Life of a NUS Business (Acc) Student: AY 14/15 Semester 2

Hellos part 2! Year 1 has finally come to an end and this is just another review of the modules I took in Semester 2. Again, this is just my personal opinion so don’t take it as what people generally think. The whole academic semester this time round was a roller coaster, but more because of all the things not related to academics.I never got into the studying groove only until late into the semester, which makes me questions my commitments outside of studies. Are they worth it? Should I focus on my academics instead? Still harping on these issues, but for now i’m offically done with Year 1 yays, what a year.

ACC2002 – Managerial Accounting

My second accounting module in NUS, and similar to ACC1002, it was another calculation-based module. Since it was a level 2000 mod, I expected it to be harder than ACC1002 but it ended up easier, much easier. Format for the mod was the same as ACC1002: 1 lecture and 1 tutorial. 60% Finals, 20% Mid Terms, 20% Class Participation (which was just turning up for tutorials and doing them lol). There was honestly only 1 good prof who took us during the module, the rest were just plain out boring or couldn’t teach.

Nothing to comment much about the whole module; it’s just really very simple and this led to a super steep bell curve for mid-terms. I did average for mid-terms which I won’t complain about, since I was in the middle of preparing for concert during that timing. Finals wasn’t exactly a killer, but nearly everyone didn’t complete their paper. I was so focused that I didn’t even realize there was one last question on the last side of the paper LOL. Like my other modules, I put in much effort into my cheat sheet and it paid off super loads this time round. I copied the format of an answer for a 15m question, and the professor who set that question was lazy enough not to change any values so essentially I had the EXACT answer on my cheat sheet.

No idea how my grade would have been had I not have copied the answer for, just really thankful for the lucky stars which were looking out for me.

Final Grade: A+ (Yays for first A+ in uni hehe ^^)

DSC2008 – Business Analytics: Data & Decisions

You can use all the time in the world to study in this module, but you’ll never be able to understand this module. Most of the time I’m going: “What is going on?”, and nearly everyone I knew gave up immediately because the professor (although knowledgeable) cannot teach AT ALL. His notes was just this excel spreadsheet and no one understood his lectures.

The module is split into 2 parts; the early half is taken by the Business School while the Department of Math in Science takes the later half. The later half made more sense as there were actual proper notes, but I was still a lost sheep all the way till a few weeks before finals. A few things started to make sense, and since finals was open-book, you can survive by printing past-year papers and referring to them because the questions and format has been very similar over the years. You learn excel related stuff throughout the mod but none of it is tested in the finals.

And a note to accountancy students, this is going to be a difficult module so I recommend not to waste time and just SU it (unless you have prior knowledge of excel). It doesn’t help that many seniors (Year 2 and above) are taking this module. Accountancy students are not required to take DSC1007, so we are thrown into this module straightaway and directly into a pack of wolves. Basically the seniors know that we freshies have free SU and would most likely drop this module, which makes the bell curve even more competitive.

Didn’t like it, had hopes of doing well but didn’t. Just bleh.

Final Grade: B

ES2002 – Business Communication


Suiting Up!

If you are the presentation-type of person, this is the module for you. If not, you’ll dread this module a lot (like yours truly). As an accounting major, I always like to argue that presentation skills are not that significant for us. However, it is a skill that everyone needs and I know for myself that I TOTALLY SUCK at presentations, yays for free S/U so I took it as just practice for presentations.

There are a total of 3 presentations; a solo 3 minute Short Talk (ST), Group Oral Presentations (GOP), Formal Individual Presentation & Discussion (FIPD). There was also a written report component. As the module went along, I did feel the increase in comfort and confidence as I was doing my presentations. However, sorry but I hated this module so much LOL. The preparation work required for each presentation took up so much time, even though I was aiming to only pass the module. You have to prepare your script, your slides and rehearse your script afterwards. Apologies to my GOP group as I was obviously not giving my all, having the protection of S/U really allows people to just give up.

