EXORDIA: NUS Union Camp 2014 (Day 1) – Action One

Harley Quinn!

Harley Quinn!

The Prelude:

Given the tone of my posts regarding NBC, it was a high possibility that I won’t want to join another camp. For NBC, yes I did enjoy myself but it wasn’t the omg so glad I didn’t miss it feeling. NBC was supposedly one of the better, if not the best camps out there. I just felt like I should join 1 more camp, and one which is cross-faculty so that I would meet people outside of business. Sports Camp was no go, and to be honest I didn’t really know what camps out there were available and for me. YS told me about Union Camp and registration was still ongoing, so I signed up and got a slot! UC was kinda notorious for being bad, and the biz seniors were telling us that there was no point going to UC because the camp is too big and last year’s one suck. Unlike NBC, UC (I will use UC as a short form of Union Camp) was super inefficient and my OGL only called me on Friday, 3 days before camp start omg. They sent us our packing list and although I must say our house booklet was very well designed, the packing list was really ‘extensive’. I had to bring 4 pairs of footwear: flip-flops, normal shoes, shoes which you don’t dirtied and shoes for formal wear. Like whattttt I survived NBC with only 2 types of footwear and most of the time there I was in flip-flops. Also, I had to bring 2 sets of formal wear, like omg my bag is going to explode. For UC, I was in R2 Hela and our house is called Harley Quinn! Hahas I have some affinity with red as I was already in red for NBC and I’m in the red house in UC too, yays to having red shirt already! I had a 3 week break which I basically did nothing till UC, and going to this camp is like I’m going because I don’t want to rot at home completely, but when the day comes there’s always this why did I sign up for this feeling, kinda like for my runs. Maybe it’s just because I need to wake up damn early lols, and again I have been sleeping late due to the World Cup so asking me to sleep early and wake up early was close to impossible, and I ended up having roughly around 3 hours worth of sleep only.


Day 1:

Met up with YS at the morning and took the MRT to Kent Ridge and waited for the shuttle bus. There was freaking a lot of people and the shuttle bus which goes to Temasek Hall, our place to meet, only comes every 15 minutes so it was just luck if the bus stops near you, otherwise you can’t get into the bus and wait for the next bus. YS managed to squeeze in but I didn’t so I was left alone. My stomach was hurting like hell so I hurried my way to the toilet and took a quick crap LOL. Ended up only taking the 9.45am bus when the meeting time was 9am, forever late me lols T.T. I arrived to TH to take attendance, before trying to find my OG at the hall only to realize they moved to somewhere else. Fortunately one of the councilors came to fetch and I saw my OG for the first time! The size of my OG was similar to NBC, just 1 more guy and girl with the same number of seniors. I was the only Biz guy there as the rest of the guys were either from Engin or SDE. There was this group of 3 guys who were from Engin and Eusoff so they knew each other before that already. For the girls, there was a healthy mix of SDE, Engin, FASS, Science, Biz. We played a few simple games before heading back to the common area where our house heads were introduced to us. We were taught 2 actions, I can’t remember the second one LOL, but whenever the house wins something, we will do action one, which is just swinging our arms up and saying “OH YEAH SONG BO!”, hence the title of this post. The seniors brought our bags to a hall room and after that, we headed to our station games! It was at the stadium area so we had games at the field and the nearby volleyball courts. The games here are way milder as compared to NBC, and the worst game is just that we have to crawl under and over people on the field. I sucked at that game and got stuck at someone because I’m sort of large in size… sorry being a burden but still we won that station hahas. (I’ll try to upload more pictures as WH has a GoPro plus selfie stick, which means perfect for camwhoring as an OG haha!)


