Sometimes your best isn’t good enough

Just back home from DHS MUN, cabbed with boony to kembangan and took the bus home, can say it is a fucking waste 4 hours of life. What did I learn in this 4 hours? Nothing. Zilch, but made me think about this blog post, haven’t posted since the beginning of this month, and I always wanted to do a post for this month, so here goes…

Was sick (and still sick) this week, had a fever bla bla, and I was suppose to use this period to catch up with my work, turns out I used more time trying to recover and had only a day for revision. Lately, life’s starting to get a bore and it seems to have only the letters EOY in it, so life has lost some meaning if it is only involved about EOYs, but it seems to be true. Had all the time in the UN to think about it, since we wasted 4 hours, 1 hour more than expected, and in the end we didn’t come up with a resolution. If we were in a real UN, the whole world would be screwed.

Yah so above title, sometimes your best isn’t good enough. I’m tired of people complaining when they get a mark which they wanted a higher mark in a test and complain, “Walao, I tried my best.” Well face the fucked up world, sometimes your best isn’t good enough. When Tyson Gay ran 9.71s, it was his personal best, but Usain Bolt got 9.58s, so if others can do it, why can’t you? No point crying over spilt milk. And I SERIOUSLY FUCKING HATE IT when people can’t keep their mouth shuts after test. The test is over, finished, period. Curse you all to fail and see if you guys still want discuss or not =.= Remembered a talk from Mr. Teo during assesembly *wow i remembered* and he showed us a video of Kobe Bryant and some stuff about himself. was really interesting listening to him. Anyway, I believe that in the 100% you put, you still have gas for an extra 10%, and that is the difference between us and champions. What made Usian Bolt the champion he is now? Pure work and dedication. 3 years ago, he was a nobody in the 100m race, now he hasn’t lost a race for a year. Pretty slick if you ask me.

Usian Bolt = imba

Time flies in Year 4. Next week is the end of Term 3, and here comes the holidays! The holidays won’t feel like it anyway, and I need to format the videos in my iTouch, most of the videos are getting old, but they are still the best, still lazy to jailbreak. I’m gonna watch my 命中注定我愛你 at 10pm. LOL

I’m better off living in TW

Birthdays are a bummer

1st post for August, and decided to post something else, other than random stuff about my blog. A few days ago, someone said about my blog and me putting up stuff (I think you know who), so today I’m going to be doing something different, as title above. Haha.

My Birthday Experience

Just celebrated one of my mother’s friend’s daughter’s birthday *lol* and there were a lot of people, around 50+, and their house was huge =.=. Played Mahjong with some people I don’t even know, and I got 1 自模 and nothing else, so lost around $10. There were many people around the same age as me, so we chatted about life and stuff, and made a couple of friends. The ironic thing is I don’t even know this girl, and some of the people came just for fun or were forced to come, like me! Didn’t manage to get a slice of the cake also, and the girl seems to be more interested in the gifts than the guests. I can see her hogging her laptop, going on her FaceBook as everyone wishes her “Happy Birthday!”. One of her friends showed me her blog, and she was blogging during her birthday? wow. She was bitching around and some shit about a quick update and “in order of the people who wished me happy birthday”. To be honest, that was my first birthday party I attended that I didn’t even get to wish the birthday boy/girl “Happy Birthday”.

I hate birthdays, birthdays are a bummer.

Let me explain myself. I don’t hate other people celebrating their birthdays. I think it’s a thing of joy and fun that in this world where there is so much pain and suffering, people can take time out to dedicate one day of the year to have fun! =D

What I mean is that I hate that birthdays are getting out of hand, and are not just the same. Birthdays are no more the simple party where you invite a couple of friends, blow out the candles and make a wish. Now, birthdays are more of a competition or a day where you expect a lot of presents. In the U.S, if you ever see the show “My Sweet 16”, you would see girls competiting to see who throw the best parties, invited the most people and the hottest celebrities, and they are a bunch of spoiled brats. I still remembered there is 1 girl, who was crying that she got a BMW, but she wanted a Land Rover. wtf? Even in Singapore, I can see people competiting who got the most wall-posts in FaceBook, what they got, this kind of shit. Hey gratz, you have 33 people in this order wishing you happy birthday! =.=

Even they hate being the same, nah I’m just crapping =.=

2006 was the worst birthday for me. I went through the entire day and no one outside of my family except a few people even said “Happy Birthday.” Must be secondary school blues. So for the next two years, I vowed not to fall into pathetic self-pity. I enjoyed my birthday for the last two years, went out to Taka Macs, had some friends, chatted, and someone will always buy a cake, sang a song, went home, mom and dad and sis celebrates again, Happy Ending. I remembered last year, I think the only people from 3F wishing me happy birthday wereYoke Ming, Shi Kai and Janson, and even Yoke Ming remembered my birthday, and Janson just landed from Australia. I was not really familar with Yoke Ming last year (now I know him better, he likes Chinese Songs. no pun intented) I don’t expect much from my birthdays, probably because I have low exceptions or the fact that people don’t even know which day I am borned at. Big deal, I don’t give a damn anyway, as long as I have friends, that’s good enough. There are many other people suffering in the world and having water to drink or food to eat is a ‘birthday’ to them.

bday cake
always love chocolate cakes

When I was younger, I was like any normal child, I used to look forward to my birthday with much anticipation, eagerly expecting the cakes, drinks and gifts during the celebration. I think birthdays stared to be a bummer when I went to secondary school and my birthday falls on November, which is supposed to be a good time to celebrate brithdays since the whole school year has ended, but hell not, my birthday always seem to get forgetten. Birthdays were no longer a star attraction for me,and biw I just look back and wonder what the whole point is. So, you lived on Planet Earth for another year. Big woohoo! If you really look at it, there are many other things worth celebrating. There are other events in your life that can be worth celebrating because they fill you with happiness when you remember them…

…like acing a common test…

…graudution day…

…getting your first job…

…driving your first car…

…your first meeting with the love of your life…

…moving out to live on your own…

…getting married…

…and being able to look back in 10 years, and have a smile or two…

For me, I have no memory of anything on the day I was born! In fact, my mother should be celebrating it, not me, because not only did she had to put up with nine months of pregnancy, she also endured hours of very painful childbirth!


So most of the world will still carry on celebrating birthdays, but there is no need to celebrate mines. You must be thinking, you are going to let one stupid party ruin your birthday experience? Yes and No. Yes, because after today, it makes me think twice about celebrating my own birthday. No, because after thinking about it, birthdays are nothing really special, just another day in the 365-day year.

This dog doesn’t seem to enjoy his birthday too

Always remember, never forget.