Being 20 all over again

Age Twenty

Age Twenty

Our hearts were racing with new challenges, our hearts were blazing, and we had no fear. That thrill, fire, and fearlessness that only being twenty can bring—without realizing how precious they are, we lived the last season of being twenty.

Yes, I’m forever stuck on giving a title for a new post. I didn’t want something so goddamn obvious like “My 2014 resolutions”, so I came up with one, which seems to be complete nonsense since it hasn’t been even 2 months since I hit the big 20. It hasn’t really hit me that I’m 20 years old already. Forget me having a late birthday, being 20 supposedly means a lot, but I hadn’t felt a thing yet. Got the idea from yet another K-drama, coincidentally enough, this time it’s Reply 1994! Not to digress too much, but there was this mention about being 20 (since the characters were of that age), so taadaa INSPIRATION! I haven’t finished the whole drama yet but there was this major aspect mentioned often regarding being 20, and that was regret. That doesn’t mean that I must do whatever I want now, since logically that’s not possible. I’m 20, I’m still young, there’s still a lot in store for me. It’s an age where I’m supposed to have a lot of dreams, and accomplishing them bit by bit. It’s where all the maybes becomes yes…

2013, I just can’t see to find a word to describe it. If I were to describe it, it was more of a period of recovery, as I shift back to a more relaxed mood rather than forever finding a need to make use of my time. Yes, I was much less productive but I felt much more free and life just went on like that for a year. If it wasn’t for the posts this year, 2013 would have been really just a blur picture to me. I wouldn’t say it was a waste of a year, yes time could have been spent much better, but given the circumstances *cough cough green* I would say it was a good year for me. Although it was an uneventful one (again… mostly due to army), I learnt a lot about others, a lot about the world and most importantly a lot about myself. I drifted away from some, reconciled with others and as the transition to adulthood approaches, so would the changes in my life come bit by bit. Not looking forward to most of them, but they would come and you would have to face the harsh cold reality of the world, sometimes even by yourself. No one would say this journey is easy, I’m expecting the worst already, but as the tough gets going, I hope that this post would serve as a backlog of things I want to accomplish for the year ahead. Even at times if I were to be mad and angry, I’ll vent it through “proper means”, and not on someone else (pinky swear!).

Venting the anger Kendo style~

Venting the anger Kendo style~

Why am I looking foward to 2014 a lot? First and foremost, I’m getting out of the army (aka O-R-D!). To be honest, given my life in army it really isn’t so bad. I have some sort of a passive income and for the “work” I do, the money I get is actually not very justifiable. But with that said, given how much I have ranted regarding it (may I present to you Exhibit A: The posts here in WordPress), I’ll settle with getting back my civilian life first. Army has been a good break from the books and a benefit to my lifestyle, as me pre-army did close to no exercise but now, I feel good, my body feels good. It has been too good of a break with the days passing, and I actually have nothing planned after I ORD. All of my friends seemed so busy after they ORD-ed and here I’m thinking, aren’y you supposed to be more free, not less free..? The obvious thing to do first is to get a job and save up some money, since when I’m back as as student, my income is back to zilch so saving some money would never hurt. But what about the other stuff that I wanted to do? I’m guessing that it would depend on how much I want to do those things (which I would cover in my short list of resolutions shortly towards the end). During this buffer period, overall I just want the time to be put into good use, a good balance of relaxation and doing stuff. Maybe as the days go by I would have a clearer goal in mind, but maybe I would plan it out as ORD comes nearer.

Secondly, I’m going to university. 4 years ago, if I was still the same, university would be nowhere within my reach. After 2 years of ‘hiatus’, I’m back to the student life, now yet again in a whole new environment. Being graded in class participation and having every single coursework being presentations feels really daunting, and I can see myself getting eaten alive by the competitive nature of the course. I wouldn’t dare say that I’m looking forward to uni, seeing and hearing all the complaints regarding handing up projects in time, studying for many different modules etc etc. As weird as this sounds, I actually miss studying. Somehow, I like to learn new things and if it interests me, studying it would be an enjoying process. It would have been great if there’s a course like studying the history of video games, but one can dream haha. After graduating and getting a degree (that’s assuming I make it LOL), I would be around my mid 20s, having a job and supporting myself, and this is the age where all these dreams suddenly get shut down as you get carried away by just surviving each day. If there’s something that you really want to fulfill, no matter how long it takes, how hard it might be, the heart will bring you to the correct direction. If there’s one thing that I want to remind myself for 2014, it is to be myself. I shouldn’t be changing for others, and why the hell should I? Of course, there will be this peer pressure to fit in with others. Don’t worry about all the little imperfections in life, no one is perfect and everyone, everyday still do make mistakes. The important thing is to learn from them and not commit the same mistake again.

