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P.S. Same drill as the previous time, drop me a message if you want to read my password protected post. Sorry there have been too many lurkers omg, thinking whether I should just private this whole WordPress at this rate roflmao.

Happy one-year anniversary to myself since I flew off to Stockholm for exchange. The moment when I stepped into the departure area myself is still fresh in the mind: saying final goodbyes before getting on the plane, flying to Stockholm via transit in Doha, then flying again to Prague via transit in Helsinki. Over 24 hours of solo travelling before finally rendezvousing with Y, and it was just the start of an amazing 5 months in Europe which I could never have imagined. Time really flies but memories made will never grow old. I dreaded being back in Singapore so much; as exchange was the most stress-free period I ever had and the only anxiety I had was not travelling enough HAHA. Yes afterwards it was an absolutely shitty semester (by far academically the worst), but I’m glad it happened because it taught me priceless life lessons. Yes emotions were on a rollercoaster as disappointment grew with the people around me, but it taught me not to plant expectations towards others. It wasn’t just about the travelling and exploration; it was making the happier choices in life and taking action so you can see your own wishes turns to reality.

Learning to walk away from toxicity, and blessed enough to gain a bit in return. Work hard, stay humble and be thankful for the many things that are going right.

I wrote the above quote in a caption in IG, as it really summed up the first half of my year. When you move on and look forward, things will fall into place when you least expect it; and indeed it did. I managed to secure my summer internship at a Big 4 audit firm which was something I always wanted, and was given the priority offer to work there full-time in the future. I found myself an FSP group (thank you L for your contacts) and we managed to secure a good project which I really look forward to doing. I passed something that I never ever thought I would and received an awesome opportunity to learn and improve even more. I somehow managed to swap out of my horrendous evening lesson as well omg. Heck, even passing my IPPT felt like a great achievement HAHAHA. I didn’t clear my window for IPPT yet, so it was legit scary because I had to pass or I would be faced with RTs. I was gladly surprised that I comfortably passed it, oh my what a shocker indeed HAHAHA. I give credit to dancing for keeping my fitness at a good level ROFL.

Life after internship actually has been busy for the right reasons; same drill as always: in the evenings if I’m not meeting people then I’m most likely dancing. In a blink of an eye, poof my holidays are gone already and I am faced with yet another new semester. I did feel that I could have spent my remaining holidays in a much more fruitful way, but at my age (I really make myself sound older than I actually am whoops) lying on bed doing nothing can feel so damn good. Been watching random shows such as Masterchef & Knowing Brothers, and omg I will miss times like this which I can just binge watch without any worries. Spent a short 4D3N back at Khatib for reservist, omg did it feel weird to be wearing the green uniform again. It was really good seeing familiar faces whom I spent 1.5 years with, we all have changed our own ways but some group dynamics remain the same. I’m no more the crazy fanboy I was in the past and gladly overtaken by others HAHA, and we still poke fun at each other from past incidents as we relieve immature moments back when we were still 20 year old boys counting down to ORD; I guess some things never change.

till the next time indeed

Seeing everyone around me go overseas, be it graduation trips, short getaways or summer schools; I really missed travelling and that feeling of being in another country. But nay no money LOL, so I’m stuck in Singapore but a trip out of a country should be in the works soon (Japan? Taiwan? Korea?). Spent a lot of time procrastinating being organised and clearing the room; just happy relieved that I managed to stop being lazy and take some action, so no more excuses for the new semester. It was a summer holiday without much goals in mind, but it feels good to be lost in the right direction. I am happy that I’m also writing a lot more here as well (the monthly streak in 2017 hasn’t been broken yet), and it hasn’t been clouded with negative vibes so this summer holiday was a long overdue break from everything in life. Had a recent talk with the sister, and we realise the world we weren’t exposed to back in DHS is actually so fucking screwed. DHS was really a safe heaven and the outside world just gets even uglier as we grow older. I wonder whether I have unknowingly turned toxic among all these chaos LOL, but in the end you just have to be strong enough in the head to not let those affect you in a negative manner.

Time now gets even more precious so don’t waste it on meaningless things. People #lastsembestsem, I #lastyearbestyear HAHAHA because time doesn’t wait for the last semester. Still ever so grateful that I am still able to meet new people and forge new friendships even towards the end of my student life, while still maintaining the ones that still matter. Approaching this last year of student life, that phase of life is finally coming for real after numerous posts of me talking about it in the past. Year 3 did flew by blistering fast, and the one life principle that I kept at through the year was how more true to myself I was. 3 core modules + FSP this semester; timetable looks really chillax but it doesn’t account the behind-the-scenes work I have to do for them. The guys were just saying how in the working life, you just have to do your job while back in school, you need to just keep chionging because there isn’t a upper limit and you just need to keep studying to get in front of the competition. No idea what to expect because this semester is full of variables, and I believe before you know it time will fly… POOF end of finals and end of 2017. Just give me the strength and willpower to survive 1 more year of being a student.

Laugh a little more, cry a little less, smile a lot more.