Always Ready

Had a few posts in mind, but never had the time to properly craft one out so a short update will do. Usually I wouldn’t like to force a post out just for the sake of it, but it has been a while since I posted. The problem is I feel like I have things to talk about, but when I settle down with my cup of hot coffee I struggle to put my thoughts into proper sentences. It’s going to end up in bits and pieces everywhere so bear with me.

2 weeks left for Y4S2 and everyone is all excited posting about commencement, while yours truly really haven’t had any feels set in yet. TOTALLY ZERO FEELS… No #lastsembestsem vibes, no bittersweet feeling, no omg this is the last days I get to ever spend time here in school. I was expecting myself to feel totally anxious but I’m spending my remaining time as a student on such a normal basis; doing nothing particularly special. The numerous times that I mentioned here about student life coming to an end, well hello it finally is.


Organisation of life hasn’t been the best as well. I was reading my posts from the second half of the previous year and I didn’t complain once about this aspect. There were many short term goals during the previous semester, there was FSP and then there were also 2 concerts to work towards, and now they are all over life is back to limbo state. In the past I thought there was this grad trip that I could look forward, but lazy me hasn’t got down to plan them properly. I start to ponder whether I really want to go overseas, or it’s more like a “oh because in the future no chance to do so” kinda move. It feels like the former for now, but yours truly hasn’t left sunny Singapore ever since exchange, so maybe a trip and getting back that wanderlust feeling would re-energize the soul.

Mid-life crisis much? And I haven’t even started working yet ROFL. The thought of whether audit is the right choice has always been the back of my mind, like ohnoooo what if I waste my beginning years here when I could have been somewhere else? Problem (as with many others out there) is that I don’t have a clue on what I want, but aaaaahhh having a job is better than fretting about no job.

It has really been just a nonchalant semester, really mundane but there are still those small sparks in life which makes those ups and downs in life. Always need something to happen to me for me to wake up my idea though ROFL…I did talk about these small sparks in life which I am always thankful for, but they revolve different personnel and are even more scarce this time around. I was saying how my own social circle dropped exponentially and I just credited to it as shit happens, because shit happens indeed. Not pertaining to anything particular, but everyone is inherently selfish so the most important thing is to take care and look out for yourself.

Heart is the lightest it has felt for quite a bit, but still lost and heavy at times because still have this feel that it could be better. Maybe the smiles have been brighter because I haven’t had the need to see a certain group of people ROFL. Will keep the overall uni life review for a later date when everything officially comes to a close… LAST STRETCH here we go~!

no doubt favourite part, omg hype was so real~!