Just a short and quick resolutions list for 2014, will do the explanations after listing them out:

– Keep moderately fit throughout the year

– Make an attempt to learn Korean if the chance arrives

– Step out of my comfort zone, slowly but surely

– Be nice to others and never make any negative assumptions about others

– No matter how hard it might be, don’t give up as you only succeed when you have failed

So let’s go down the list! As the mugging mode resumes, I would also like to not just study all day and do a little exercise, be it sports, running or going to the gym. No need to go aim for timings for runs etc, just keep the body active and maintain priorities. If I have the time and money, I would probably go for Korean lessons again. If not, a little self-study won’t hurt. The last 3 are more to when I go to university, and as introverted as I may be, I would try my best to slowly step out of the bubble. As I meet new faces, there is always the tendency to assume that like hey, “That guy is an asshole, that girl is such a flirt, etc etc”, and I do that all the time. Well I shouldn’t right? 🙂 And when things just don’t seem to work your way, just stick to my principals and work hard, the things will fall back to place. Don’t be a bitch and whine, have some believe in yourself and the effort will show.

So this year’s edition of the year in review seems to be like everywhere, and there wasn’t much to talk about 2013 and more of me talking about 2014, which is weird since only a few days have past in this year. To sum it up, I went full freestyle LOL! Yays for more korean reference too (and end with one I shall!). Flying off in less than 24 hours, then it’s going to be a long 18 days in New Zealand. Will do a post regarding it, but till then.. Goodbye 2013, welcome 2014!

Oh fany why are you such a cutie?

Oh fany why are you such a cutie?



(ANOTHER BONUS: Yays to my music playlist being more diverse, another bubbly song which fitted the Christmas mood. Yeah it’s late but songs where you slowly bob your head to the tune… this is one of them for me haha ^_^)

Prelude to the Year In Review

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

Goodbye 2013, Hello 2014!

It’s time for another year in review *claps*, I have always loved to do this since it covers the past year and presents new goals for the new year. I wasn’t too sure on what kind of approach I would be going for this year, so I did some research on this old blog and shall list in down clearly (to my surprise I actually done 1 for 2009 which was the year I started this blog!). For 2014, I shall do it in a more special way, by dividing it into 2 posts (which means I need to think of 2 post titles ughhhh =.=”). I will cover a bit of the 2014 review here as I do not want to plop one whole bunch of words into 1 post. To start off, here’s a review of the yearly reviews I did so far (what a bad pun LOL):

2009: I did a recap in the format of lessons that the year had though me, using different months as pointers of what I learnt during that time of the year. Personally, I liked this style a lot, but the usage of month gives you a sort of a mental block since you make yourself think that the things that happen must occur in different months to be written down. Content-wise, this has got to be one of the more forgettable ones LOL, the level of maturity… I blame it on puberty. I also had a list of new year resolutions, not too many and really simple.

2010: I separated my resolutions and my review for the previous year of resolutions into different posts, both were really simple and straightforward. The resolutions I made for that year were not very meaningful and more of me trying to set resolutions just for the sake of setting resolutions. 

2011: Some trends can be observed on the kind/type of resolutions I made, while the level of maturity is getting higher. For that year I was in J2, which a lot of things happened to be, so I could tell that my mindset/principles/attitude changed, definitely for the better. The resolutions made that year were much detailed and more meaningful, and even though I didn’t really follow them all, I was heading in the correct direction. By the way, oops I didn’t even check back on my resolutions for the previous year lol!

