Just got owned trying to do Econs essay. Now de-stressing myself by writing a post here.

Was quite down these few weeks. I had some ringing in my ears a few weeks ago, and went to the doc to have my earwax flushed out. My ears still have some ringing though, not as bad as before, but I’ll probably need to have it checked out. Hopefully it’s not too serious, cause I really need some good sleep these days from all the stress from school. Other than the ringing, everything seems to be going well. Starting to slack a little, I told myself to take a break and didn’t go to the library during the long breaks. But I think I will need to go to the library soon and go mug, so many things which are not done so far.

Kinda got really careless during Maths. Should have checked for my mistakes instead of celebrating after knowing how to solve a 2-mark question rofl. Maybe I’m starting to get confident in my studies, maybe a little too confident in Maths especially. The only way to make sure I don’t do anymore careless mistakes is to do more practise. Now I’m slowly moving to living a life of a student who lives for two things, studies and guitar. I’m not sure if I’m repeating stuff, but I’m kinda enjoyed this year so far. A lot of funny things happened, and I’m really glad to have such a fun environment with all the stress from the A’s, which are actually coming in 9 months.

Guitar is becoming a bore, and we are going to keep practising those two songs for 2 more months. Sometimes, I just play and sing to random songs on my bass due to the boredom on playing the same 2 songs. Even though my fingers are weak and I haven’t mastered the songs, I’m slacking off again. Now, I’m playing the guitar while watching my Korean dramas, utilizing time at the best of its limits. While I enjoy the drama, I can do finger exercise and even play the songs, helps me stop looking at the fretboard as well. Dreading the March holidays where it is supposed to have some rest, and there’s like 4 or 5 out of the week where there’s guitar, 2 being full days. Ahhhhh just the thought of it makes my head hurt. Got mixed feelings for this March holidays, since I won’t have much free time after all the mugging and guitar to enjoy.

Hoping for everyday to get better and better, couldn’t think of a title for this post, so I just let it blank, haha =D

CNY Break~

Currently watching ‘Tell Me Your Wish’, haven’t watched it for a while. It’s the only song which I don’t get sick watching again and again. haha

Enjoying the CNY break now, didn’t really do much this week, but gained a lot nonetheless! Got back Maths, really happy although I lost 2 marks due to silly careless mistakes, oh god. Chemistry is next week, so I will work hard to do well(shit i sound like a fucking nerd). Had good mugging sessions in the library, really productive and did a lot, should do it more often. Played ball on Wednesday, never played so hard before. I guess those jogging sessions during the holidays really helped, never felt played. Played some mahjong too. These days I basically do work at seriously weird timing, like starting work at 10pm, stopping at 2am to watch some k-dramas. Probably going out to study tml as well, and meet up with 4F and watch CO concert.

Nothing really to post. haha things going well so far. Feeling good right now. Soon after the CNY, will need to live the life of a student. I would be probably doing two things, study and guitar. Till then, wishing all a happy Chinese New Year!