NBC 2015: Cosa Nostra – “This Thing is Ours”

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8 months ago, when applications for subcomm for the various FOPs opened up, I never really bothered about it and chucked it one side. After a short encouragement message from L and some impulsive thinking, I filled in my particulars and sent my application. It worked out and I became a part of NBC 2015. So here I am, first camp in summer 2015 as a senior: NBC 2015: Cosa Nostra – This Thing is Ours.

After finals ended, work immediately started for the publicity comm (pubs for short). In the midst of photo and video shoots, there were also dry runs along with meetings. First up, we had to film the publicity videos and the videos we were going to show during the camp itself. Everything was crammed into 2 days and we had limited manpower as well. The videos didn’t turn out the way I envisioned it to be, but you have to work with what we have. Although KE was really scared that we will get bored of the job (since we weren’t involved in most of the execution of the camp), it was enriching and fulfilling in its own special way.

The biggest step has to be our photo shoots, and all of us agreed that much improvement can be done on the previous year. We had big ambitions for the photo shoots, all of us were excited for it so we split up the different venues among ourselves, with KE coming down and supervising to make sure everything was done. Kudos to KE, she went down for nearly every single shoot when we have over 10 venues to do in the span of 2 weeks. We had photo & video shoots for each sister OG (2 OGs combined), each with a different concept. Shoutout to the OGs which didn’t go for the mainstream black suits theme for their shoots, it really was amusing to see some of the more unique ones . There was retro, Japanese and even an Red Indian concept! We spent an average of 2 hours for each shoot, and that was indeed the most shag period as a committee. In the midst of it, KE & I had to edit the videos shown during the camp itself as well.

In addition, we even had our own video and photoshoot for the FFs! (seniors should know what a FF is, to the newly incoming freshies there’s no need for you to know haha) The main comm wanted to give the FFs something as a memory, which I thought was a really sweet gesture from them to acknowledge their efforts. There was full attendance for all 19 of them, and when I saw them at first it was a little intimidating haha, imagine suddenly over 20 people waiting for you. They all look genuinely excited for the shoot and were taking their own photos when the comm were taking the officials. We had some hiccups on the venue, but we completed the whole thing within 4 hours. When the photos were released on FB and IG, it wass really heartwarming that there has been nothing but praises for our photo shoots. PUBS PRIDE YAY!


The product of our photo shoots :’)

They even wore their own OG colours haha super colour cordination

The FFs even wore their own OG colours haha super colour cordination

Onto the actual camp! Being part of pubs during the camp I didn’t have much to do other than taking photos. Due to my laziness prior before the camp, I ended up having to edit & complete every single video the day before it actually showing. Forever procrastinating me tsk. Unlike the progs & logs comm who were all running around during the camp, I had the welfare to either stay in one place or just roam about. It was really fun to be the one ‘helping’ the freshies go through initiation and SP games, being on the receiving end exactly 1 year ago. The return of the high-pitched SP voices…“boi boi ah! girl girl ah!”. Omg I hated that voice so much as a freshie, but damn it sure is fun (but slightly bad on the throat) to be the ones doing it now. Initiation; totally zero photos or videos allowed. It’s a biz tradition kinda thing so I won’t reveal anything here. There is also another tradition in biz which I won’t reveal, but it was really so well executed too (I’m sure everyone would agree haha). It was to a point where a freshie just cried the whole afternoon & refused to continue playing the remaining games. SO MUCH FUN I SWEAR HEHE ^_^ 

