Second and third time’s a charm

This is going to be a quick one regarding the stuff which has happened to me during the end of year, mainly regarding my 2nd 10km run and my 3rd time seeing SNSD performing live. Yet another 1 of those posts which I have dragged for quite a while, but I thought it would be a little abrupt to suddenly review my whole year without covering these activities, and the 2 mentioned activities were what I were looking forward to end the year on a high note. Throughout this whole year, I would have loved to posted more here (not only regarding my life, much more broader topics), but I can only do this much with the time I have. So by chronological order, I would cover SMTown Singapore 2012, followed by the Standard Chartered Marathon 2012.



The 9 Angels ❤


(Warning: Fanboy post ahead >.<) When I heard SMTown was coming to Singapore, immediately the fanboy in me burst out and I was like: “OMGOMGOMG must go!”. But as time passes, there were several factors which made it tricky if I could attend the concert. The main problem was cost, along with the problem that it was held on a Friday night so I may not be able to book out to catch the concert in time. When thinking through about my decision, SMTown is like the SNSD concert last year, I would never know if I would get another chance to experience an SMTown concert again, so what the heck, YOLO 1 more chance to see the 9 angels live!! Fortunately, my army schedule now is very flexible and not unpredictable so I took half day-off to make sure I would get to the place on time. Another factor which made me decide to go to SMTown is that it was held at the outdoor Marina Platform, which would bring a new experience in watching a concert. It’s also the same place where I passed out from BMT 4 months ago, and it was part of the running route next week for Standard Chartered at that point of time, so the place holds a small place in my heart since many things has happened to me on that platform. Moving on to the concert, although I was a SONE, I really enjoyed most of the other songs which the other SM groups performed (but of course I still cheered the loudest during any SNSD songs). Although you see the many different fan groups supporting their respective bias, the Shawols, the ELFs, the Cassiopeias, seing all the different fan lights waving around the stage, all of us enjoyed the songs belted out by every single artist that day. It’s no wonder people say that music is a universal language, and during the day itself, I could feel the chills down the body as I enjoyed song after song. The atmosphere was so high that all the people camping at the Helix Bridge could feel it around the concert. I never expected myself grooving to the beat of Sorry Sorry and Mirotic, screaming out the fan chants as well. Of course I would have loved to see SNSD sing more songs, but 4 hours of concert was well enough. And yes, the 9 girls were ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Everytime SNSD comes out to perform a song, I go into full SONE mode and cheer my lungs out and when it goes back to other artists, I go back to my seat and just enjoy the song, okay I’m too biased haha… Braving through the rain and stomache (never spam cookhouse food bleh…), it was an awesome experience and the day after, the feelings of the concert withdrawal crept in again. Not forgetting the fact that I got to hear Tiffany say “SINGAPORE, PUT IT BACK ON!”. Imagine the fanboy in exploding when I heard Tiffany say that, I probably screamed more throughout the concert than my sister. C’mon 2013, I need a SNSD concert pleaseeeeeeee!!



My target next year!


Now to the Standard Chartered Marathon 2012 a week after… Originally I missed the registration and was going to give it a miss, but coincidentally my sister had to pull out of the run since during the period my family was flying to Taiwan, so I took her place instead in the run. As compared to the previous run, I did close to zero specific training for the event, other than 3 10km runs and 5km live runs every Tuesday and Thursday in camp. For this run, I was better equipped since I ran before 10km so I knew what to do and not to do. On the day itself, it felt quite cool to board an MRT train full of runners who are all gearing up for the run later. Being such an big event, the atmosphere was there and the run was enjoyable despite the large crowd hogging the start point. Although there was a considerable number of people who were ahead of me, there were even more behind me just walking the whole run (not sure if they were just enjoying the run or just lazy…). It was a enjoyable run since the location was central and I got to run pass the Marina Platform (yet again!), and there were many supporters whom cheered on, which spurred me on at times of tiredness. Although I ran only 1 minute faster than my previous run a fews week back, the run felt much better as I paced myself better even though I could feel that my body wasn’t really up to the task during the day itself. After the run, I rewarded myself with a filling MOS Burger meal and returned home in my Spiritus T-shirt and FBT shorts (which brings out the most of my long legs HAHA :P). So that was my last run in 2012, with many more to go in 2013. Got 1 10km run at NUS in around 2 weeks, can’t wait! I would be going for 1 or 2 more 10km runs before trying a half-marathon and ultimately a full marathon. Target for NUS run: <55 mins!!

