Ayo SONE! The journey on the SoShi Express

SNSD I Got A Boy wallpaper 3

So in my WordPress posts, I have always left traces of my SNSD fanboying in them, posting pictures and talking anything related about them. I HAD to dedicate a whole post to them, and here I will share how my journey on the SoShi Express has been. Although most may see this as pointless and just another average post from a SNSD fanboy, it’s hard to believe but along this ride, I have learnt and gained much which I would not have been able to experience at other places. *WARNING: massive fanboying ahead*

This journey for me started back when I was Sec 4 during early 2009. During that period, SNSD and their newly released song Gee was trending among my friends and of course the curious me went to check out the music video. My reaction wasn’t like: “OMG THIS IS THE BEST SONG EVERRR”, but it was good enough to stir my interest regarding the girls. The me that time had no clue about the Korean scene: I was watching taiwan variety shows plus dramas and listened mostly to english songs. I started to look up anything related to them: performances, variety shows and even commercial appearances. It was like I was exposed to a whole new world, and it was something which it liked and had to find out more. Before I knew it, I was slowly sucked into the world of kpop. And before I go on anymore further, let’s just say that me knowing SNSD and slowly turning into a SONE turned out to be one of the best things that could happened to me! 🙂

With that, I signed up at a member in Soshified and started exploring the videos section, and these are the videos which got it all started. There was Star Golden Bell, Hello Baby and Invincible Youth, but what left the biggest impact was Intimate Note, where I learnt a lot about each member. Although you wouldn’t understand some of the jokes before then, after re-watching the show, you would understand them a whole lot better. The teasing of the heights of Taeyeon and Sunny, that infamous alligator laugh from Yoona, and the virtuousness of Seohyun. At the beginning, yes it was hard to learn all of their names, but the show helped me a lot to match each member and its traits to its names. Shockingly I didn’t really had a problem with the YoonYulSeo triplets, and slowly I finally got all 9 of their names correctly, and also started to learn more of each of them from reading their individual sections in the ssf forums, as well as watching more of their shows. From reading all the threads, the pairings start to form up, such as TaeNy, JeTi, YulTi, YoonSeo, and although there are 9 of them, each of them have their unique traits which makes them memorable. From Tell Me Your Wish, Oh!, Hoot and now I Got A Boy, their songs have become a staple in my iphone and my running playlists too. My favourite song till now has been Tell Me Your Wish, so much that it has been played over 1000 times on my iTunes LOL. The Tiffany part where she says: “DJ, put it back on!”, I always have the goosebumps hearing it. As each concept come and go, all of them mature along as well. You don’t see them with lollipops anymore and now they have a much more mature concept. If you see the SNSD in 2009 and 2013, although it has only been 5 years, their attitude and behavior have changed immensely. Topics such as drinking and dating are no more shunned upon, and my current bias Seohyun… omg who would have ever imagined our Keroro loving maknae grew out of her shell haha! ^^


Our ever-growing maknae! ^_^

Now here comes the interesting part, I believe that being a fan of SNSD has actually benefitted me a WHOLE  lot (true story). I too was the delusional fanboy who couldn’t get enough of them and wasted a lot of time following them, one really awful example was where I brought my mini laptop to classes so that I could use the school WiFi and download all my SNSD related videos. And after returning home, I would proceed to ‘multitask’, watching those videos and studying at the same time. As my common test results have shown, this ‘multitasking’ obviously wasn’t productive and here I decided that if I wanted to study, do it properly. After flunking the CTs, my attitude towards my fanboying also changed. The fanboy in me died down little by little as I was more focused in pushing my grades up but I still enjoyed all my SNSD shows, now just in moderation. After achieving what I wanted to for my promos, during the holidays the fanboy in me gradually came back, but now I managed to find the delicate balance between work and fun, as I strived to improve my J1 foundation while also catching up on my SNSD-related videos. Although there are times where new releases tempted me, such as the release of Hoot which had to come out during my Project Work period, as well as The Boys which came out during my A Level period after a 1 year hiatus. Okay, so I did succumb to them and had to go watch it, but after finishing it, it sort of brought out the extra motivation in me to study harder, since I spent some time fanboy-ing already. The usual: Work hard, play hard, or in this case: Work hard, fanboy hard! The delicate balance between being a fanboy from being a blind fanboy was also found during this period, as my opinion toward other girl groups started to be unbiased as well and I wasn’t full mode defending SNSD all the way, and this helped me enjoyed and appreciate other girl groups and their songs as well! Then, there were times when life didn’t go exactly the way I wanted and what do I do? Watch some of their variety shows! Their dorky sides always cheer you up and brings a smile to my face. Yes this might sound a bit excessive but don’t we derive our sources of happiness from different sources? SNSD just happens to be one of them for me! 😀

