Hello 2015! I love doing year-end reviews and the resolutions that come with me. You look back at what went right, what went wrong, and whether you have stick to the goals you set for your the year. Before I look back to the resolutions I set back for 2014, I would just like to say that this year is really weird as compared to others. Every year, I always have this wish to grow in some way, mostly it’s just simply to be a better person. This year, it felt more like a year of self-discovery rather than a year of growth. You could say that being in the army for such a long period of time sort of blurred my character. And poof it’s back to society in the form of university. I won’t talk about army because it really seemed very long ago, perhaps due to the fast-paced nature of university. Sorry again for the extremely wordy post, but what do you expect it is a review of the year HAHAHA.

Screenshot (54) GENUS 1

GENUS, KDT and a new NBC

The bulk of what this post will be about, and the Nick who used to have zero interest in CCAs in the past, now has 3 CCAs in university. WHAT-A-JOKE… To be honest I have no idea what got into me as well, maybe it’s because of me feeling that I need at least 1 CCA so that my university life wouldn’t revolve solely around studies. If you have been reading my posts, it is VERY OBVIOUS that I wasn’t coping well with 2 ccas which have quite heavy commitments. Of course the first semester was grade-less so there isn’t any risks involved, but now in this new semester there isn’t a safety net for me to fall back on. To add on, with concerts going on for GENUS and KDT, my free time is going to be even less. I wasn’t doing well for my first semester, so what am I doing adding more commitments for myself? Logically, this is a stupid move to do and without a doubt my grades will most likely suffer from this. Not doing well is one thing, not fitting in is the other thing which is more depressing. When we look back, I don’t really think we really will care about how well we did (it only looks good on paper), but rather the friendships we made and the memories we create. With reference of my time in Dunman High: In the end my grades, my achievements ended up all a distant memory; it were the friendships that really mattered in the end. The problem is that, I’m not getting anywhere in my CCAs right now.

Let’s go onto GENUS first. Although I safely passed the workshop phase, it was without backlash as I was called out for my ‘poor attendance’. Of course, I just gave in and apologized. I know it myself, I just didn’t like the fact that I was being called out purely based on attendance issues. I missed Music Camp for GENUS and when I came back for my first practice, I was COMPLETELY LOST. This sense of hopelessness went on for a few weeks, as I had to go back to fundamentals and slowly work my way to just hitting all the notes in the piece. As expected, I was summoned to probation auditions which will happen later in the month. It’s really depressing in GENUS nowadays, I have little friends inside, there is close to zero interaction in the CCA for me. It felt so bad at one point of time that I told myself that I would get the fuck out of there when the concert is over. But again, I don’t want to let my short burst of emotions affect my judgement and regret my abrupt decisions because of it later on. Only recently, it got better because the seniors finally bothered to guide all the poor lost juniors. Something similar happened in KDT which I will talk about in the next paragraph. Short-term goal for now in GENUS? To pass auditions phase, and to just do my role well. 

KDT… It has been a much more enjoyable experience there. The guys are quite close given how they are only 5 male freshies among the sea of girls, and it has been the biggest step outside my comfort zone so far in university. Unlike GENUS where I stayed in my comfort zone, I am very glad that I have tried something new in university. Where else would you get a chance to try out something after you go out to the workplace? With the KDT showcase being less than a month away, practices were more intense. Well not for some of us, as the Growl freshies were left behind. The seniors were more interested in doing their other songs, thus leaving us behind. We had to self-learn the dance most of the time and no one took care of us until like 1 month to the concert. After an internal review, the seniors were lamenting on how uncoordinated we are, and questioned if you were practicing seriously enough. *RANT TIME* This is where the similarity with GENUS comes in. Most of us didn’t have a dancing background and obviously we needed help. All would have been well if the seniors guided us step-by-step months ago, not 1 fucking month before our concert. The thing is that I’m only doing 1 song for the whole freaking concert, and I’m not doing it well. It’s not that I’m not putting in the effort, the problem is that I wasn’t given the opportunity to do so, which is really sad. One major thing is that in university (this not only applies for CCAs), everything is self-initiative. No one is going to care about you, and they only care when you suck and drag people down. HAHA that’s the sad truth, it’s difficult to pursue something without being judged by your ability. Honestly, because of this I’m really scared that I won’t even be able to pull off a single song with an okay standard. I know J is struggling like mad (he’s not the dancing type), and I feel bad for dragging him into it. I swear I’ll get allergic to 으르렁 soon, till then short-term goal again: Focus all of my effort into that 1 song, and do it well for concert. After that, then it’s full focus back to GENUS.

