I did it

I’m supposed to do my PW script now, but I have absolutely no mood to do it, so I’m here typing another random post. Surprisingly I have something positive to write about, guess that’s a good change.

Got back my results a while back. Managed to pass Chemistry and GP. Kinda flunked Geography, could have gotten a B if I read the questions more carefully. That aside, loved that I got my Maths sense. When Mr Ng called out my name as the top improved student for Maths, I was shocked. I would never expect myself to improve so much. +43, rofl. That kinda ‘spoiler’ my results since I knew my previous marks, but I was just happy that I improved so much. When I got back home and see my results again, I was just relieved that all those mugging paid off. Got a C for Economics, wasn’t really happy, but taking into account that a C was top 35% of the cohort and that I was the bottom 10% of the cohort during CTs, it’s another big jump. Pretty satisfied for this Promos, just gotta keep it up till A’s. sigh. fighting!

So exams are over, finally some breathing space. Like real, because something shitty called Project Work decided to make its appearance. To be honest, I kinda enjoyed my mugging experience. Sure it was horrendous, but it’s surely better than PW. God what a useless subject, 3 more weeks, and it would be over. Other than that, have been slacking around quite a bit, practicing the new SYF song (dreading the schedule, thank god I didn’t go the Japan trip), played a few rounds of dota, and of course watching some SNSD videos! Getting a HD Media Player was one of the best decisions I made, damn HD videos look fine.

Lol as I was typing this, I’m watching TMYW, have no idea why I’m not sick of this performance after 1 year… Kinda miss the concept, everyone looked great, I could go on and ‘fanboy’ all over it. So anyway, I can’t wait for the 3rd mini album to come out! Kinda mixed reactions with the new concepts, but my god Taeyeon looks like a completely different person.

Better get back to PW. Lazy to add captions for the pictures. I chose that specific pic of Taeyeon during Genie promotions. Anyway, just a small reminder for myself for the rest of my a level journey

Hell yeah, I did it.