Training to be soldier! How the life of a recruit has been so far

Never knew I would have made it this far, 5 more weeks to POP as we are so happy YAH!! 😀

So how should I start this post? I wanted to write about something army for a while, but my mind is currently at a blank of what to write now. There is really a lot of stuff to talk about army, all the drills, PT, outfield experiences etc, but I shall touch on those more relevant stuff and those which made a bigger impact. (I’m sure no one wants to read a 500 word post regarding strength training, AGR and foot drills ._.)


on the uniform it goes, which would remain for the next 2 years

In the end, I ended up in Scorpion company, which is seriously a welfare coy due to our commanders being old army regulars instead of the usual NSF officers. Sometimes in Scorpion, it is so slack that it doesn’t even feel like being in the army! We are given much welfare as compared to others: we get punished much less, we get to have more admin time, discipline is less strict etc. In a way, my BMT experience may be less memorable since I got it much easier than my fellow peers, but definitely much happier and I am totally enjoying my stay in Scorpion coy. The sergeants here are really nice as well, they aren’t reasonable and we can tell that they enjoy being in Scorpion coy, which gives a quite family bond since we are put under much less stress as compared to other coys, where even falling in and standing in a file can be a chore. Like what 1 of the sergeant said, although other can brag how much shit they have been through in other coys, it would be without a doubt that we would have the largest smile during POP, because we had the most enjoyable BMT experience out of the rest. Every recruit will have their own unique BMT experience, all would enjoy it nonetheless. So right here, an advance thanks to Scorpion company for taking care me for the first 17 weeks of my 2 years as a soldier!

Army for this recruit here is quite an experience as well. Confinement period was the worst for me so far, the home that you were so used to seeing everyday is gone for 3 weeks. Once your pink IC was taken away, you said good-bye to many things: your family, your friends, your freedom and most importantly, your civilian life. (That’s why people say the highest rank of all is called Civilian, not some brigade general trololol) Perhaps I wasn’t prepared for such a drastic change in my life, which kind of explains my crying for the 1st few days. Didn’t really know what got into me, but yeap I cried quite a bit trololol. Although I have been in the army for only a short period, it has already thought me much about treasuring the people around me, especially during the mail run in field camp. After enlisting, it made me realize how much I take for granted the family and friends who have been with me. Ok I admit I have probably one of the smallest circles of friends, but truth to be told, I do not ask for anymore and am very satisfied already. Now even a meet-up between the guys is a tough task due to our different schedules, and although we have been through the same shit in Tekong, there is always something to talk about between us. This is why I enjoy an outing between guys rather than a class outing (not saying that girls are horrible or anything…), it’s because I talk much more between guys but awkwardly find myself just nodding around during class outings, because others are talking and I would like: “Yeap yeap”.

Now about the army-related stuff, army is actually much better than expected (especially after all the shit I heard the other guys). Of course the physical training under the hot sun is tiring and you end up feeling shagged, but after which you usually have a sense of accomplishment since in the middle, you always feel like giving up. Foot and arm drills are stressful as well, but also fun since I have not been in a uniform group as well. Army has really thought me a lot of new stuff, which although are not really relevant once I’m no more in the army, but it’s cool to experience it. Although at times I would be jealous of the PES C and below people who do not have to go through as much as us and some even get to book out every day, but just take it. It isn’t everyday that you can say you shot a real gun before, marched 24km with a 20kg field pack, or survived outfield in a basha tent for 5 nights, and this is only life as a recruit! So to all those enlisting soon and thinking it’s the end of the world, don’t and just come with an open mind, don’t be too negative as it would spoil your army experience. Although at times you think that army is a waste of time (I do all the time), when you look back it would be something nice and memorable that you went through, kind of like your schooling days. When you were in school, you just couldn’t wait to leave the place, but now you would miss school and the schooling times (ok but I definitely won’t miss studying HAHA).

They say that army is the killer of relationships, since you are stuck inside camp most of the time. I have seen breakups just due to the fact that the guy is in the army, which shows how fragile relationships are these days. Otherwise, this is my personal POV which may not be true, but I think actually army strengthens these relationships rather than breaking apart. This applies to both your family and friends, since now you treasure the outside time you get to spend with each other. I’m not saying that army is all that good, but it clears my stereotypical view of the impact of army on relationships. You would see the support from your fellow friends outside, which although repetitive, but their small words of encouragement can really help when you are down and feel like you can’t make it. Even talking to your fellow army mates can help, because although army can make you feel pissed and unreasonable at times, all in all we are going through this shit together. It has been a standard habit for me to use my phone whenever I have the time to and just text people regarding any random stuff, since facing army can get really boring at times (maybe because here in Scorpion we are given excessive admin time LOL).

Hopefully I can get over the fears of SOC, clear hand grenade without any hiccups (curse you sweaty palms), survive the longer route marches to come and finally pass the freaking IPPT. After which in no time I would be marching 24km down the road to the Marina Platform and throw my jockey cap in the air!

(I know this post is lacking a direction because I just talked about any random stuff regarding army, but oh well this is how it turned out hehe!)

seriously can’t wait for this day to come ^^