2012: I have no idea how I got the inspiration for this one. Since I was engulfed by academics in the form of A Levels the year before, I didn’t think much and was glad to attain freedom. Perhaps because I wasn’t in school anymore and was moving onto the ‘army boy’ phase, there wasn’t a basis for any resolutions to be set, so I didn’t need much change and hoped everything stayed the way it was. You could tell the fanboy in me during that time was strong, as seen by the number of SNSD references I made. Oops again no review, but that didn’t really matter since most of it was revolved around the As and when it was over, so were them.

2013: Another K-reference: this time I used my favorite drama for the year. It was somehow like the one I did for 2009, but I focused on a specific date for each incident. 2012 was probably one of the worst years for me, since quite a lot of shit happened mid-year and the bounce back up was very slow. I did list a few of the resolutions for the year (which I will review, I promise!!!) , and content wise it’s pretty much similar to the previous years. The D-Day concept… I found it just alright but not that impressive. It worked okay for 2012 since there were a number of major events which I could pin-point exactly. There is really zero things that I could pinpoint out for 2013, so this D-day thingy is a total no go for this year. And again somehow I did fanboy a little at the end.

These were the resolutions I posted for 2013, so without any more delay, let’s check it out:

1) Maintain SILVER for IPPT
2) Run more to achieve the following targets – 52:00 for 10km, 1:55 for 21km, and lastly complete in any way a full marathon (even if I have to crawl my way to the finish line LOL)
3) Focus and study more of my Korean (no more procrastinating)
4) Post more in this WordPress, and revamp the whole thing if I am able to find the time.
5) Go out more often and waddle less at home on my bed with my laptop  (I need to have a better social life .__.”)
6) Get my driver’s license and drive my family out (so that my mom does not need to drive me all the time .__.””)
7) Improve myself as a person overall throughout the year 2013

So the only one which I really accomplished was the one regarding my driving, and I did achieve much more, having both my civilian and military driving license, so *pats myself on the back*. The ones regarding fitness, as the year progressed it sadly totally went down the drain. This is one resolution which I would still like to keep, but I’ll make adjustments to make it more realistic and feasible. I have mentioned many time regarding my Korean, but somehow after not going for structured lessons, it also went down the drain. Posting more here… I did a count for posts for the past 2 years: 2013 – 12, 2012 – 13. So I didn’t post more, but I didn’t post less, which I think it’s good enough here. The other ones are the questionable ones again, since they are quite general. Yes, I did make some effort to go out more often but not by much, and improvement as a person, I didn’t face anything new (since I was stuck in army for this entire year), so nothing much. Just a simple review, and outcome: I would say I did an okay job!

After much dissecting of previous posts, I still do not have an exact clear picture of what I want to do for this year, but I have pointed out a few things to improve the resolutions that I will make for the year. So some guidelines for myself: Make it feasible, make it more specific, and have an alternate plan for some since I may not have time to achieve them. It’s not necessary to come up with new ones, which year after year, there have been repetitions. What do I do with them, do I give it up or persist on it? Follow the above guidelines and make the right judgement. I would also like to touch more for the year onwards, as just listing some resolutions may not be adequate to really do a good ‘resolution’. Okay this may not make sense (and maybe it really doesn’t), but that’s not the main point. Posts-wise, 2013 I have been more carefree and just reporting on daily activities, rather than limiting to a specific event and making it a must to extract some life lessons out of it, so there has been more ideas for me to play around, which makes posting here that much more fun! This, I might say, is a reflection of what the year was for me, just me being more open-minded, even if it was only by a small amount. Considering all of the above mentioned, I will try to craft out one more year in review with my own unique style. Just expect some Korean reference and add-ons! 😛


Even Taeyeon has something to look forward to for 2014!



BONUS: Song which was stuck on my playlist during the end of 2013, such a relaxing and bubbly song!

The Last of 2013

Oh look, no more snow falling on this blog T.T, but HAPPY 2014! Yes this is yet another delayed post (in fact 2 weeks only LOL) which I wanted to be out during December, but it got dragged into the new year so I will make this a quick and brief one before going into the obligatory yearly review (which I can hopefully finish before flying off to NZ).  Okays enough with the ranting of army-related stuff, I will do this in chronological order and try to recall the things that have happened during the last months of 2013, so here goes yet again~!