HELA! (If you look behind us the other group was still struggling with at the game whoops)

We had our lunch at 2pm and because I didn’t have breakfast, I was freaking hungry so yays to food. We had a little time till our next games so more small games! We played games like… ehh I never knew some of their exact names, like MRT, watermelon point here and there, fast food jump up and down. The two people sitting beside me had no mercy when it came to hitting my thighs T.T. Moving on to more games, I liked how most of these games didn’t have a physical element and not all of them had girls linking arms to guys. Some of the games were recurring from NBC, like eating weird stuff and playing captain’s ball with random things. The games here at UC imo were more fun, maybe because we were actually winning? HAHA lols, the game which I really enjoyed the most was this game where a group of 5 will look at this 4 pictures and guess a 5-letter word, after which we must use our body to form the word. Every time you solve one, you get to splash your opponent! The important elements for a game to be fun is that everyone is involved, there isn’t a physical element and it’s more than just a solo effort but rather a team effort. We continued our games till 5pm so we had our dinner at 5+pm. OMG what….. I had my meal 3 hours ago and I’m having one more again? We were allowed to wash up and change but most of the guys didn’t because we were lazy/we didn’t know what other games were remaining for us. Unlike NBC, we never had a program booklet so we were left to constantly asking our OGLs. More chilling and down time, and we were off to our SP games!

For UC SP, it was more straightforward as we were pre-assigned one to us already. The guys were made to sit in a line and our code-name was Jack. I was Jack 6 so my partner was Jill 6! We were lead to the track and we met our SPs for the first time! Before that, our OGLs mentioned that we had to talk to our SP for around 2 hours so we better think about some topics to talk about. For my previous SP at NBC, I managed to speak quite well to my SP so I didn’t really think too much about what to talk about and just let it come naturally. As always, we were made to hold hands and talk and my SP’s first remark was: “Huh really need to hold hands ah”, I’m like ehh whatttt? It turns out that it was her first uni camp and she didn’t believe that everyone else was doing it. Ah the return of the SP facilitator voice, BOY BOY AH GIRL GIRL AH. I think she was just experiencing the cultural shock, like what I felt just a month ago with my SP games. It’s supposedly normal for uni camps so I told her to just go with the flow and if she really felt uncomfortable, she can always tell the councilors. As the guy, I think it’s an unspoken rule to be the one leading the talk so I just went ahead and introduced myself, as well as just asking questions. Although we were discouraged from asking the very cliche questions, like what school, what CCA etc, I still asked just for the sake of asking. Some facts about her at the start was that she was from SAJC, her CCA at school was ‘Saints-for-Christ’, she got into KR Hall despite not going to their exposure camp. When I asked what faculty was she from, she said business and I’m like OMG you serious?!! Such a freaking coincidence hahas what were the odds that my SP was someone from biz as well! The next natural question was to ask if she went for NBC, but she didn’t go as she wasn’t selected. She said she only wrote a few words for the questions during the registration so future freshies do take note: Take all the questions they ask in the registration seriously!

Try and spot me! :P and don't you think something is off here? (HINT HINT!)

Try and spot me! 😛 and don’t you think something is off here? (HINT HINT!)

I went to talking to her how crazy NBC was and this went around half an hour lol! I went to further explained about the SP games at NBC and how the seniors were forever trolling us. She went to ask what was the worst thing I did for NBC and I told her that I was made to do the Titanic pose with my previous SP. Out of nowhere, a facilitator went “So you like Titanic pose ah?”. LOLSHIT! I was busy defending myself for the next few minutes and after that I was constantly called out as “Ehh who’s the guy who wanted to do Titatnic pose?” In the end I didn’t do it so all is well ahahaha. We continued to talk and talk… really we talked damn a lot, and she (like any girl) was very interested on how I looked like. I was being honest once again, telling that I was this tall guy who wore spectacles. On a side note, maybe I should have been cheeky and said some lies. The 4f/24 guys were talking about this and how they were lying like saying that they are this short and fat guy with many pimples on his face, or saying that they are half Mongolian or half Korean. Jill 6 was ‘of Chinese descent’, and was of ‘average’ height and ‘average’ hair length. Alright that wasn’t really helpful, but oh well didn’t really dwell on that. She was also red light status, but she was also trolling me a little by saying that she was pink light, and after she made that statement I was a little shocked and silent because honestly, it isn’t everyday you talk to someone  of that traffic light. She was told that you should troll your SP a little during these talks, hmmm it’s her first camp and she has already learnt well LOL. Maybe I should have trolled abit myself instead of just being too truthful hahas.

