EXORDIA: NUS Union Camp 2014 (Day 2) – THE AMAZING…disappointment

Onto Day 2, and with every camp it’s all the same old shit again; lack of sleep, just running on adrenaline. Camps really have this magic power that you can be so energized with 3-4 hours of sleep. I’m having more sleep now that school starts but somehow I’m feeling more tired and dead. 2 options: Either sleep more or more caffeine. I’m now doing the latter and it isn’t working the best so far, really treasuring the days where I can sleep wihtout an alarm. Okays all these camp posts are so delayed… so let’s go back to UC 2014!

We started off the morning with sponsorship talks, but everyone was dead/close to dying so no one was listening at all. I pity the people who have to give all these talks, I think they know that none of us are paying attention but still have to give it for the sake of giving. We had talks for close to 2 hours before we move off for the first activity of the day: The Amazing Race! Our group was assigned the purple line, and there were some activities that we had to complete at different stations. A main comm member was attached to each group to facilitate the activities, and for our group we had WH’s gf! We first had this food hunt at Giant Supermarket at Vivo where we had to find the barcodes of certain food items. We moved to Chinatown afterwards for a food hunt, where we had to order a dish starting from A,B,C,D and E. Lastly, we had to complete some activities in Little India. I didn’t really go into details for each activity because seriously, it was very boring and worse of all, it was a very hot day. I heard the idea of The Amazing Race was a last minute change since the original pool games got cancelled due to some issues from Jurong Swimming Complex (No wonder I was wondering why in our packing list we didn’t need to bring our swimming costume).

Hela @ Food Hunt!

Hela @ Food Hunt!

Getting back to school, it was close to dinner time already so we were just waiting till then. We still had 1 more activity lined up for us before dinner time, which was *drumrolls*… REVELATION! I was hoping for something simple like what they had in business: The seniors trolling us a little, then we sit down, count to 3 and take out our blindfolds together. NAHHHH it wasn’t going to be that easy. Our group of SPs were all sitting in a hall room and each of us had to go into the room 1 by 1 to do a forfeit before proceeding to guess who is our SP. If you chose incorrectly, you just keep trying till you succeed. It was quite anti-climatic that we were going to know our SP after meeting them the day before, but we only had 4 nights and the night after we were supposed to go on Date Night (which I will explain for Day 3). Some of my OG mates peeped through their blindfolds and already knew who their SP was so they managed to guess it in 1 try. Okay even if I wanted to peep I couldn’t because my eyesight is quite bad and I really rather don’t go peep and spoil the game for myself. We did really simple activities, like singing, carrying the girls and doing squats, all the lame things. A few of us (4 to be exact, which includes me) couldn’t guess who our SP was and we were quite dumbfounded. We were at our 4th try already and in my head I was like HELP ME PLEASEEEEEE JAEBALLLLLLL. My SP said that she was “of Chinese descend” and with “average length hair and height”, so I just based off these descriptions and kept guessing. I realized that there were only 3 girls waiting while there were 4 of us guys, it didn’t make sense so I probed my house head Kellie who was chilling at the side why was 1 girl missing. She pointed to herself and said: “I’m one of your SPs”. MINDBLOWN~! All of us were panicking and thinking of the possibility that our own house head could be our SP. WZ and YW both guessed Kellie and she didn’t turn out to be their SP. She was damn funny because both of them were lifting her and she kept saying that she’s heavy hahaha. I was just thinking if Kellie would go to the extent of lying that she was from Business, SAJC, and totally crap false things about herself. In the end I went with the rational choice and chose the remaining girl (excluding Kellie) and tada, I found my SP, Audrey from Cockeye! (Yes that’s really the name of her OG). I really don’t know how to phrase this because I know some people will read this so I need to put it in a subtle way; let’s just say my lucky star was there for me.

