The Response

Sneaking in another quick update so that I can keep up the “one post a month” regime. Left with 2 finals and a presentation until I am done with Y4S1. That Week 12-13 stretch is probably one of the most intense week that I have experienced as a student, got especially grumpy and overly sensitive during that period. I’m relieved that I got through that tough phase, with the mind and soul having some breathing space. It’s good to go through hard times because it trains your mentality and when it is all over, you will come out a little stronger.

This semester has been challenging in a slightly unique way because of the mass projects. Y3S2 was still technically the most challenging and content heavy, but Y4S1 was painfully unenjoyable because of project-based grading. I’m not a big fan of collaborative projects as I’m more of a studying person who likes to work independently. Always secretly praying not for group meetings to happen LOL. With projects (almost) out of the way, I feel that I’m back to my peaceful state of studying actual content instead of busy editing Google Docs or Slides HAHAHA. Reliving JC days where I did my intense mugging in Bugis Library, going for quick meals because I’m always petrified about my books and notes getting moved away by the librarians. I have 3 weeks to cover 2 modules, which is really a very long time. Time will unfortunately fly though and before you know it, it’s day for the finals and I would be wondering where did all that time go whoops.

Y4S1 life in a snapshot

Mentality as a Year 4 has been very carefree as I am more focused on living life as a student instead of caring about pulling back my CAP. Like I should be desperate and motivated to pull myself out back to 2nd upper, but nope I’m like whatever goes~ The thought of me being stuck in my current CAP has never struck me, which is kinda freaky. Still hate myself so fucking much for the previous semester, but yes shit just happens. Feeling slightly distant from the biz people because the only we talk about are job opportunities, FSP and group projects LOL. Okays its more of everyone being more foreign as we all get caught up in our own lives…

This later half of the year has been more calming to the soul as I got rid of a lot of “excess baggage”. I wouldn’t say I am more happy per say; but a lot of less angst which typically equates to more happiness. Just following principles that I mentioned here before: do the things you love that makes you happy, and be with people who genuinely care. Those who truly care and make an effort versus those who only know how to talk… the difference is blatantly obvious. To those who took me for granted, sorry but I do not need people like you in my life. Yes, I am a nice person, but if you cross the line too many times, things can change very quickly.

Much frustration and sighing moments as I reach the end of November, but omg 11 months gone already and closing in to 1 semester remaining as a student?!! I was freezing away in Stockholm just last year zomg; 1 year can really make a lot of difference.