The CELC is known for being stingy to give out As, so don’t expect to ace this module even if you do well. On the other hand, it’s close to impossible to fail this module so many of us who have free SU will end up saying goodbye to this mod.

Final Grade: B-

GEK1544- The Mathematics of Games

Another 1 point module, and it consists of material which I am actually both interested and good in. In addition, engineering students can’t take this module, so the bell curve would work well for me. Sounds too good to be true right… A shame that no one I knew shared the same interest with me so I was left taking the module alone again.

I didn’t have much knowledge about the module beforehand, there weren’t many people who take this module before and it’s only offered in Semester 2. I wanted to take another math-related module since it is something that I can score and have interest in. The professor was from HK so his accent was bearable. His lectures were entertaining and he really tried to link his concepts to everyday, but because of that he always goes off topic and to be honest it’s really time consuming to filter out the important content yourself.

Another major flaw of this module is that there was zero structure, and the professor really likes to force his students to think. It showed in the final paper where the questions were ones which you could never prepare for. It was 80% Finals and 20% Mid Terms, so finals really make or break your grade. The paper he set was ridiculous and I ended up stoning half the time in the examination hall. Super morale killer as the standard compared to past-year papers were totally different.

Would I recommend this module? If it wasn’t for my grade and the stupid finals, yes. You really need some critical thinking as there is no textbook, no proper notes, so the professor can really test you anything. This kind of critical thinking is what we should be actually doing, but sadly SG’s education system doesn’t work that way so in this aspect I respect the prof (just that sigh my grade T.T)

Final Grade: B

MKT1003 – Principles of Marketing

The true definition of love-hate all into one. This was the ‘fluff’ module for me in Semester 2, and did I mention that it has my hated 30% class participation component.

The module was so fluff that I had the intention to S/U this module, I never liked how the lessons were carried out. The professor was someone who loved standard answers and you could prepare answers for her questions beforehand, which didn’t make sense since class participation was supposed to be something spontaneous. The only thing that was going for me that she was known to be bias towards guys.

My seminar class consisted of 2 groups of people: The accountancy majors and the double degree people. I was the only one among my AG that was grouped with the DD people, so I started off not knowing a single person in my group. Amidst the unfamiliarity, my group turned out to be some godlike group as we aced every single report. My first group report came back as an A and out of nowhere, there was hope for marketing. Why I call this module a love-hate was because I was doing well for a module I did not enjoy at all. THE IRONY IN UNIVERSITY LIFE. My second group report… A+ and the group was selected to do a presentation for the Sakae Sushi CEO.

Despite acing 2 reports which was nearly worth half my grade, I didn’t secure an A which means I probably screwed up my finals. No complains though, I always felt that I must have accumulated some good karma to have such a group, as my overall marketing grade could have been easily 2 or 3 grades lower if I wasn’t in such an imba group.

Final Grade: A-


CAP (Semester 2): 4.33 (with 2 S/Us)

Overall CAP (Year 1): 4.40

Business students were allowed to carry forward 2 SUs, so I SU-ed DSC2008 & ES2002. My main decision was whether to use my 3 free SU for my GEM, and I ended up not doing so. “Don’t be blinded by the present”; My CAP will be sure to fall and there isn’t a point to have a super high CAP now. My aim is just 2nd upper and not 1st, so it was alright to keep that B as my final CAP for the year was still very respectable. With the new semester coming, there isn’t free SUs anymore for me to fall back to, so I’m definitely afraid if I am able to keep up. Mixed feelings towards the new semester: Looking forward but still scared of not being able to do well. The thought of dropping some of my commitments are still there, and time will tell if these thoughts will become reality. 1 year down, 3 more years to go. I still have no idea on what to expect, but just stay true to myself, never stop learning and the biggest room out there is room for improvement. I always felt like I made a good effort, but never the best. May the motivation be still there through the new semester and never let anything bring me down. FIGHTING! 🙂

Officially done with Year 1!

Officially done with Year 1!