2010. A New Decade, who cares?

Gone is 2009, welcome 2010, a new decade. May your 2010 be filled with good memories just like 2009.
Yeh right, I hate new years, maybe because it means school is starting. I still got 10 days (make that 9) till school starts, and I still don’t have a CCA (screwed up CCA system). So now what? I’m now in front of the computer while waiting for the dreaded 2010 to come. I won’t post much, will post another 1 on how I spent this holiday anyway.

Lemme just check on last year’s resolution…
New Year’s Resolution 2009

– Pass every subject in Year 4
–> Get a GPA of 2.8
– To become a better person (I’ll decide whether I did that)
–> Putting in 110% effort on everything I do
–> Being someone better than the last year me
– To spend more quality time with my family and friends
– Not to slack off too much (not to slack at all a too sudden change)
– To spend my time wisely on different things, prioritising what to do (EPIC FAIL on prioritising last year)

Pass every subject, get a GPA of 2.8, checked!
To become a better person, well…
To spend more quality time with my family and friends, well x2…
Not to slack off too much, NO CHANGE
To spend my time bla bla bla, ok except for the first one, I didn’t change much. I just can’t do those that have to do with my personality, drastic changes can’t happen. So will I do a 2010 resolution? The answer is no. I now don’t find a point in doing such things, maybe I will do a reflection on 2009 next week, but no to resolution.

“It’s not about how to achieve your dreams. It’s about how to lead your life. If you lead your life the right way, the karma will take care of itself. The dreams will come to you.”

This quote again, I’ll let karma take care of it. Leading your life the right way is never just about you, it’s about you and the people around you. Hello to Senior High~

This is one of the fastest post I wrote this year. I’m not really in a mood to write a post about the new year. Who cares? Well, everyone else…

Merry Christmas!

Taking this chance to wish everyone who reads this post a Merry Christmas/belated Merry Christmas 🙂

Today I went to Christmas Stomp with Dillon and some other few people. The place was so crowded, people had to sit on the steps. The first hour was really nice, a video-game concept, and the actors really engaged with the audience. The ending was so abrupt, wished it could lasted longer and actually completed the game. The last hour was this guy talking and talking and talking and talking. I was so bored that I was so tempted to take out my iPod and listen to some K-pop. Bleh, after the whole thing ended, the other people were planning to go eat supper and see lights at Orchard, camp/ go to the forest (<— I wtf at this). But I'm not the type who likes to hang out so late, so I decided to go home. Thankfully, Dillon went with me and we went to drink some hot chocolate at Simei Starbucks. Anyway, I just want to thanks Mr Dillon Foo, my classmate and friend for 4 years for being with me all these while, without you I wouldn’t have survived to school. I enjoyed our 1 hour chat at Starbucks over that Christmas Stomp, although we won’t me classmates next year, I still love you LOL (in a brothery way). That just made me miss those Maple Legendhero gatherings, most of us quitted maple anyway. Miss you guys already!

So I got gifts for my family. The most funny thing is that I got my mom those toys where you can put your handphone in it, and my mom gave me the exact same thing, just a different thing. My family got around the artifical Christmas Tree and opened gifts around 15 mins. It’s so hard to get the whole family together for a fun time other than dinner, so it was great. It’s around 1am now, so I’m going to celebrate Christmas after my sleep. Right now, it’s still 2 weeks left to the start of Senior High. Seriously, I miss you 4F guys already, and that chat with Dillon just made you miss you guys even more. ❤ 4FlipFlops 09! I'll be forever [4FLIPFLOP’09<3!] Guardian, that 4flipflop tag will be with me on my MSN name for a while, maybe until i go into my new class. This Christmas surprisingly made me treasure the bond between us flippers even more. Another gathering pl0x…