And so how I spent my last days of 2012? Rotting my days in camp, meeting and feasting with my friends, went to my batch’s SCS POP, some reflection and rethinking of what has happened to me for this year, and a whole lot of slacking in front of my computer watching random videos on YouTube during block leave. To wrap it all up, the apocalypse didn’t happen!!! So I didn’t die young and there’s still much to do with the years ahead of me. Not to mention that I’m finally getting my SNSD comeback! 3 MORE DARS RAWR!!!



seohyun saranghae~~~


Inspirational stories behind the WSOP 2012 Main Event Final Table

The Last 9 Standing~

Sometimes it gets a little tiring to be constantly writing things that revolve around my life, so I decide to take some time off writing about myself and instead, share some inspirational stories that I found from the least expected source, poker. Being a casual poker player myself, I always enjoyed seeing players make those tough lay downs or insane well-timed bluffs. So you can imagine the enlightenment I found when I saw players with such diverse backgrounds, each have gone through a hard period in their lives and somehow with a bit of luck, made it to the pinnacle to all poker events that every poker player dreamed to be sitting, the Main Event Final Table. So here are 3 pplayers from the final 9 which I learnt a little from NOT about poker, but rather how to live your life.

It’s hard to find a balance between work and health, and most of the time, people put work over their own health as their main priority. Just a year ago, Michael Esposito was the typical American, overweight and a heavy smoker. As expected, he felt lethargic and somehow one day, he told himself that enough was enough, and decided that he wanted a change in his unhealthy lifestyle. He started to train up for one of the most physically-demanding activities out there: triathlons. There wasn’t any drastic change in his life, he just started training early in the morning before work and trained again after work. With this everyday routine of biking, swimming, running and going to the gym nearly everyday, Esposito dropped 35 pounds and felt like he just got a new body again. At many times when you are facing a problem, most of us would just whine and complain about it. There are 2 options: Either you feel miserable for yourself about it or you go do something to change it. In Esposito’s case, he knew he was living an unhealthy lifestyle and so he decided to go out and do something to change that lifestyle of his, and he never looked back. It’s difficult at the start and this period is the hardest since it’s the transition, and it’s even harder to put your thoughts into actions because sometimes, your mind and body tells you that you can’t do it. Here’s the thing, you CAN do it. It’s just a matter of effort and determination. Just remember in life, you always have 2 options: Leave things the way it is and feel all shitty about it, or do something to change it. It may be difficult at the start, but at the end it would be worth it.

The second guy whom caught my attention was the youngest player on the table, Jake Balsiger. He too has an interesting backstory behind his poker career, recovering from a horrendous crash accident while riding his bike in campus just 14 months ago. To have something that devastating happened to you at such a young age can kill you mentally. Jake cracked his skull, shattered his right arm, and had to drop out of the school semester to recover fully, both physically and mentally. As much as he wanted to recover ASAP, there was nothing much you could do and he took 9 months to get back to being the person he used to be. For him, it was a weird experience as it was like putting back the lost pieces of puzzle back into his life, and getting back his personality which moulded his new phase in life. A perfect quote to describe this incident would be this one from my all-time favourite guy, Randy Pausch.

We cannot change the cards we are dealt, just how we play the hand.

Not everything in our life is under our control, so what do we do to the things that are out of your control? In my opinion, there are also 2 options:  You let the thing define you and control you instead, or you adapt to it and work with what you have. What makes life such a meaningful journey is that you are constantly learning, through the challenges you face and how you overcome them. It’s the tough times that helps put everything into perspective. Jake has learned to embrace all that life has to offered to him, and it’s that experience that would help him a lot heading into the biggest moment of his poker life. On the poker table, you can tell that Jake is just enjoying the moment, and you can’t help but love his smile. He didn’t let it go to the top of his head, and is deserving of the 3rd place finish he achieved at the Final Table among the table of sharks.