TAIWAN 2013!

TAIWAN 2013!

TAIWAN! Got to admit it feels really great to be traveling (not on overseas exercise -__-), even though if it’s going to the regularly-travelled Taiwan. Since I didn’t have enough leave days last year to travel overseas, I didn’t go overseas last year, so it has been 2 years since I last traveled. You start to get really jealous when you see others post pictures of themselves traveling on Facebook/Instagram while you hadn’t have the chance to do so, so yays to finally getting out of Singapore and overseas! Yes it would have been nice to go to other countries, but Taiwan is a very convenient and cheaper option for the family with my mom getting to meet her family and friends there. I shall leave my desires to go to other countries with my friends, and also… free & easy Korea trip 2015 aim with the sister! Time to brush up my Korea skills and do some research during that time. Although it has only 2 years since I was last back there, my memories of Taiwan hasn’t been really clear and when I reached there, everything seems new to me. We didn’t visit much new places, as all the memories of places we visited before during our previous trips came back to me. If there’s a chance in the future, I would love to visit the more rural places of Taiwan, rather than the city area that we keep frequent.

For this holiday, it was more for my mom to visit her friends, and while they catch up me and my sister will just roam at nearby places. She had a class reunion which was really neat, as she met her classmates whom some she hadn’t seen for 25 years. I wonder if I still will keep in touch with classmates 25 years from now hmmmm… She also met with a friend whose family is super rich and her kids study in the US, which brings me much jealousy when they speak such proper English. There was also this friend of hers that she met through Facebook and was like 20 years younger than her, but despite such an age gap they still chatted happily. Food there is really cheap and yummy, so you can imagine it was just food, food and more food entering my mouth and ending up in the belly, I wasn’t holding back at all. Did quite a lot of shopping, bought many pairs of shoes (thank goodness they have shoes my size there), along with some beauty products! Despite being overseas, the family’s sleeping habits still followed as all of us were on my iPhones/iPad till 2/3am and only wakes up earliest at 11am. Being outside everyday tired me and my sis out, but we’re overseas so it’s like an obligation to spend our time out wisely. In all, it was a good trip as it was nice to see and experience things outside of Singapore, not entirely a new country visited but just a variation out of the usual boring life back there. I believe you always need to have something different or else you can get so easily stuck in something and not learn anything new.

some sc2 action up close!

some sc2 action up close!

The day after landing, I went to collect my race pack for my Standard Chartered Marathon at Expo. Before going that, I found out that there was this gaming event known as IEM at Expo as well, so curious me went to check it out. There was this large stage for LoL as well as Starcraft 2, when I reached there there was a showmatch for LoL so I wasn’t really interested. At the backstage, there was this slew of Korean Starcraft 2 players practicing, and it was amazing to see their hand-eye co-ordination as well as APM. It was awesome to experience such an event here in Singapore. I would have loved to buy a new laptop for myself (and for future university purposes), but I’ll just hold that back for now. Since I didn’t have much to do at home, I caught a few games of Starcraft 2. It was quite a large event but there were many empty chairs at the venue so finding a front row seat was easy. I knew an okay amount of information regarding the game so I could comprehend some of the strategies and analogies discussed. It is heart-warming to see how E-sports have grown and the production value of such events are of high quality. Just another bucket-list experience to have witness a gaming event here in Singapore, where you wished to have witness countless times every time you see in the internet. I may not have the chance to witness one in the future so I will just settle for the ones organized here (for now). I went to another gaming event in the span of a month, which I will talk about just after a few hundred words later LOL!