And of course the best point when it comes to being a committee member, having the power to give out extra points muahahahaha. Last year, the extra points were given in the form of marbles and my OG always had this cheer where the guys would surround a comm member, start air humping and go “my balls for marbles”… -__-” This year, the extra points are given in the form of poker chips to stay in line with the mafia theme. I have to admit at Day 1, due to me being relatively unknown in Business, no one approached me to try and get chips which was a little depressing. Lesson for self: Always be careful what you wish for HAH! Towards the end of the camp, I have been harassed endlessly for my chips and although it did get irritating at certain moments, I was always glad to be giving them away. I did have my fair bit of revenge on an OGL who kept CONSTANLY harassing me every time I saw her. As compared to the other comm members, I never really demanded too out of the ordinary or lupsup. I slowly ran out of ideas & I ended telling each OG to just ‘amaze’ me. The freshies never fail to amaze (or disgust) me haha. I had the privellege to hear freshies leading the bizad medley, hearing super original sister OG cheers, seeing them ‘strutting their stuff on a runway’, having people using pick up lines on me and even having guys do pole dance/lap dance/belly dance on me (so disturbing omg bleh). The level of enthusiasm really cannot be matched anywhere else, at no time did I ever feel that the energy level died. Big thumbs up to the OGLs/councillors as well, being able to keep the energy level throughout the camp, and are really the nicest and friendliest people around!

We had a final cheer fight on Day 4 & that concludes the end of NBC 2015!  I still remembered while I was walking to the bus stop from MRB, a group of freshies waved to me and shouted “Goodbye Mr. Cameraman!”. XIAO TOUCHED SIA HAHAHA, sorry for the gayness but it really brought a smile to my face! There was finale night also but I gave it a miss to attend a senior’s 21st. NBC truly never ends, as it was wonderful to see some OGs still seeing each other, with 1 entire OG even joining Rag together! And here, my job is officially completed. PANGKANG LO!

~Final Thoughts~

I never understood the hype around NBC, people from other faculties were saying how they wished they could be a Business student just to attend NBC. But after attending NBC both as a freshie & senior, I finally am able to comprehend all the hype around it. Because it is really one of the best, if not the best camp in NUS. Business pride haha. I read many perspectives of NBC across all years through some stalking blog hopping, so here’s one through the eyes of a organizing committee member. Although many may feel that being an OGL is the most fun & tiring job, being a part of the organizing committee has its own merits. Different personalities fit different roles among the camp; so if you ever want to be part of a camp, know your own strengths and interests so that you can reap the most through the months leading to the camp. Although an OGL has to work hard for those 4/5 days of camp, the behind-the-scene people (whom freshies never really see) worked hard for months (or as F put, ONE FUCKING YEAR hahaha).

As a publicity (pubs for short) sub committee member, I would say that my main job to help execute the ideas of my boss to reality. Our job scope is quite wide, which ranged from thinking up of OG names, designing of shirt designs, doing photo and video shoots of course taking photos during the camp itself. The main goal was to help publicize the camp to all potential juniors and hype it up till the actual camp starts, so our work is mostly before the camp itself. Although pubs is not involved directly in the organizing of the camp, it all boils down to perspective and I really enjoyed my whole NBC experience; so that’s why I mentioned earlier on knowing your strengths and also your own goals & objectives when you join a camp. Don’t ever feel pressured to join a camp because you see your friends do so, the holiday time is yours so spend it the way you want it. Everyone has their own journey in life and are unique and special in its own way. I feel that this is my best advice I can give as a senior and it’s better phrased that way, rather than telling you to join camps blindly. So what did I want to achieve for NBC? Ask me personally if you really want to know haha, but I would proudly say that I reached (at least most of) my goal :]

And just another incident which I thought was worth putting here. It was during one of the photo shoots and I was the only one with the camera, so I was rushing from place to place as the demands were flying in. I knew how much effort the seniors put into their outfits so I wanted to take as many shots as possible, but I wasn’t taking note of the time and we were way overtime. A certain someone told me that I can’t be complying to all the requests and I was giving my usual reply like “It’s okay!”. That certain someone sternly told me it isn’t, and the person said that he/she was noticing a trend of us ‘being too nice’ and that we need to learn to keep out for ourselves. Just the crust of the whole thing, but it really made me rethink about quite a bit about myself. Life lessons during photo shoots, life never fails to surprise me haha.

It’s the decisions we make through some impulsive thinking which somehow works out in the end, like seriously hahas. Thank you NBC 2015 for the best camp experience ever, you will always have a special spot in my university life.