Vincent was being such a blur cock because it was obvious that Kellie was his SP already since she wasn’t my SP so he was the only one left. But he proceeded to pick out someone else and had to do another forfeit. He was made to do a strip tease, which was freaking funny as he was wearing a shirt that we sweated in the whole day and Kellie was begging for help. Our other house head Gabriel came along as Kellie rushed to him for help but he was being nonchalant and told us to carry on. Using that sweaty shirt, he hooked his shirt around her neck and started dancing around here, and finally, all of us finally found our SPs (phew!). We proceeded to go to FASS canteen to have our dinner and after which we had our Fright Night night walk for our night activities. It was held somewhere near King Edward Hall and Science faculty, it was just an open area. When we reached there, we were to sit down and wait for around an hour because there were people doing it as well so there was a bottle neck. It ended up being a killing the mosquitoes session as they were relentlessly attacking our legs and we just chit chatted till our turn came. We were sent in pair by pair and we were supposed to hold hands, but no one cared and we just went in. Our mission was to collect 5 Joker cards (sort of like marbles during NBC), and honestly it wasn’t scary at all. At the start there was his abandoned small house and I was thinking “Are you kidding I need to enter that?”. It turned out there were 2 people nearby them and we just had to take the card which was placed in front of them. Throughout the whole journey, me and Audrey were just being total blur sotongs as we keep getting lost. Audrey was really terrified and I had to lead the way, but yeah so glad that it wasn’t scary at all. The councilors stationed there were trolling her and there was one case where we were lost and had to ask for directions, and after we walked away the councilor rushed up behind Audrey and screamed. I was like laughing LOL but honestly, those kind of scares are the one I hate the most.

After completing the night walk, we headed to the Science block and had to find a LT which was our next lecture place. BEING BLUR SOTONGS AGAIN… we went down this flight of stairs and realized that we were nowhere near the place where we needed to go. After using some common sense, we finally found our way back to the LT, where we were made to watch this horror movie. I wasn’t a fan of horror movies and Audrey said the back portion was terrifying so we ended up sitting out. We made our way back to Temasek Hall afterwards and bid farewell from there. (Because of the delay in writing these posts I really can’t recall much of the things we did so please excuse me in the following posts >.<). The OG made our way to the senior’s room (Which was a double room) and we did some simple drinking games, like I never and some random games. I really can’t recall much what we did during that night, but the nights here weren’t very exciting and there was a lack of HTHT. Sean was freaking funny as he continued to be this daddy figure and questioned the OG girls on anything possible. Same ol thing again, go back to our respective rooms, short sleep and onto day 3 we go!

Day 2 thoughts:

Most chill camp ever? Omg time actually passes really quick here in UC as compared to NBC, and in an instance half the camp is almost over.  I liked how I had more time to interact with my OG mates here, okay it’s not a whole lot more but it’s an ever slight improvement. Yays to my SP coming from biz as well, but I really hate forfeits. I really need to find something that I’m good at which can be a forfeit lols. And thank goodness for entertaining night walk and not frightening shit. I mean is it really fun to scare others? T.T. I’m glad there is somewhat less of a barrier between the OGLs and us. Was it just me or are these OGLs in a way more sociable? Lack of sleep is really killing me, and I really hope I don’t fall ill. *Squeezing in my half of the bed* SLEEP KTHXBYE!

To make up for the lack of photos in this post, here’s a post of my awesome Hela OGLs! 😀

(from left to right:) Carolyn, Yan Lin, Kimberlyn, Wei Hao, Sean!

(from left to right:) Carolyn, Yan Lin, Kimberlyn, Wei Hao, Sean!

Fun facts of the day regarding my secret pals so far:

– Both of their names start with A, Andrea and Audrey!

– Both of them are from Business Administration (me being the lone ranger from Accountancy)

– Both of them are short (LOL I feel awful stating it like that, height isn’t all that matters ahhh this is another #justsaying moment)

– Both of them were relatively quieter than me, so I was the one asking questions most of the time

– I didn’t keep in contact with both of them (sadly again haiz…), added Andrea on FaceBook and Twitter, added Audrey on her dead Twitter and Instagram. Only waves when we bump into each other in biz (Andrea is in the same BFS lesson with me coincidentally)

– I think my SP luck is really not bad, hearing how screwed up some of my friends’ SPs were at other camps, so guys you better start doing good stuff and accumulate some karma. Nah I’m just kidding, the best advice I can give when it comes to SP is just keep the conversation going and don’t think so much. Remember it’s all just a game so just play along with your trolling seniors, be nice and be yourself! 🙂

P.S. And on another side note, I’m not expecting myself to be posting as regularly as I thought I would be. I would play around with the sequence of these posts, maybe going to Biz O-Week as well as sharing some short thoughts on university life for me so far (I’ll do one most likely on recess week when half of the semester is gone). I’m not really productive at home so I see myself staying up late in school, be it to study or just typing out some posts here. As of right now, I’m at UTown myself plugged in with some music and chilling with my laptop. It would have been so nice if I had a residence in school so that I can stay up later and save on the travel time, but oh well just make the best with what you have. Signing off for now, I will be back! 🙂 P.P.S. 벌써 보고 싶어 ㅜㅜ