Mahjong? Not as simple as it seems

It has been a terrible yet great starting 3 weeks after the holiday break. Now I’m slacking and waiting for my turn to play Mahjong, which made me want to write this post. I should be doing my BP, ACE, LA PW, studying for my Chemistry CT, but who cares?

Mahjong is not a game on luck, but also a game of skill and experience which you get after countless rounds. All of my mom’s friends like to call me as my mom’s successor as I owned the shit out of their kids in Mahjong (I wiped out around $100 from each of them during CNY, then 1 tai changed from $5 to $1 LOL) and they always called it a mismatch when I play with them. And playing with Taiwanese people are so much different, they like to shout, talk, chat, crap around, and have a smoke as well. I only got better in Mahjong this year, as I had to learn the tricks in Taiwanese Mahjong, and also Singapore Mahjong. The calculations are different, tw starts with 16 tiles, sg starts with 13, tw can play niconico (aka 8 pairs), sg cannot, tw got a base tai, sg nid at least 1 tai to win.

Went to Janson’s house to play Mahjong, Singapore Style. Before that, 4F went to lan and played two rounds of DoTa. Decided to use the tag Ks^Puppey over the usually Guardian. Ks^Puppey is one of the best players and can play any role. My POTM was a phail, got 5-10 arrows in, and an epic phail leap in the forest. Next game -ar played Chaos Knight, and got a triple kill and monster kill. Justin was excellent for someone who does not play dota regularly. After which went to play Mahjong, Janson and Leon were bankrupt in 2 rounds. Sitting behind Janson was a HORROR, he defended well so it helped in trying to get 门清. earned $7 so lan today was free. Watching 至尊百家樂 really helped a lot, especially when they play 13 tiles during the course of picking 至尊新天后 where 小喬 pretty muched wrapped up the final. Like what 寶妈 said, “The beginners can win a few matches, but down the course, when the beginners don’t have the luck, the masters will win”. Starting to like 小喬 more, before she not very chio, but now she dyed her hair black and left a fringe, she looks very nice. My cousin from TW were talking on MSN just now and I asked how he finds 小喬. He told me,
I LOL-ed, so chim
Its hard to find 天才衝衝衝 HD episodes now, and less people are uploading it as the new episodes gets less funny and entertaining.

Puppey FTW

zhi zhun
乃至尊 in the game

Just side-tracking back to school, a lot of crap happened, another teacher has walked out of 4F! Now Mrs Har can be in the list of “Teachers who have walked out of 3F/4F”. And Mr Yap scolded us for 2 days in a row. To be honest, I don’t care at all. Please, teachers teach and educate, not coming up with excuses and saying life’s unfair and putting yourself in others shoes. Don’t tell me that life’s unfair. Ya, life’s unfair, its true, but some people make it unfair to others. If you do not know clearly one person, then you do not have the right to say that you are the worst. I can tell some teachers don’t like me at all, and I’m not asking them to like me. Just be fair, and that’s why I respect Mr. Yeo a lot. Although he niao me a lot and also craps around in class, he treats everyone fairly and also attempts to make lessons interesting.

Other than that, I passed Maths CT, changed seating arrangement, nothing significant has happened. I just find myself improving so much through my secondary school life, and coming to school isn’t as boring as before. I always like to crap around that my mahjong experience is good, and it’s always nice to show everyone why I can say that =x. Can’t wait for another mahjong session not only with the 4F guys, but maybe also 4F during class chalet! Like what 小喬 said, “等你们来挑战我喔!”


5 things I was doing during the June Holidays instead of doing work

Last post for June before pure mugging during Term 3 and 4. So just want to do a recap of this June Holiday and how I spent it. I only went out 1 day to Starbucks @ City Hall to study, and it was maths which was probably my strongest subject =.=. So pretty much slacked my way through this holidays. So ranked out top 5 things I was doing instead of doing my work. Including a lot of pictures this time for better visual, some I made using paint shop pro, my photoshop expired…

5. Playing DotA and Maple

maple memories 1
Mostly slacking in Maple, getting more of a bore and dont want spend anymore $$ to A$ia$oft

Watching a lot of DotA replays. Favourite has to be The Last Try winning Ravens in DreamHack Final, rare to see Maelk Axe feed, and Miracle’s warding and babysit for Loda has to be the best. Misery Revenge!
misery 1


4. Slacking at my computer

custom com
When your dad builts a com with a 3GHz Cpu, you won’t have to worry about lag

bqnw 1
when something related to yugioh getting 3000 ratings on its 1st day, its gotta be something good

Mostly watching 败犬女王 and Yu-Gi-Oh The Abrigded Series, or anything funny on YouTube. Mostly smosh, collegehumour, nigahiga, kevjumba blabla. Or else I would be downloading videos for my iPod Touch, will talk about that later. 败犬女王 took me 6 days to finish… and the songs got me into chinese songs. Yu-Gi-Oh took 2 days, but I watched it at least twice.