Lastly, we have our main event champion, Greg Merson, who proudly declared that his passion for poker is the reason that he is still alive. Referred to as a beast by Big One by One Drop winner Antonio Esfandiari, Greg dominated the table after gaining the chip lead and never looked back.  Being a straight-A student from sixth grade until high school, Greg suddenly started taking drugs and his life went on a free fall. When he didn’t have enough money to fuel his addiction, he turned to his hobby, poker, to pay for his drugs. By the second semester of university, Greg fell to a absurd 1.1 GPA with his health deteriorating. After getting clean through counseling sessions, Greg dropped out of college to start a professional poker career. After much success in poker with a 6-figure income, just last year, he relapsed and his life went for another free fall yet again. Like anyone facing any problem, Greg could count on 3 things: his family, his friends and his passion; poker. After almost a year, Greg detoxed himself got his life back together, got into yoga to relax himself from the stress of poker. And this is where he started his monster streak, picking up 2 bracelets as well as the 2012 Player of The Year award. It’s no surprise why he cried after winning those events. Greg went through a whole lot, overcoming his marijuana and cocaine addictions, and being able to sit on that final table challenging for the coveted bracelet, learning much from all the challenges he faced. Greg turned his life around literally and only at age 25, he still has a long road ahead for him, but one which has been paved for him…


And that’s a wrap for the WSOP 2012 Main Event Final Table~

It’s good to be alive! Life after A’s

It’s the new year, and for the first time in my 18 years, I do not need to go to school. Whew joy to the world! After being finally released (temporary) from the education system and given a load of free time, I really finally had the time to just relax, look at the ceiling (LOL) and have nothing to worry about. Most people I know have a job during the holidays, but I just choose to slack my remaining days off and really, REALLY, enjoy life to the max, and just do the many things I wanted and love to do when I didn’t have the time to do last year. During the 2 years in Senior High, most of my time was spent on “closet-mugging” and I didn’t really get to do much, maybe except during the holidays in Year 5 and the beginning of Year 5 where I just slacked too, but back then studies was still my top priority. One K-drama I could relate back to would be Scent Of A Woman, where the lead basically got only a few months to live and lived her life to the fullest after years of hardship. (ok you can’t say 2 years of SH life is exactly hardship, and I don’t literally have a few weeks to live, just using a metaphor).

It’s the new year, but basically nothing changes

After A’s, I have 3 months of free time to do all the stuff I wanted to do. Fortunately, I worked out the stuff I wanted to do before and during the A Level period, and I don’t necessarily have to complete my list before I head for enlistment, just enjoy the process while doing it. I previously wrote about going to MAMA and SNSD concert, which was basically the top 2 stuff I wanted to do Korean-related after the As. Actually going to either 1 of those would have been sufficient, but although the tickets were expensive, it was really fun to have gone all to those (no need for the details). I also wanted to go to Korea, but if I wanted to go Korea, I had to miss the SNSD concert. Any dumbass would have gone to Korea, but c’mon, going to a SNSD concert was literally a once-in-a-lifetime chance to see them perform all their songs. I saw them once live in MAMA already, but one song was definitely not enough :O. I don’t know if they would return to Singapore again, and even if they do, I could be stuck in the army. By the time I have enough money to go to Korea, they might have retired or gone inactive already. How could I say no? Well, maybe next time for Korea, since it’s going to be there forever and I would always have the chance to go there once I have the time and money. Heck, I could go there for an exchange program during university. There are many other opportunities out there, no point crying over one. Instead, I went to Taipei and did the same stuff again. Eat, shop, eat, visit relatives, eat, walk around, eat. I gained 3kg itself from the 1-week trip itself (mother of god), but it was nice to see my relatives in Taipei, which I didn’t see for close to 2 years. Went to see some distant relatives for the 1st time as well, which was kind of interesting because you are meeting people who are living in really different environments. The stronger family bond is evident, which is heartwarming to see, but we do have our similarities, such as our constant usage of our phones and my female cousins having a sweet tooth (just like my sis). I missed the year-end prom AND class trip to Thailand just for this trip, but no matter what, family comes first. I never really thought about how hard is it for my mom to be only able to her mom (which is my grandma) once every year or two, BASED on me and my sister’s schedule. If I can’t go to Korea, Taiwan would be the second best thing. I wanted to travel at least once outside of Singapore during the 3 month break, since Singapore to me is really a concrete jungle, and even the sunset is like a rare scene for me here.

