always. Not sure how this WordPress has been receiving views, especially with the low frequency of posts. I am just amazed when it reads “your stats are booming”, like how even does it work… so to all the lurkers and random viewers out there, thanks for still reading and may 2019 bring you new happiness, new goals, new achievements and a lot of new inspirations.