Having fun with Zakum Part I


2nd Zakum for the year, 1st for the month. Haven’t really been active in Zakum, only joining marcus’ Zakum if got slot for me.

Saw woodie using a girl NL today, very long never see him, exchanged some words. Nothing much in 1st round, sucky drops as well. Could slack as there was another bishop, was practically AR-ing half of the time. 2nd round, Zakum had a double kill during B3, had to go to marcus pt, which means I couldn’t slack anymore. Actually I was slacking a lot, pressing my iTouch to skip a song. Better drops for the 2nd round, had more exp as well, that would cover the pots cost I used for training last week >.<. Poor Woodie still didn’t manage to get his TT.

Won’t be going to any other Zakums for the while, tests are coming which means less time for other stuff.

P.S. To all guys in 4F, please don’t leak out the URL of my blog, really appreciate it. I think so far Dillon, Janson, JJ, JK, SK and Leon know my blog link , and I don’t mind the other guys in 4F knowing it, but no one else =D. Not that I’m selfish, just want a bit of privacy.

1st Zakum for 2009

end zakum 2

2nd post for today, the other post was supposed to be for yesterday, but too lazy to post. haha

My Party

It has been AGES since I zakum-ed, I think my last zakum was 9 months – 1 year ago. Anyway login-ed at 4.45pm for marcus’ zakum, made my way to the altar. Really strong party *pressuuuure* and had a good run, bush aka SagaBlow died at B1 and I TOTALLY screwed up my resurrection *Sorry >.<*. No equips at all for Round 1.

Round 2 Zakum, 5 man party. Screwed up at the beginning, didn’t heal+dispel well. My HS at Shift so sometimes I press enter and screw myself up. Then at B1,2,3, started to get back the old Guardian form at 2007. 1st round didn’t dare to even touch zakum, now banging zakum to avoid stun and 1/1 (save pots), anyway I think I did a good job, taking the fact that I haven’t zakum for ages! No EQs again, stingy Zakum =.=

thanks guys

After getting out of altar, everyone in the party was really happy with my healing. Of course, I was like WTF lol, haven’t lvl-ed in a year and barely touch zakum. Thanks guys for the praises, I’m so touched+happy for the comments. Although it might be a few words, it really gave me feel proud to be a Bishop!

Wanted to post bush mati SS =x, but need go study Chinese test.
And at least 10 people have asked who the girl in my display picture on MSN, may post who she is during CNY or something, got 2 tests this week =D