Career Day 2009

Today’s Good Friday, so I can finally make time for this blog post.

For today, it was an enriching but boring Career Day, had some nice talks on what we can consider to do for the future. We had ‘great VIP seats’ at the top of the centre, after which had some briefing on what subjects we could take at JC level, and looked at some booths setten up at the hall. By that, we were already bored to death and ended at around 2.15pm

Had some basic basketball formation training, unfortunately it rained, so 4F decided to go LAN, didn’t go to the usual LAN shop as it was full, so went to another one, and it was screwed. We had people alt-tab automatically and we can’t change the mouse settings. Justin seemed to don’t know how to play, but in the end fared extremely well. Janson, JJ, Justin and me manged to get a triple kill each. (Tinker, Weaver, Lich and yours truly Krobelus).

Now it’s raining zz and going to watch movie later. Lucky there’s Speech Day next week as well.

Working at Sony must be fun


have nothing interesting in school to post, so decided to write about my dad working with Sony.

Working for a big company and being able to travel around the whole world while taking pictures and videos must be really fun. I envy my dad. Had a chance to ‘explore’ his computer, the pictures inside were awesome, ranging from Spain to the US, he is a lucky bastard. Also managed to find some chiobu picture during his trip to Taiwan. He managed to work with some celebrity in a photo shoot (oh so lucky) and now he puts some unguessable password to make sure I can’t go in. By the way, my father is not a photographer -__-”

A rough week has ended. HOLIDAYS 2 DAYS! But should be studying at least half of the time and the rest collecting my hongbao $.$ Now my legs are burnnning due to basketball, damn I wasn’t in form at all, hitting around 15% 3 point and defending badly, got burnt soooooo many times by girls. Many tell me to stop shooting 3 pointers and some call it a waste of time. BRICK WALLS ARE THERE FOR A REASON. Maybe will work on mid-range, can’t get used to such a low post. Two of my favourites shooters in the NBA are Ray Allen and Michael Redd.


Random Playlist (My Zakum Playlist)
1. Plain White T’s – 1234
2. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Your Guardian Angel
3. Boys Like Girls – Thunder
4. Simple Plan – I Can Wait Forever
5. Oasis – Wonderwall
6. Smash Mounth – All Star
7. Poets Of The Fall – Roses
8. Hinder – Lips Of An Angel
9. Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway
10. Cassie – Is It You

a very wierd playlist, but very soothing and nice.

And yes you all h0rny bastards, I had more people and even my teacher (shall keep my mouth shut =x) asking about who the fuck is that in my DP…
iris 0122

2 more days to CNY