me goofing around with my sis with one of our SUPER RARE zi pai attempts LOL

Other than attending Korean-related events, I also got to do many other stuff related to it. I watched tons of drama, some at a slow pace, but some at disgustingly fast speed (I finished Scent Of a Woman in 2 days and Protect The Boss in 3 days). After the new year arrived, I went back and continued learning Korean, which I stopped for a while during Year 5 in order to focus on studies. Most of my friends think I study Korean just for my love for SNSD, which is true ONLY to a certain extent (lol self-denial). I really like the Korean culture, which I learnt from Korean documentaries and dramas and there is many things about Korea which are intriguing and tend to be forgotten, from other genres of Korean music to the culture and even the food. This includes myself, who can’t seem to stop idolizing SNSD until it gets to the point of being annoying, but I would say I’m not so into K-pop and the Korean wave as compared to perhaps 2 years ago. I don’t go on Soshified everyday or listen to K-pop everyday lol. But still as I stated before, I would support those 9 girls all the way! Many tend to forget or don’t even know the hard work these idols put into their debut. Although I don’t like all the K-pop groups, I do have respect for all of them, given the years of dedication they put into their work and practice, along with the ability for them to survive the wrath of the many kinds of fans. Other than that, I do fan subs, which after going through the process itself, realize how tiring the process is. Dramas are much easier, but imagine a group of people talking to each other in a variety show, and not to mention the captions. But all of these I’m just taking it as an experience and take that I’m helping the community, as well as the subbing groups who 100% do it for the fans (unlike some which do for the fans)

9 angels ❤

Other than that, there are many things I’ve done. Sometimes, I would just sit down and play the guitar, while singing out songs at the balcony by myself. Although there isn’t a beautiful view or something (all I see is the PIE lol), it feels great with the silent night and night breeze blowing at you. I also do go exercise on a more regular basis, such as going to the gym or go for a run. Running around the Kembangan track really feels good, and it really helps you clear your mind and worries (things just feel so awesome when done at night). Having a healthy body really makes you feel good. You don’t really need to have a killer figure, just one which is healthy. I also started to read books, which kinda reminded me of my Primary School days which I read every single Roald Dahl book. Having school means I just couldn’t find the time to read books, but now I do haha. I always imagined myself to be at a Starbucks, sipping at hot coffee while reading a book, which I get to do now! Last year, I go there and study, while getting chased at times, but now no such thing happens! Enjoying the rich coffee smell, sitting on the dimly lit shop on a couch and just read a book. I should be out with a job and earning money, but I’ve been doing the opposite and blowing money instead, which makes me feel like a lazy pig. (writes note: must find job after NS)

Of course, I do go out with friends (I do not stay at home all day okay -_-). Like what Terence said, friends are REALLY important. When you have no one to turn to, you can always turn to your friends. It’s always nice to meet friends after school ended, from 4F to 24 to any one I’ve met during my 6 years in DHS. Although there was no 4F or 24 chalet (lazy me…), there were many outings between both class and guys that I went, and it’s just feels really good to just sit down, chill, relax and chat about stuff. I also (like 18 months haha) finally got to clear something off my head through HTHT haha, so it’s all good. Most of the guys are enlisting in like a few days, and I really wanted to spend more time with them, but all of us have to go serve our nation, sooner and later. During my break, I really got to spend good time together, from cocking around, going to the gym, eating together, talking to each other about life, and many other things. I would really miss the school times we spent together, and hopefully all of us can keep in touch (which I’m sure we would). Especially for someone like me which is incredibly shy, it’s really rare to find such great friends, and I feel fortunate to have such friends and could not have asked for better. This reminded me of Tiffany, whom I respect a lot for being so mentally strong, despite her mom passing way when she was at a young age.