2 weeks left, now learning the Hangul alphabet in Korean, hope to learn more and actually make some simple sentences. Hoping to learn some timing and learn more about the subbing processes in videos. Other than that, play less DoTa and Mousehunt and play more of my guitar. Hopefully I’ll settle my CCA soon. And this is my message to Guitar Ensamble, it’s your loss you didn’t chose me. I’ll still learn guitar, but maybe this is a blessing and a early christmas gift for me. Instead of playing guitar as a CCA, I can learn it as a hobby and something I can enjoy. I can focus on my studies more hopefully and play songs I actually I like. Watch me, I’ll make sure I own guitar, even if it takes me to lose even more skin on my fingers. After today, I realise I’m the type which should just stay in front of the comp,uter staying out late is not my type of thing. Call me a computer geek, it just suits me better. Haha

Another song for this Christmas, this song is Dreamland by BENNIE K (a J-pop song)

They can’t stop my heart!
Now get a party started alright!
omoi wo asu e nose
It’s like wonderland
te wo nobaseba alright!!
Then I feel like I’m dreaming!

A really happy song, fits the Christmas theme well.
Wishing all again another Happy Christmas! ^o^

Credits to padme for the picture, check out his amazing SNSD widescreen wallpapers here

Before I knew it… another day passes by… my footsteps take me back home.
With a thought that started with a strong heart, sometimes despite these tiring days.
This precious freedom drags my exausted body, and follows that road

Seoul, you’re my beautiful world, make my dreams come true.
Sooyoung ♥

although Sooyoung isn’t one of my favourite, this picture is just awesome!

Holiday… madness?

It’s been 2 and a half weeks since I came back from Taiwan. Life’s boring now, and I still have around 1 month to enjoy this ‘holiday’. After that, 2 years of torture for A levels, and when you thought its over. Nah, say hello to another 2 years of National Service. So right now is it holiday fun or holiday boredom?

As you see, I changed my layout again, wanted to put a custom banner for my blog, and was thinking of what to do. Only 1 obvious answer came up to my head, “SNSD”!!!. Lol, the pictures is from SPAO shootout if you are interested, and I photoshopped it. The Guardian is genie font, looks familar right? Thought it would fit the winter theme. See the snow falling? Haha, since this is the holidays, I should have more time blogging, but I’m getting fucking lazy. I watch TV till 2+ in the morning because I’m lazy to go to my bed. LOL, I’m lazy like that. So what have I been doing? Certainly not work, can’t find a good job. So what else? Staying at home 24/7. Unlike last year’s holidays, I did something more meaningful this year. Firstly, I’m now a translator at strongheartsubs, you’ll see my name at episode 5 lol. Strong Heart is a very nice talk show, you get to know a lot more about celebrities and their touching stories. I just don’t like that how some episodes focus on a few guests. Ep 1 was GD and Seung Ri, Ep 2 was 2NE1… and a story about a guy being mauled by a tiger lost to a story about reducing the time 2NE1 can get boyfriends (seriously wtf?). I have been also self-learning korean. LOL, but the only phrase i remember is that Hello is anneyo haseyo and coffee is kopi. Other than that, nothing much in my boring life. I still dota, mousehunt, go to guitar every Tuesday, watch SNSD videos, and some 2D1N episodes. 2 Day 1 Night is a damn funny show, I recommend those who like to see guys play and fight while seeing the beatiful sights of South Korea. It’s like a 2 in 1 show for me, so it’s very nice. Subbing is a VERY tedious process, especially all the bloody captions. Now I know why soshified takes so long to come out subbed videos. Credits to them!

6 guys on a 2 day 1 night vacation. what can you expect?

So what next for Guardian? Not much, maybe meet up with some of the 4F guys, play with some photoshop, some more dota (no more 6.64 pls), more SNSD, more korean, practise my guitar, and wait for the crude 2010 to come. By the way, what’s so nice about a new year? I don’t get why people waste so much money on parties to celebrate 1st January of every year. Gratz, you lived another year in this fucking screwed up life…

Time for me to go watch Liverpool vs Arsenal. Haha

Taeyeon in Strong Heart = Double win ^o^