At the starting point of what would be the start of a painful run

At the starting point of what would be the start of a painful run

Marathon time! I must say although maybe 2 to 3 months before, I was well on track and training well but during the last month prior to the marathon, everything just kind of broke down. The army driving course really tired me out so zero training, along with the non-stop eating during Taiwan just killed me off for this run. I was expecting myself to die, but not die as badly as I would have. I couldn’t sleep the night before so it’s already a bad start to the run. The baggage deposit was clogged so I had little time to do my pre-run routines, but with the start a Orchard, it was going to be just the start of a torturous 42km ahead. It was humorous to see people going to the drains and canals at the start to do their “smalll business” given the severe lack of toilets. Given how bad my condition was, I managed to run around 14km before I started hitting the breaking point, but for this run despite me spamming the energy gels and bananas, I just couldn’t resume back to running pace and was forced to walk for most of the run. This was so bad since I managed to run to the 24km point during my other run 2 months back, so remember training is of utmost importance!! Towards the end, I was tired, I was hungry and I just wanted the whole thing to end as every kilometer just seemed slower and slower. Legs were totally shagged out as I was (yet again)) limping around at home. Nothing exciting for this run just because it was so awful and it was more of a walkathon for me, it was that horrendous of a run which I’m not proud of. Takeaway for this run: Training is really, really, really (to the power of infinite) important!!

By chance, I found out there was going to be another gaming event right here in Singapore and for this time, there’s going to be Dota 2! Although there were only Asian teams invited and non-China teams, there’s still some quality and good games were played. It was good fortune (and convenience) that this event was held at the east, this time at Downtown East D’Marquee. Would have loved to drag someone alone with me, but everyone who would be interested in actually watching were busy so I went to the even solo yet again. It was a short trip, 15 mins MRT ride and took just a 1 stop bus ride and I’m at the destination. There weren’t many exhibitions and I just walked around the place for a short while before watching the games. There were a small number of other games played, as well as some dota cosplay. I wanted to take some pictures but it makes me look like some horny bastard so forget it and focus on the games! What was really weird was that the players could hear everything the commentators said (no sound-canceling booths or earphones), so the commentators were very limited on what they could say but they still did an awesome job hyping and describing every fight. We have 2 of the best Dota commentators right here in Singapore, and I’m surprised not many wanted to meet them in-person. They are seriously super-friendly people and willing to give autographs and take pictures even though they have been casting for long hours. I talked with Godz for a moment regarding his own Enchantress cosplay and he was joking with me how he dread promising it haha! Really just awesome stuff to sit in the crowd and watch live games right here in Singapore, and I have done it twice this year alone already!

me with the awesome casters, Tobiwan and Godz!

me with the awesome casters, Tobiwan and Godz!

Other than the above, I spent most of my time rotting at home, just watching random YouTube videos along with some k-dramas. I had one side of my wisdom teeth (known in korea as 사랑니 which means love teeth). I was quite nervous but thank goodness for a really nice female dentist and her assistant (which I thought was some dentist-to-be student but actually is like me, an NSF). It was quite frightening to hear the constant drilling sound at the jaw as the dentist tries to yank out the lower wisdom tooth, and thoughts like “Did she screw up?” and other scary thoughts go through the mind. The whole process is just you trying to stay put and spitting lots of blood after the operation. I looked like a chipmunk with a nut hidden at one side of the mouth as I had to keep changing and bite the gauze at the area, really disgusting to see the blood-soaked gauze. Not the most enjoyable experience as I just cabbed back to home and was still feeling quite alright, until a few hours after the operation and the pain started coming in. Yet another horrible experience as I couldn’t eat food properly and open my mouth properly. Now, weeks after the operation, the area is inflamed so its still causing me trouble, which sucks. Other than just rotting at home, I went out a few times with friends, had friends come over, nothing much out of the ordinary. Did a few jogs, wanted to do more but that pain from the wisdom tooth is so bad. And I’m proud to say I actually studied some of my Korean stuff, but it was more of a refresher to myself so I haven’t learnt anything new (but hopefully will). Chilled at a friend’s house for New Year and poof, it’s 2014! Just hype, nothing new much I think 2014 will be quite a different year for me.

Quite a good end to the year 2013! (yays to PAID off and leave from the army) Hopefully, I REALLLLY will be able to post out the post regarding the cliche but must-have 2014 new year resolutions and 2013 review before I fly off (because when I come back it would have been close to February).  I tried to add more pictures into the post since there’s a large chunk of words and pictures might like it less boring hah! And… that’s a wrap. [P.S. Super late thanks to the person who celebrated my birthday for me despite being so busy and having exams like just a week or two after,  hahaha yays happy me ^^ *proceeds to dance Twinkle LOL*]


Got to end it off with a TTS gif haha!