Working at Sony must be fun


have nothing interesting in school to post, so decided to write about my dad working with Sony.

Working for a big company and being able to travel around the whole world while taking pictures and videos must be really fun. I envy my dad. Had a chance to ‘explore’ his computer, the pictures inside were awesome, ranging from Spain to the US, he is a lucky bastard. Also managed to find some chiobu picture during his trip to Taiwan. He managed to work with some celebrity in a photo shoot (oh so lucky) and now he puts some unguessable password to make sure I can’t go in. By the way, my father is not a photographer -__-”

A rough week has ended. HOLIDAYS 2 DAYS! But should be studying at least half of the time and the rest collecting my hongbao $.$ Now my legs are burnnning due to basketball, damn I wasn’t in form at all, hitting around 15% 3 point and defending badly, got burnt soooooo many times by girls. Many tell me to stop shooting 3 pointers and some call it a waste of time. BRICK WALLS ARE THERE FOR A REASON. Maybe will work on mid-range, can’t get used to such a low post. Two of my favourites shooters in the NBA are Ray Allen and Michael Redd.


Random Playlist (My Zakum Playlist)
1. Plain White T’s – 1234
2. The Red Jumpsuit Apparatus – Your Guardian Angel
3. Boys Like Girls – Thunder
4. Simple Plan – I Can Wait Forever
5. Oasis – Wonderwall
6. Smash Mounth – All Star
7. Poets Of The Fall – Roses
8. Hinder – Lips Of An Angel
9. Kelly Clarkson – Breakaway
10. Cassie – Is It You

a very wierd playlist, but very soothing and nice.

And yes you all h0rny bastards, I had more people and even my teacher (shall keep my mouth shut =x) asking about who the fuck is that in my DP…
iris 0122

2 more days to CNY