“If your actions inspire others to dream more, learn more, do more and become more, you are a leader.”



Just finished Orientation today, two days only, but was kinda tiring, yet fun. Lol kinda fun pic in my psp memory stick i found,  was selected as one of the best pics, especially with dillon as leader. rofl got similarity of the two pics?. 4F managed to get 1st place on DHSChase (yah!). Day 2 built some huge sandcastles at ECP, had great weather, was kinda boring and I just took water from the sea most of the time, was fun to let the waves splash (dont know how to say) on your feet. It looked very nice at the end, didn’t managed to take a pic though… haha

Leadership. What the defination of leadership? To me, it is a quality that a person has, and has the quality to lead others. It all comes down to the word “lead”. If you’re given a position, example a president, are you a leader? On paper, yes, but truely you aren’t. What is a leader then? Someone people follow willingly and respects, and when the leader asks you to do something, you will do it without complain, kinda reminds me of the old epic Zakum days.

Back to normal school, so bored, yet I feel quite ok for this year. I DREADED the start of school last year, maybe a slight change of attitude can change a lot of things.A common question, when a cup is filled half, would you say its half full or half empty? I would just say half, lol the point is how do you see a subject, the positives or the negatives? I’ve been seeing the negatives for the past year, maybe a change of attitude will change? No idea, I’ll let karma decide.