For the new semester, I added one more burden ‘activity’ for myself, in the form of being a sub-committee member for Business Camp. I didn’t have any expectations going into this, it was a ‘whatever just try my luck’ kind of thing. I only signed up 1 day before the deadline and had a Skype interview 2 days afterwards. Thanks to L for putting in a good word for me :), and I would say it was seriously luck that the publicity section needed a video guy. Perhaps it’s reallyLuck is what happens when preparation meets opportunity.’ I figured this was a good opportunity to do something different, and also to get to know more people outside of my class and CCAs. After our first meeting and hearing all the things that we need to do, I’m certain that the 4 of us (pubz is such a small section) will be slavedriven.  And again, I feel so out of place at times when I get thrown into a large group of people. Among us there are the people who are already in bizad club, so that leaves me alone again, and it doesn’t help that I can’t start a conversation for nuts. My scope of work is quite a lot tbh, and again I’m torn between doing my best and doing what’s enough. It would be a step outside yet another comfort zone (YAYS TO RESPONSIBILITY AGAIN WHEEEEE), so let’s hope that I can rise up to the challenge and do my job well.

Will all of it get better? I hope so, I really do… :((( For now, I shall just focus to do my best on completing my role; my dances; my concert pieces; my publicity roles. Whether I’m going to quit my CCAs is one thing, but since I’m already in it… back to one of my principles: “Do it once, do it well!”. Is there really a need to threaten people to go through auditions if they weren’t good enough? CCAs in university are different from when we were back as secondary school students, it’s now more of a choice rather than an obligation. Sadly, it all boils down to how people want their resumes to be as good as possible. It also made me think really hard on how I should be as a senior when I become one… if I still stay in my CCAs in the first place LOL. When I actually be one, maybe then I’ll talk about it. You could say that the joy derived from all the CCAs are getting blocked by all these worries, that is one aspect I really hate about myself. Sincerely, I really hope that I would be able to continue both my CCAs and of course be happy in both of them, but it will come to a point where I shouldn’t care so much about what appears on my resume right? 😡 And the next time I’m back in this WordPress, I really wish that I would have happier things to share here about my CCAs, because it really seems like a chunk of worries right now… (And it was worse before if I didn’t edit my initial thoughts LOL :x)


Being true to myself (and being with the right people)

When I referred to this year as a year of self-discovery, this is the main reason why I said so. My first steps into university were quite horrible to be honest, I had the forever feeling of trying to fit in among my OGs during these camps. This is why I was grateful for O’week and Wonderwoman, because there wasn’t this pressure to wear a fake persona in order to fit in. Gradually, Wonderwoman fell into the same category of Kratos and Hela, as most engaged in activities that I wasn’t too fond of and I started to be left out. I would say it’s more of me blocking myself from them, and of course loneliness crept in. Now I truly understands why it is so hard to make new friends in university. Many people have already settled into their new uni lives while I am still stuck in my own bubble. It applies to all 3 of my CCAs as well, which makes it even more depressing. Still feeling left out, and forever feeling the need to change yourself in order to fit in.

After finals ended, I flew off to Korea with the sister, and it is a trip I am SO thankful for. An escape from university, an escape from the parents, and just roaming about in a country we both loved. It wasn’t an escape from the books which made me so glad about the holidays, I have no idea why but there is this sort of suffocating environment in university? The need to please everyone around you, and the forever fear that you are not good enough among others.  That is why I always think I’m better off alone LOL. Every time I am with the wrong people, I feel like my energy is being sucked away. Every time this happens, I don’t feel like myself and go back to my own shell. The best people to be around with is when you can just be yourself, and everyone knows this fact. But why do we still insist with sticking with the wrong people then?