After really close to 2 hours of talking, we were off to our SP games. Yes they made us talk really that long, I talk until I had to keep stretching my legs because it’s really tiring to just sit there 2 hours you know >.<. I can’t recall the exact order of the games, but of course it isn’t SP games without eating pocky… Should you feel more or less awkward if you’re doing this kind of activity with someone attached? For me I felt less awkward I guess, and I was being super careful because it was her first camp and didn’t want her to feel too comfortable. That said, we ate the pocky until the stage that I could feel her breathing, but the stupid OGL was like telling us there was like 7.5492383542cm worth of pocky and he demanded the leftover pocky to be less than 2cm. In the end the OGL tried to force our heads together and he said we failed our mission because it wasn’t less than 2cm. Ugh whatever moving on. We proceeded to eat a strand of noodle which had no taste, but the OGL had mercy on us and told one of us to bite off after a while. There was also this game where my SP had to feed me water to drink (Remembered this is all done blindfolded), and after she had the feeling of where my mouth was, she proceeded to start pouring the water… into my nose .__.”. The water started coming back out and she was asking me if I coughed out the water. Good guess my friend, I wished that was the case too LOL. There was also this game where we had to draw our SP, I ended up drawing a stick figure at first but got nagged to draw a nicer version. We ended up never seeing our drawings fyi, and our last game was where our SP had to wash our hair with shampoo. I must say my SP did a pretty good job hahas, and she took extra care in ensuring all the shampoo got washed off by constantly pouring water over my head.

Hands on shoulders, we headed back to the grandstand and took out our blindfolds. We weren’t actually supposed to take them because our SPs were still making their way back as well. The guys had their standard chat regarding our SPs, and a few of them actually managed to get a look of their SPs by cheating a little. Again, I didn’t really bother since really it’s all just a game. Finally we made our way back to TH and got assigned our rooms, and 2 guys would have to share 1 room. I roomed with BW and we moved our stuff to our room. Finally we got to shower and I would say the shower at TH wasn’t as good as KR, but that wasn’t very important and omg it always feel good to have a shower after a long day. The girl’s showers were too crowded so C ended us just going to the guy’s shower instead. (With us guarding of course) Wow seriously no fear man this girl! We ate our supper and proceeded to the senior’s room to have HTHT+play some simple games. The HTHT wasn’t much, the interesting fact was that all of us freshies were green light while 4 of our 5 seniors are red light, 2 of whom met their BFs from hall. We played first impressions and most of the people chosen when it came to certain questions were quite expected. Except when C singled me out as the “person most likely to please one’s self immediately after camp ends”._________.” She was like no offence and I shrugged it off, but inside my head I was like offence taken tsk. The next morning we had sponsorship talks which wasn’t too important so we ended up talking close to 5am. BW was dozing off and couldn’t take it so we left around 4am. Instead of taking turns to sleep on the bed, we just squeezed onto the same bed. It didn’t really matter if I had space to toss and turn because really at camps. the time you take to fall asleep, confirm less than 5 minutes!

idk why i look the most pale in this pic >.<

idk why i look the most pale in this pic >.<


Day 1 thoughts:

(in biz camp I wrote it out on my diary, but for UC i typed it into my phone cause it isn’t really very convenient to be writing as I was rooming with someone) The craziness level really dropped quite a lot from biz camp, but nonetheless super crazy doesn’t always equate to fun, and I enjoyed the stations games here more as compared to NBC. And it feels good to be actually winning now HAHA :x. The organization is really quite bad, but it’s too early to judge and I shan’t comment. A very chill Day 1, and honestly chill is good! ^^ In NBC I never had the time to use my phone, here I’m forever scrambling to find a port to charge my phone; really a significant difference. SP games are much more elaborate here, and yays to knowing 1 more person in biz! Can’t wait for Day 2, please let it be as chill as Day 1 hahas but first… let me sleep. *sleep emoticon*

Extra thoughts when writing this post: 

damn I’m really comparing a lot between UC and NBC, which I really shouldn’t do. To be honest I could have wrote more but it’s really getting too wordy. I’m at 2.9k word count here, absolutely crazy. And half of it was about the SP segment lols.  Day 2 was quite boring so hopefully I will go below the 2k word count. Sorry if you aren’t interested about SP activities, because for Day 2 I think half or even more than half the post will be about it LOL. UC really put more emphasis on SP activities so I would have more to talk about, and their other activities, I’ll leave my comments for my next post. MUST KEEP THE POSTS COMING LET’S GO!