The Definition of Guardian

Draft saved on March 22 2009. Got this thought about doing this 8 months back, and many know from my jersey name that my nickname is Guardian. So why ‘Guardian’? Wierd nickname right? I thought so too, but if you think more about it, it seems to be a nice nickname.

If you type ‘Guardian’ in Google or Yahoo, you will get either the UK Guardian newspaper, or the law definition of guardian, who is supposed to be in charge of a child or something like that. Not the type of guardian you want to be. When I thought of the word ‘guardian’, it seems like a word with very little meaning. Someone who guards. It justs relates back to the word ‘guard’. Nothing much.

So what’s a guardian? Most person would relate a guardian to be ‘someone who guards’. For me, a guardian could be anything I wish for. It could be a defender, a protector, a hero who protects his loved ones with his life. Or maybe you would relate it to a guardian angel. A guardian angel is an angel assigned to protect and guide someone out there. When someone survives a horrid accident, many say that “Hey, he must have a guardian angel protecting him.” If there’s someone I want to be in my next life, that’s being a guardian angel.

Guardian Angels ftw

Now ‘Guardian’ seems like a nice name. I think most of my friends know how I started with this nickname. Started out when I was playing Battleon, and you need to pay money to become a ‘Guardian’. While I was playing maple, I had to think of a name. So, heck it, I chose the name Guardian. After some while, I use this word everywhere, I use it as my jersey name, my dota name, my name for most forums, etc. This ‘trend’ has lasted for around 5 years for me. Till most recently I have been using ‘Taeyeon’ for my dota name. It looks nice anyway, and I think my next nickname would be Taeyeon if I cannot stop my obession with her… Like what Akid says, she’s fucking plastic, but fucking plastic also very pretty. LOL, ok maybe it’s a little turnoff. But no one’s perfect, the TW and Japan girls also put a lot of makeup, and most pictures you see of U.S. models are photoshopped as well.

guardian 24
guardian 28
Guardian 24 and 28

What am I saying? Off to work. 1 day to HCL, 2 days to Guitar Audition, 3 days to Taiwan. Maybe I can squeeze in another post before leaving to Taiwan. So little time, so much to do. To think that the exams are over?!

Offically addicted to Taeyeon~ weeeee

The Final Hurdle… Part 2?

The beginning to the end?

Finally got back my EOY results, did farely well, much better than last year. Only regret is that I failed Physics by 1 mark and missed A+ in E Maths by 1 mark. Chinese O’s is just around in 10 days and I’m now watching Super Mario Sunshine. Very underated game in the Mario Series. Will be leaving for Taiwan during my birthday (wow), and I will miss my commencement ceremony. Nothing much, I’m still staying at DHS for 2 more years.

Mario with FLUDD (Flash Liquidizing Ultra Dousing Device

Life after EOYs have been, ehhh fun yet boring. PEA was fun, very tiring and I had muscle pains for at least 3 days, really nice bonding activites. At home, I set up a wireless router so both 2 labtops and computers have internet access, bad side is that it gets a little laggy. Every night, I always seem to play Dota, getting sick of it already. Took around a week to learn OpenSSH and Jailbreaking, thanks to Shi Kai for teaching me a lot on it. School after PEAs are boring, just Chinese, Maths and a few free periods, while hearing Jun Kai adding ‘sm’ to every word in front.

So am I ready for Chinese O’s? Hell no. I’m always tired even though I sleep a lot, my table is in a mess, and I spend half of the day lying on my bed playing with my iPod Touch. I’ll do the ‘Inspiration’ kinda post in a week or so before I leave Singapore. Till then, chao outside!

She’s too hot T_T