SNSD has also helped me open up the many pathways to more aspects of the Korean world. I got into other singers, as well as many more Korean variety shows and dramas, but it were the ones where SNSD appeared in which got me all started. The first other K-artist I listened to was IU and her acoustic performance in Sketchbook, and her cover of Gee along with Sorry Sorry and Lies was just daebak, and during that time she was only 16 and just started out as a rookie artist. This also brought out my appreciation for artists who have real vocal talents and can sing without a backtrack. Onto the variety show side, Yoona’s and Taeyeon’s appearance in Family Outing had me watching all of the other episodes, which branched out to other shows such as Running Man, Dream Team, 2D1N, etc. Same goes for dramas, where my first Yoona drama (Cinderella Man) got me into so much more dramas, and after watching many of them, you realize that although your bias is inside the drama, it doesn’t mean that it’s good (sorry but CM was mediocre at best oops :x). I did a little fan-subbing here and there as well, and only through doing part of the subbing process itself (from the translation, to the timing to the QC and the typesetting), would you realize the number of hours needed to put in for quality subs. Best of all, most of the fan-subbing groups out there do it for free, just for all their fellow fans there. I also studied Korean for a short while but now I’m unable to have any commitments to lessons so I cant expand my knowledge much. Nonetheless, having basic knowledge of hte language here and there have helped me understand the shows I watch ever so slightly. Watching 2D1N really helped me know some of the Korean cuisine since all of them are forever feasting on food and whenever me and my friends go out for a feast, Korean buffet is a must now and then ohnomnom. A trip to Korea is now on the top of my bucket list as I want to be physically be at all the areas that I have seen on TV. And have I ever mentioned how hot it is when Jessica and Tiffany speak English?

spreading some JeTi love <3

spreading some JeTi love ❤

Although many see them as mega-celebrities, many of us forget that they are also like us, normal human beings and have their down-to-earth sides. They do have their silly and unglam moments, the most obvious example being Taeyeon’s ahjumma laughter. And all of them worked hard to be what they are now, the nation’s girl group, where many do not notice the effort they put in way before their debut and only see what they have achieved currently. Remember their first public performance and how nervous they were backstage? Now, they are owning the stage with thousands of fans with their pink lightsticks cheering them song after song. Did they ever complain? Maybe, but as this shows there is no shortcut to getting what you want, and with this point in mind I studied my ass off during promos to avoid getting retained, and gained much more in return. Back when my bias was still Taeyeon (Taeyeon is still my 2nd bias okay!) and was only slightly drifting to Seohyun, what amazed me about Seohyun was how she still sticked to her principles and her lifestyle choices although were really upright to a scary extent, to the point which made Yonghwa speechless during their first meeting in WGM, is something which you can admire and give a thumbs up. I mean who would have said that the person they look up to is the secretary-general of the UN?! Seeing Seohyun striving to improve herself as a person in areas where celebrities usually don’t touch is a very heart-warming sight, and being me I try to follow some of them: I started to read more, eat SLIGHTLY cleaner (you can’t say no to food all the times), and work harder to improve myself as a person. I even followed some of Seohyun’s ridiculous habits, such as eating of potatoes, and using the seatbelt when I sit at the back. Despite her hectic schedule, she still finds the time to attend classes in university. How can a free me give excuses not to study when she can study? HA!

Till today as of the year 2013, I am still somewhat a diehard SONE and I am definitely not embarrassed about it, as a matter of fact I show the fanboy side of me a bit too often (to the irritation of my army buddies in camp). It’s really weird that I haven’t shifted away my interest away from them and it has been 5 years already since I first got to know of their existence. Yes, I blew a lot of money and time buying their posters, albums, and going to their concert but to me, it’s all worthwhile. That 2.5 hours seeing them within a few feet apart, priceless! (shall not go into further details or else I will just keep typing on and on hahas).It has been an enriching journey, and I don’t see any reason stopping. So let’s continue on this SoShi Express and as a SONE, grow together with them. Next stop? GG World Tour 2013 in Singapore, I need an offical announcent like right now, MAKE IT HAPPEN PLEASE! 😀


you just can’t get enough of them right? (And yay I manage to get a post out for July hehe!)