When finals ended, it should be the time where you meet your friends to do a little catch-up right! And the groups of friends whom I meet never really changed: It was still mostly the 4F guys or the army guys. The class had this trip to KL and year-end BBQ, which I didn’t even make an attempt to go. Kratos is meeting up again for some night cycling event, sorry don’t give a shit HAHA. Yes it really did made me a loner, but I don’t see the need to force myself to go to these things. And this goes back to making time for the right things and people. I had this wrong conception beforehand that I needed to be more extroverted if I wanted to make more friends. Well it totally didn’t work out and I turned back to being my old self again. The thing is I still made friends in university, okay maybe less but I’m contended and really happy like this ^_^. No matter how busy I will be in the future, it’s important to always make time for those who matter in my life. And this is something I did quite well for Semester 1 haha, and I would want to follow through for 2015! (I believe I would have to skip quite a lot of CCA activities then whoops hehe)

tiffany hahahahha

Resolutions, resolutions

If you are still reading, good job for enduring close to 3000 words hahaha. I’m almost done so bear with me a while more. Originally I had an extra section to talk about exclusively studies, but I dropped it because it just wasn’t anything much other than worries and trying to do the best. Although cliche, I will still do it this year LOL! I won’t really cover my resolutions from last year, I made really simple resolutions last year and I did follow all of them a little, which was always good. Okays maybe not the keeping fit part… finding the time and energy to run during school is really hard :(. On following resolutions, the best thing you should do is have them visible somewhere in the room so that there is a constant reminder of the things you should follow! During the holidays, I had an HTHT talk with D, JK and YS 1 night and I think it was the deepest HTHT talk we had so far. Okays maybe because I was slightly intoxicated, which will always leave me just talking about anything which goes through my mind. We talked about each other’s strengths and weaknesses, and the good thing about this HTHT was that we didn’t hold anything back. I always sort of knew what my weaknesses are, but it was cool to know about my strengths. What others think of you and what you think about yourself can be totally different! After weeks of writing this post, may I present to you the new year resolutions for 2015!

1) Stop comparing my life to others.

Although I told myself MANY MANY times, as well as others, not to do this, I still do this a lot. Thoughts like: “This person has better results, that person has more friends. Why can’t be as luck as the person over there.” Well, GOTTA STOP IT ARGH! I find myself comparing A LOT to L since both of us are in Business but our school lives are totally polar opposites. The thing I forget is that we are very different in many ways as well, so why compare? “Comparison is the thief of joy.” Sometimes you just need to recognize your limits, you can’t get the best of every world out there. Most importantly, practice contentment!

2) Stop worrying (and be happier)

I think this is the main reason why I hold back on many things. Cons of growing up I suppose… When we were young small kids, we didn’t care what other think, we didn’t really care about the results of our actions, we just did whatever we wanted to do. Perhaps because there is this need to excel in whatever you are doing, and that is where the worry comes in when you are not good enough. Live a life with less fear, because it is this fear and worry that is holding us back from doing greater things. And like always, with less worry comes more happiness 🙂

3) Have more confidence

The problem that has been haunting me forever, during the HTHT everyone mentioned this point about me. You could say it is because of my introverted self, and naturally I only have confidence in things that I’m good at, such at Maths LOL. Even if I’m not good at it, just fake confidence la hor right HAHAHA. Always present a more confident and happier side of myself to others! More confidence = more self-belief, and with that I always say half the battle is won.

4) Make time for the right things/people (in short: better prioritizing)

Stop giving excuses to myself, it all boils down to whether you want to make time for it or not. As time changes, these priorities will change and it’s very easy to lose sight of certain things when your mind is only focused on one thing *cough* studies *cough*. Yes in the end, studies should always be the main priority of a student’s life. But in pursuit of the As, don’t forget and ignore about those who matter. Grades are only temporary, it would be just plain letters in the future. Whatever happens, don’t let myself have any regrets and yes be more organized Nick LOL. Time to use more of that organizer of mines and list the things out clearly for myself to see.

5) Be kind, and be nice

For everyone is fighting their own battles. Again, it’s easy to just keep thinking that the whole world revolves around yourself. Do what you would want your friends to do, just be there when you need each other. And it doesn’t hurt to show some appreciation as well! Return of the welfare packs? HAHA I think it’s going to be more exclusive this time. Don’t let anger get the better of you in moments of angst, because when you say something you can’t take it back. Time to control the temper *breathe in*… *breathe out*

 5.5) Whenever I address someone, call the person’s name

BONUS point that D mentioned that he was following as well! I think this works really well when you talk to people, especially for us introverts. It makes us feeling slightly better when people say our names, idk if its a psychological thing, but I think it’s a very simple thing which I can definitely follow!


