Happy 牛 Year!

happy niu year
Happy Chinese New Year To All! =D

Hooray for holidays! Much needed these 2 days of break. But hell no, its more of a do homework session every night. Yesterday went to my aunt’s house to eat our 团圆饭, had the kids eat first, and then the adults eat. I was slacking with my cousin’s labtop playing DoTa and MS, they have only 1 mahjong table so we had to take turns, and only managed to start playing at 9pm, lost around $40+ *cries*, coming out of my hongbao $$. Today at the morning went to see grandma and exchanged praises. Now, currently slacking with my mother’s friend’s kids and really have nothing to do… My mom is so high when it comes to mahjong, asking her to let me play is impossible. We are now stuck with playing Monopoly LOL

Talking about the new year, this reminded me of 4F’s class decoration. My phone now cannot connect to the new computer directly, need to take out the memory card and put it to a reader. Enjoy!


Just something I thought of:
I saved some money in your bank
but only 四千万~
千万 must happy
千万 must healthy
千万 must peaceful
千万 must remember password?
Wishing all 提钱(前)快乐 in this new year!牛年大运!

Sorry for my terrible translation, using a translater as new computer can’t type chinese.
P.S. For those who requested to link you all, I will do it probably at Feb, studies for me comes first, hope you understand =P Btw I have no photoshop, and I want to make a mini banner sort of thing. And my dad is leaving for Western Europe tommmorow, so maybe have to stick with Paint Shop Pro.