MAMA and Girl’s Generation Tour 2011

Attend a Korean Award Show ceremony… checked!
Attend a SNSD concert… checked!

Really riding the Hallyu wave this year, given how I blew over $300 attending the above 2 events live. It was really an enjoyable experience, especially after all the stress from the stupid A levels. MAMA was 3 hours before the end of Chemistry MCQ, which made going there even sweeter as it was my first post A level activity. At that point of time, you just wanted As to end and I literally counted down the seconds while looking at the large digital clock in the hall, just waiting for all of it to end.

When me and my sister arrived at the Singapore Indoor Stadium, it took me a while to take it all in: I’m going to watch a Korean awards ceremony and I do not have to study at all. I’m finally free from the grueling Singapore education system. Aside from the predictable winners and occasional miking problem, I would say MAMA exceeded my expectations, given all the special performances each group gave. I nearly died when Tiffany said “Singapore make some noise”, which made me feel proud to be a SONE, especially when my whole section is dominated by ELFs with their blue lightsticks. The person who impressed me the most was CL, and she just burned charisma during her performances. Loved how the crowd erupted when CL appeared for the BEP performance with and (or whatever his name is). It was also nice to see some of the actor/actresses, although I wished some of them do not engage in their small talks. And big props to the stage crew for clearing and setting up the stage time from time, since their efforts are not shown on TV. I made an conclusion after going through MAMA: Fangirls are loud, and fangirls are crazy. I have no idea how I would survive a SUJU or TVXQ concert.

After touching down on Singapore from Taipei on a Friday morning, I went to SNSD concert with Darick, Chin Kiat and Nic Lee. We camped 6 1/2 hours in the queue under the hot sun, only to be at a decent distance in the mosh pit from the stage . Thankfully, thanks to my 182cm tall figure (LOL), I managed to get a good view of the girls. First time camping in the queue, and it was really an ‘experience’ lol… At least next time an SNSD concert is being held in Singapore, I know what to do, other than camp much earlier to get a better place in the mosh pit. (On a side note, army will suck so much if an SNSD concert is held when I’m stuck inside the camp) Moving ahead, seeing SNSD up close was amazing and jaw-dropping, they seriously are 9 goddesses. The most heart-warming thing to see is that the girls looked like they were having fun on stage, and they made the effort to constantly engage with the audience. Never would I have thought that I would get so close to any of the 9 girls, and 3 hours seeing them seem so damn short. They were so damn cute, expressing their love for chili crab, and Sooyoung said the most heartwarming quote during the concert, “SNSD has the best fans in the world”. Will be constantly supporting the 9 girls! Fighting!

It’s been around 3 weeks since the end of As, and post As life isn’t as exciting as I thought it would be, probably because of the lack of things to do. One of my goals was to strengthen my Korean, but lacking the motivation to ‘study’, but hopefully after clearing my room and other ‘to-do’ things, I can settle down and just relax, not thinking about the fucking education I will need to face the last time after NS and hopefully, pull off a miracle and pass my IPPT…