A final goodbye to 2014

2015 really feels so dark right now, I never felt so pessimistic going into a new year. I just ended Week 1 of school and there’s this depressing feeling already. ONLY WEEK 1 LEH NICK!! Like that how am I going to survive. Again, shout out to those who have been such great listening ears to my forever rants about my CCAs and the feeling of forever not fitting in, kind of similar of what I posted here LOL. At tough times like that, where it seems that everyone out there only cares about one’s self, a little support can go a long way. 🙂 Remember what you set for yourself, follow them and that’s about it. Don’t chase perfection, as you are not them and just live life to the fullest, enjoy whatever it brings even though yes life does fuck you big time HAHA. Another blog post soon? Yes of course! But remember priorities, so I would have to ignore my WordPress for quite a while. 😦 Until then, signing off annyeong!

Jayesslee live -> checked! (p.s. there’s a reason for the name of this post, go listen to the lyrics if you’re curious hahas)

Life of a NUS Business (Acc) Student: AY 14/15 Semester 1

Hellos to the start 2015! And also the beginning of me posting about school and results yet again, Classic Nick LOL. I believe many have read module reviews on the net before so this is my version of it, hopefully it would be of use for any wandering freshies who are going to enrol into the same course. Of course I don’t want to keep ranting randomly about my mods in other posts so let this be a closure of my first ever semester in le NUS Business School.

ACC1002 – Financial Accounting

The first accounting module into many accounting modules to come! This was one of the modules that I enjoyed because it’s similar to doing a super long math problem LOL (sorry excuse the math geek in me), even though there were many concepts that I took a while to grasp on. I was really slow when it comes to doing and understanding tutorials, so shout out to those who helped me immensely and entertained my never-ending questions!

In terms of the accounting group project, I didn’t know anyone from my tutorial group and formed a random group with the people I sat with, whom were B, CW and C. I would say that this is the only module in the semester which I wasn’t happy with my group. To put it in a blunt way, those 3 were burdens and were not of much help in the group project. The 3 pretty much gave up on the module after mid-terms as their results were all below the 75th percentile. I solo-ed the whole project and was comparing my answers with other groups, which lead to the infamous scene where JQ scolding fuck to GW (HAHAHA GW deserved it whoops). My answers were quite off though :x, the project was 15% only so I really focused a lot on practising and drilling myself for the finals.

Finals summarised in 3 words: Not enough time T.T. The paper wasn’t too difficult and the standard was similar to past year papers. However, the panic naturally starts to appear when you can’t balance your accounts. This worry made me super meticulous in my calculations, since I was forever careless when I was doing my practice papers. There were 3 super long questions and 1 ethics questions, and I ended up doing only like 2.5 questions? It turned out many people died so after seeing my result, I think I was saved by the bell curve. Looking forward to my other accounting modules in the future haha ^^ (because no class participation LOL)

Final Grade: A-

BFS1000 – Career Planning & Management

I’m so lazy to talk about this ‘module’, it’s more of a compulsory program for Business students to learn the basics when we go out to the real world: networking, interview skills, writing your resume etc. It lasts for half a semester and has 0 credits. On paper, it seems quite useful because as a Business student we really need to learn all of these but in reality, it’s a burden LOL. It is 3 hours long and you have to wear minimum office wear (some actually wore blazers, like why?). In addition, the timing was from 11-2 and I had lessons from 2-4 and I have to leave home at 9+, so my meal times on Tuesday are forever screwed. And I hate wearing formal so I’m forever changing out directly after my lessons. Pro Tip: To safely pass this mod, just attend 4 out of 6 weeks of the sessions.

Final Grade: CS (Completely Satisfactory). Whatever LOL.

BSP1004 – Legal Environment of Business

Grading was pretty straightforward – 50% Finals, 30% Class Participation and 20% Group Project. I was never a fan of modules which had such a high weightage on class participation,

Although the content was slightly interesting, I never looked forward to any sectionals as it was right smack first lesson of the week: Monday 8am. Imagine yourself enjoying the weekend then BAM, you come to school all groggy Monday morning and you are expected to fight for your class participation. It really is ‘Warzone Mondays’ but at least I get it over and done with and every time Monday is over I feel so much at ease for the rest of the week hahas. But the vicious cycle sadly repeats again, still I need to learn to deal with this as there would still be modules with 30% class part.

The professor who took our group for sectionals was Prof Ravi, who wrote the textbook for the module.  Class participation wasn’t as scary as MNO because Prof Ravi isn’t someone you could fluff or smoke your way through. RANTING AWAY MY HATE OF CLASS PART, but I think I did an okay job OMG proudest moment of this module is when I asked a question which he said he will put in the forum for discussion. YAYS for small victory hehehe!

