Life of a NUS Business (Acc) Student: AY 15/16 Semester 1

Guess who is back for 2016! Initially I was very, very hesitant on doing module reviews yet again, and was thinking of bringing it out of this website since this was meant to be a more personal space. Response for these reviews have been great, especially during the week before school starts and so many people have messaged me for notes. Sorry but I will not be entertaining any requests for notes, because they are mostly incomplete and also the syllabus for each semester are ever-changing because the module coordinator may be different as well. So I don’t really want to be giving people incomplete stuff and stuff which may be incorrect (limiting liability yoz haha)

Just to give a heads up for accounting students who might be reading this, I took the business modules during this semester, while half of the accounting students (who are going exchange for Y2S2) took the accounting basket (ACC3601, ACC3603, ACC3605). So please don’t me for ACC300X notes I’m just taking this sem 😡 I believe this basket of business modules is less workload heavy, but in order to do your compulsory internship you will have to clear the accounting modules. Most of the people I knew took the accounting basket first but there were some familiar faces in all my modules, which made the semester not too lonely. (P.S. Zero photos this time around LOL).

that spike

that spike

ACC1006 – Accounting Information Systems

Accounting Information Systems, AIS for short, is an introductory module on how accounting records and information are recorded in the real world. The professor is Ms Susan Seetoh, who has been solely in charge of this module for the past few years. BEWARE, she has been known to set impossible papers. Our midterm was a total killer, the average was a measely 36/100 and 1 person somehow managed to get 83 for the paper… these kind of students must be some genius. For previous batches, they were supposed to do a report and create an AIS for a company, for our semester we just had to do a presentation regarding 3 topics of AIS, which is much easier and less time-consuming.

How is this a Level 1000 module? Content overload every semester, only 1 A4 cheat sheet for the finals. Plus the content is not easily understood. I spent the first half of the semester not understanding nearly everything; thank goodness there was some calculation-element in mid terms, or else I could easily see myself flunking mid-terms. There were a small amount of people who just gave up on this module, and I don’t blame them. I never prepared for tutorials because I could barely understand the content. This module is very hard to map overseas for SEP, but if you are able to do so.. PLEASE DO IT.

The grading structure for this semester was: 25% Mid Terms, 20% Group Project, 15% Class Participation, 10% Forum Discussion, 30% Finals. Our prof released our grades for the 70% worth of components a week before finals. I did quite okay, slightly above average so I was expecting somewhere around B+ if I did average for finals. So imagine the disgust and shock when I saw my final grade… T.T. Prof Susan did hint us about what topics were going to come out, but I don’t think it really helped because of practice material. Very disappointed with this result as I have always done relatively well for my accounting modules. This is one of the rare accounting modules that you can actually S/U so maybe I’m lucky that I am able to do so, unlike some of my peers who are not able to do so for their Managerial Accounting (ACC2002) haha. Guess who ain’t doing AIS for his future FYP LOL.

Final Grade: B

BSP2001 – Macro & International Economics

Another extension of H2 Economics that we learnt back in JC, this time its macroeconomics! Unlike BSP1005, there are much more new content and formulas that need to be learnt. Grading structure is simple: 25% Group Assignments & Presentation, 25% Mid Terms, 50% Finals. Try and get full marks for your group assignments, presentation is nothing much. Mid Terms and Finals are all purely MCQ. Bell curve isn’t very steep because this isn’t a very easy module. I took very long to understand and fully grasp the concepts, and not only that you still have to memorize formulas and know how to apply them on different type of questions. There were people who got single digit scores out of 25 for mid terms, so you really need to study hard if you can’t grasp the concepts at 1 shot.

Another one of those module I never enjoyed, and I only used 1 day to revise this module through the last few weeks of revision, so my grade definitely exceeded expectations. Zero complaints haha seriously I don’t understand because my grade made no sense given my level of understanding for macroeconomics, what…

Final Grade: B+ (yays to first ever B+? HAHA)

DSC2006 – Operations Management

The introductory module to those who may consider doing operations as a major. If I wasn’t to do accountancy, this would have been the area I will aim to major in as its the most math-like subject in business. But that said, this isn’t really a calculation based mod, more of a 50% concept 50% calculation module. Accountancy students will be taking this module at Year 2, as opposed to normal Biz Admin Students who take this in Year 1. Imagine being a Year 2 thrown into a sea of Year 1s; it’s like a shark smelling blood in the ocean. It’s very manageable as a Year 1 who just entered NUS, so imagine how easy we felt the whole module is as a Year 2. No point mapping this module overseas, it really felt like a CAP puller for me.

SLACKEST MODULE EVER OMG. 1 lecture which is webcasted, and 1 tutorial every week. 60% Finals, 30% Mid Terms & 10% Class Participation/Attendance. I don’t even understand how this is a level 2000 module omg. For those not in the business faculty, why take Marketing or Accounting as your breadth when you have this? But from what I heard, Semester 1 for this module is easier than Semester 2. Omg mid terms and finals… some questions were literally copy and pasted from lecture notes and tutorials. And there’s more! You can bring cheat sheet for both of them so expect the bell curve to be steep. Both exams were very standard so the variation of scores weren’t a lot. There will surely be Year 1s out there who will just entirely slack the whole semester and not study, so use this opportunity to ace this module because it’s definitely doable!