3. Playing Rock Band 2

Finally got the game, and its worth every cent of the $350 I spent. Thanks to Leon for informing me and Dillon for going to T1 with me. Went to an Asiasoft exhibition during my CCA where we had to go for a competition, went to buy an extra guitar, was cheaper than usual, so now anyone who comes have a full band. Start a band, rock the world!

xpert 95%
middle hard

Now can 5* hard guitar and drums, working on tapping buttons and pedal technique. The graphics on the Wii aren’t as good as those on XBOX 360 or PS3, but it is acceptable and you wouldn’t have realised it anyway. It’s addictive for the 1st few weeks, and I nearly crushed my drum set if I continue wacking it so hard. btw, my sis also plays, and she’s only good at bass. haha



2. Watching videos on my iPod Touch

iPod Touch! Touch here and there… =.=”

When I usually hit the bed at 1am, I usually tend to just watch a video, mostly 天才衝衝衝 and 至尊百家樂, and when I’m done it would be roughly 2+, and wake up at 10+, this holidays I wake up very early as compared to last year’s December holidays. 至尊百家樂 is a mahjong game and seeing 小喬 play really wow-ed me, they think too much too, like scared 白皮放炮 bla bla. Lazy to jailbreak it, have enough other form of entertainments anyway. When you have 2.9 days of videos, you would not get bored.

itouch 2
o.o 32 gb now seems so little…

seriously wtf? she did ligu ligu twice and 自模 one of them.


1. Watching TV

Almost done, and the number 1 cause for many as well. Having Cable TV just roxs, and finally replaced my TV with a 42″, bought it with my dad at the PC Show, PC Show was crowded as hell…

new screen
so much better, 躲猫猫 ftw

In the early 2 weeks at the morning, was watching the NBA Finals, was hoping for a 6 game series, but Kobe and the Lakers finished it in 5. Other than that, everyday from 8pm I would be watching the TV, have a schedule in my head also. 8pm 爆桿賓果王, 9pm numb3rs/百万小学堂, 10pm House/Prison Break/CSI 11pm Las Vegas/ Project Runway. There’s too much to watch. But most of the chinese shows are dated, 百万小学堂 and Power Sunday are behind from TW by around 3 months, 天才衝衝衝 6 months, 爆桿賓果王 1 year =.=. Good that the old episodes are nicer, especially when the number of girls in 爆桿賓果王 get reduced from 9 to 6 =x. Recessions also hits TV stations! Gonna miss these late nights once school resumes. No extra schoolweek. H1N1 roxs!

15 for Lakers, 10 for Phil, 4 for Kobe and Fisher, 1 Finals MVP for number 24

bingo pool 1
爆桿賓果王 Bingo!

tc 1
天才衝衝衝 ABC, the segment where you know why you should learn English

There’s actually 3 more at the other side –> LOL

This post took me 2 hours, nvm memories are priceless, and working with the coding isn’t the same like blogger or anything else. So this is the end for my June Holidays, 3 days to go then the dreaded school is back. Time to go back to study.

And it’s V for Victory. MJ R.I.P. You will be missed.

Happy 牛 Year!

happy niu year
Happy Chinese New Year To All! =D

Hooray for holidays! Much needed these 2 days of break. But hell no, its more of a do homework session every night. Yesterday went to my aunt’s house to eat our 团圆饭, had the kids eat first, and then the adults eat. I was slacking with my cousin’s labtop playing DoTa and MS, they have only 1 mahjong table so we had to take turns, and only managed to start playing at 9pm, lost around $40+ *cries*, coming out of my hongbao $$. Today at the morning went to see grandma and exchanged praises. Now, currently slacking with my mother’s friend’s kids and really have nothing to do… My mom is so high when it comes to mahjong, asking her to let me play is impossible. We are now stuck with playing Monopoly LOL

Talking about the new year, this reminded me of 4F’s class decoration. My phone now cannot connect to the new computer directly, need to take out the memory card and put it to a reader. Enjoy!


Just something I thought of:
I saved some money in your bank
but only 四千万~
千万 must happy
千万 must healthy
千万 must peaceful
千万 must remember password?
Wishing all 提钱(前)快乐 in this new year!牛年大运!

Sorry for my terrible translation, using a translater as new computer can’t type chinese.
P.S. For those who requested to link you all, I will do it probably at Feb, studies for me comes first, hope you understand =P Btw I have no photoshop, and I want to make a mini banner sort of thing. And my dad is leaving for Western Europe tommmorow, so maybe have to stick with Paint Shop Pro.