My group mates for Biz Law were L, N, JQ and YN, and like I mentioned in one of my previous posts, it was determined based on where we sat. We only met up once in school, and Skyped over the rest of the project as meeting up again was going to be hard since the guys are Easties while the girls are Westies. We skyped until around 3am? Omg craziest shit ever but I was pretty satisfied with our end product! Finals were straightforward as well, it was open book and there was 2 open ended questions (50 marks each). What killed me was probably the fact that I didn’t actually wrote out the whole answers when I practiced and analysed the past year questions, so I lacked a proper format and my points were everywhere. Moral of the story (which includes all modules), practice makes perfect!

Final Grade – B

BSP 1005 – Managerial Economics

Me with my group!

Me with my group!

Another chill module, as basically what this module is A-Level Microeconomics slightly more in depth (with more maths. MATHS <3) with the addition of Game Theory.

B and S had the same tutorial time slot as me, so originally we wanted to form a group plus one, but groups were allocated beforehand already. My group mates were A, J and K. A was a USP student and has a pretty flamboyant and confident character, while J was a Year 3 DDP Law and Business student who just started taking his business modules. The topic of the group project was to find the ‘demand’ of babies, J pushed the whole group pretty hard and did a lot of extensive research himself. I would say that our group presentation went really well since the prof was more focused towards the content rather than the presentation skills. Still and forever a nervous wreck when it comes to presentations, really thankful for J for helping me out a lot!

Finals were a disaster though, questions were relatively similar to our assignment questions, and they were the ones I wasn’t too sure in doing. I did a question totally wrongly and only found out 30 minutes later so I was rushing whatever I could during the final minutes, and my answer turned out wrong anyway LOL. Many found the paper okay so I would say yays to first major screw up in university? HAHA but whatever everything is a learning process.

Final Grade: B. Steep bell curve sealed my fate 😦

ES1102 – English For Academic Purposes

the people who made the mod surprisingly a joy :)

the people who made the mod surprisingly a joy 🙂

GP – D, QET – Band 2. And this is how I ended up in ES1001. WHY AM I SO BAD AT ENGLISH? T.T Thank goodness the timetable for Business students aren’t as packed as compared to students from other faculties, and also that it was a grade-less semester so the burden was slightly alleviated. Still, for a module which was 0 MCs… it was nonetheless a burden LOL. I took up a lot of unnecessary time due to the essays when it could be better used studying for other modules, but then again I wanted to just clear this module so it’s a case of do it once, do it well.

Our teacher for the module was Ms Sri, and she really was very chill and relaxed. Although like I said the module was a burden, Ms Sri really made it much more bearable. Maybe it’s just because of the fact that her lessons always ends at least 30 minutes earlier HAHA.  My fellow classmates JQ and GW were also in this module shithole with me HAHA. I cannot comprehend how those two ended up here with me, both of them really spoil market in terms of presentations and class participation. Still, I’m happy that I wasn’t alone taking this module, otherwise I would have just died of loneliness haha.

The finals was something similar to the QET, and given that during the whole semester we were covering globalization, most of us thought that globalization would come out. Instead, the topic SINGLISH came out. I was like “why Ms Sri why did you do this to us.” But everything went well and the 3 of us passed the module. Overall, the mod was not as bad as I thought it would be, which was nice but still GOODBYE ENGLISH TEEHEE

Final Grade: A-

GEK1505 – Living with Mathematics

During the first round of bidding, I wanted to take GEM2900, which was a statistics module and statistics is something I’m quite confident in doing. I didn’t want to waste too much points in my account as I wanted to save up to bid for Korean 2, so I bid 100 points which I thought was enough. Winning bid was 103 points LOL *faints*. In the end I went for this similar Math module which I got for only 1 point. It was more of Olympiad Math, so it wasn’t as straightforward as stats and those who didn’t like Math wouldn’t really enjoy this module.

Grading was 30% Mid-Terms, 70% Finals. 1 A4 cheat sheet (double-sided) allowed for each exam. Mid-terms were quite hard so the bell curve wasn’t that steep. Talking about the bell curve, be mentally prepared to be competing against PRCs, seriously this module is like Chinatown. That’s the only big downside of the module IMO.

The timing of the lectures are really late: Monday + Wednesday 6-8pm, but there are webcasts so lazy me who tried to go for lectures slowly ended up in webcasts mode. Workload for this module is really light; I didn’t touch this module for a few weeks and managed to catch up in a few days. My tutorial was at Science so if I knew how to do the tutorial, I would just skip it as attendance wasn’t taken anyway.