Final Grade: A

FIN2004 – Finance

The introductory module to finance! Finance is a very important aspect in the business area and applicable almost everywhere. One of the rare modules which I was looking forward during the semester, besides the 30% class participation component LOL. Yes the dreaded class participation… Fortunately I had a very chill tutor along with a relatively quiet class so I didn’t go full angst mode during classes. Maybe because the class was on Monday 5-8pm, and everyone is just either left with no energy or with a hungry stomach lols.

Grading structure had a good mix of exams and CA: 40% finals and 20% midterms, 30% class participation and 10% group project. 2 A4 cheat sheets are allowed for mid terms and finals, which is more than enough for all the formulas required. 1 tip which I would say for finals is that like most calculation-based modules, time management is king, so don’t get too worked up in questions that you’re stuck in, but also don’t give up too easily as that might have been easy questions. I wasn’t in a good condition during the mid terms; I had to do a makeup paper in the morning and didn’t get a good night’s sleep the night before. My cheat sheets weren’t fully prepared and on top of that, I had to go to the toilet to take a dump during the paper because I couldn’t take it LOL. As expected, flunked my paper which was a super disappointment because finance was a module which I felt that I could have done really well.

This module has been known for having a steep bell curve, given how more than half the Business population is going to have a finance major. Finals… It was such a total killer that people started posting on social media about it, like renaming it as Cannot FIN2004 along with other puns and social media. I really put in a lot of effort in preparation for the finals, so I felt like the super hard paper worked in my favor (which did in the end). I believed that if I had done my mid term well, I could have pushed my grade higher but very satisfied with the module as a whole.

Final Grade: B+

LAK2201- Korean 2

The icon of a love hate module for this semesters. Very fun module to take, but not so fun on my CAP LOL.

Just to give a little background on this choice of module; I was allocated 5 cores but I dropped MNO2007 (Leadership & Ethics) as I wanted to map that module during my exchange. Plus it was a 8am sectional bleh. Korean 2 fitted nicely if I wanted a 3 day work week and it was surprisingly cheap (I got it for 1 point). Prior to that I took a placement test and the teacher barely let me take Korean 2 because some of my basics were quite weak. I don’t think it was the smartest idea for me to take Korean 2 in Semester 1, because it is filled with many people who had a good command of the language already. This module used to be 6 hours but got reduced to 4, and they recently changed the textbook to a much easier one. Also, there used to be a group project component, which is gone now so with all that, this module should be a breeze to me right..? WRONG!

I was never a language person since primary school, but I always wanted to study at a Korean level, but didn’t have the time or money to take external lessons at a consistent lessons. Since I’m paying school fees already, might as well learn Korean right haha. My teacher for Korean 2 was Ms Cho Jin Hee, cutest teacher everrrrrrrr. Lessons were always engaging as she tries her best to ask everyone simple questions in order to practice. Components of Korean 2 include Oral, Writing Assignments and Class Participation to ensure all components are being graded upon. I wasn’t very confident in oral as you had to think, answer and also read on the spot. I struggled quite a lot in the module and put in a large amount of time into it. Nonetheless, I was killed by the bell curve. If I had the chance, I would have taken it during Year 4 when I know I have an S/U to spare. T_T Korean 2 why you do this to me!!!!!

Final Grade: B-



CAP (for Y2S1 w/o any SUs): 3.9

CAP (after SUing LAK2201 & ACC1006): 4.33

Overall CAP (till Y2S1): 4.38

The modules this semester were quite enjoyable (other than AIS I’m sorry LOL), just take note that I had to do 3 cheat sheets for finals so do give yourself some time to squeeze in all those important information you need for the exams! There wasn’t many group projects, so it’s pretty much tests and more tests. First time in my NUS life that I have 5 midterms omg LOL. No joke and I didn’t pace myself well so I didn’t do well for some of them. Finals were an equally shag period and the only module which really gave practice was Finance, so that was another meh…  Life can be a joke though; the 2 modules which I put in the most effort did the worst, the module that I put in the least effort did the best. ARE YOU SERIOUS NUS? 

Without the SUs, my CAP for each semester would be all around the same. The distribution of my grades are also similar; there will be 2 modules which I do well and the other 3 are one which didn’t do so well. Such a grade distribution really plays into the strengths of my grade distribution, so my CAP now is a very inflated number which isn’t very reflective of my actual standard. The following semesters would end up me trying my best to keep the CAP above 4, as I see it slowly drop over the semesters. After 3 semesters in NUS, it has become clearly that I excel in calculation-based modules, but simply suck in everything else LOL. Miraculously, my CAP increased, but only because I S/U-ed my 2B-s, so I have only 1 S/U remaining in my entire NUS life…

Without the falling net of SUs, and me lightening my load of CCAs, it’s going to a all of nothing Year 2 Semester 2 as I tackle 4 Level 3000 modules. My CAP has the chance of really dropping a lot of I don’t do well, so the return of the closet mugger mode after February? All I really want is to be at a comfortable CAP which I can be content with after I fly off for SEP. Until then, let’s hope that I can survive 4 consecutive days of sectionals for the semester. (It’s no joke on the stress level really sighhhh)