Finals was easier than expected, although there was 1-2 questions which were completely undoable LOL. I had more than enough space for my cheat sheet so I felt that I did the best that I could for finals. I didn’t spend a lot of time on this module as compared to my core modules so again, pleasantly surprised and happy with my final grade. I would recommend this module to people who has an interest and are somewhat good in Maths, otherwise it isn’t worth to take it.

Final Grade: A-

MNO1001 – Management and Organisation

Team F with Prof Wu!

Team F with Prof Wu!

Most chill module I took this semester in terms of workload. That was absolutely nothing you need to prepare for before lessons unlike biz law, everything was CA and there was no finals. The grading was: 30% Individual Presentation, 30% Group Presentation, 30% Class Participation and 10% Subject Pool.

*RANDOM RANT* The most disappointing and saddening incident for the semester happened during the mod. I cemented my position as a ‘question whore’ in the class, and to be honest I don’t see the reason why people aren’t asking questions. The whole module is so fluff that you can crap any question out. Sometimes I even give JY and MW questions to let them ask and give them the chance to class part, yes I am that active when it comes to asking questions. I always see it as a win-win situation: I get my class part for asking a question, you look good for answering the question well. It was never my intention to kill people, unlike some who ask really hard or irrelevant questions and stump their fellow classmates.

During one of the Q&As, my question got shot back SO FREAKING HARD, and to be honest I felt really awful afterwards. Okay it wasn’t me who asked the question directly, but because of this I felt even worse because I was the one who thought of the question and gave JY to ask. I was still asking her whether I should rephrase the question a little because it was a question which was very easily shot back. JY was like “Never mind help them look good”. After the question was asked, XH just bombed me back and questioned her my logic (she was directly at JY, but it was my question so it was my logic). In my mind, I was thinking like “I fucking knew this would happen”, and whispered the same thing to JY (without the vulgarity of course haha). Okays I know sometimes the question I ask may not be good, but do you have to put it across so rudely? Maybe I’m being petty, but at that moment it hurt me a hell lot. Okay thanks for making me look bad and making yourself seem so intellectual. sensitive me HAHAHA, indeed 好心没好报. Pretty please let this be the last of ugly scenes I see in Business?

MOVING ON FALALALA, my group mates were CT, MW, C, JY and M. M just went missing throughout the module and dropped the module, so in the end we were left with 5 people. It was the least number possible, considering that some group had 7 members. Somehow, I must say that our group is pretty efficient when it comes to work, we met up very few times as compared to the other groups. When it came to the group presentations, we were one of the funnier groups since we decided that if we couldn’t win in terms of content, we shall try to win in terms of entertainment, and I must say we did a good job. 😛 HOWEVER THAT SAID, I don’t think Prof Wu liked my group’s presentation though, her feedback was that our content wasn’t clearly expressed. hence explaining my shitty grade bleh. Ironically, I did the worst in the module where I liked my group mates the most, so sad right. Prof Wu is one who is too nice and forever giving positive comments to everyone. If we base our grade on her comments, everyone is going to get As LOL. Given my level of class participation, you could say that my grade was pretty disappointing, guessing that I really screwed up my presentations. So if you like to do presentations, this is your mod! Other than that, there’s this inside joke where the PSI in the class is always high because everyone is smoking about HAHA.

Final grade: B-


CAP (after 3 S/U): 4.50

Without the free S/Us, my CAP would have been just 3.8, so yays to grade-less first semester indeed! The main problem that people face is whether to keep their B+, and fortunately I didn’t have any B+ so the decisions were made simpler for me. My 2 cents on whether you want to keep your B+ is to look at the big picture (I told this to everyone who asked me the same question): What is your final aim? Because everyone has different goals: Some want first class, some want second upper, some just want to graduate. Like I said before, the grade-less semester is to let you get a feel of where you stand among the cohort and see how well you can manage studies and everything else. I would say I did a far from stellar job, so there is way more room for improvement for myself and without the free S/Us in Semester 2, things can get scary. A lot of people says that the reason some of us didn’t do as well as we did was because of the grade-less system, but IMO I didn’t really change much in terms of my studying; it just relieves the pressure. Fortunately, Business students can carry forward a maximum of 2 S/Us based on how many S/Us you used in Semester 2, so I still have a slight protection in terms of my CAP. Nonetheless, now I know where my strengths and weaknesses are, it’s time to work doubly hard and really do my best for the next semester. FIGHTING! :))