Mom, you left this world before I have, but you gave me 8 sisters.

*bows back*

In all, there are many other things that I wanted to do (really learn drumming, travelling around, jamming with the guys, etc.), but I’m already satisfied. You always take things for granted, even to the simplest stuff such as having a house to live in, or to have both of your parents etc. Nearly every year, as I look back, I really feel like I’ve grown a lot and matured. Let’s hope this trend goes on and I can improve on myself and become a better person in the future!

Hoping the year 2012 would be a good one for all! And it’s good to be alive~

P.S. I got my inspiration to write this long, long note from 艾莉絲, whom recently got married. Randomly hopped on her blog and got the inspiration from there haha. Time really flies, 2 years ago I was watching her hosting tian cai chong chong chong and now she’s married >.<

glad she got her perfect wedding haha

Tutorials > All

My mind is currently blank. But still, I would like to write this post as a source of inspiration for the future and something I can refer back to in the future.

One senior told me, tutorials are the most important things to do. Don’t lack behind, and it’s a must to do them. I’m trying a new approach of chionging my tutorials, and in some sense it’s working. I’m way ahead in Maths, somehow ahead in Chemistry (because my teacher is soooooo slow) and ok with Economics (especially when your teacher don’t go through much). I find myself trying too much at times, but I’m guess that’s necessary if you want to do well. These few days I’m questioning myself, how badly do I want my As? But more importantly, how much am I willing to put in for those grades? I badly want those As, but I question if I have the ability to get them. Sometimes, your best isn’t good enough, but that does not mean that you should just slack, which I am guilty of these days.

So what for Term 2? I was low on morale these past days, no thanks to the 사랑니 (love tooth), better known as wisdom tooth. What an irony. I haven’t had good sleep in a while, and I go to school all tired and can’t do anything productive. However, the ‘closet mugger’ (lol) sense in me naturally came back and I started to pick myself up. I now believe that I’m a stronger person already, and it’s been only a week. From now, I won’t care about all the negatives around me, because as I said before but somehow I can’t apply, it’s just not worth the time. If they fuck around, let them be. I want my As, and I will willing go to the other side of the canteen or the library and mug myself for two and a half hours. (Geez, I think I’m repeating the same stuff all over and over again…)

Now I know that I’m no more at the bottom, I’ll have to slowly work to the top. You must realize that the people at the top are probably putting in more effort than you, so not only you must match it, you must put in more effort than the ridiculous amount of effort that they are putting in. My guitar instructor told us that you must make yourself so good that no one can catch up with you. I’m living by that rule now: Making sure that no one at the bottom can catch up with you, and putting in endless effort to push yourself to the top. Time is absolutely important, so you can’t waste any minute of it. For any time you slack, you are giving people to catch up to you. Don’t give them even a little bit of chance to get up.

Lol this post is kinda quite moody and not really happy. I’ll try to write when I’m happier next time haha. Won’t be so active here, maybe after SYF or something, but I’ll surely be still here. At the meantime, this is one the most incredible live performance I’ve seen in a while. Love every second of it, from the instrumental to the backup vocals to Justin Timberlake =D

The reason I love guitar <3

So why did you make the choice a year ago…

After today, I can dare say I never regretted making that choice. Sure, it’s been tough, especially for the next few weeks, but like I said, absolutely, 100% no regrets.

Although I always get niao-ed about not practicing or being called for having a name similar to Coke (lol whut?), I don’t mind it because frankly, I deserve the criticism and I have this tendency to choke hardly when I’m nervous. But, I cannot stand it if someone question’s your determination, your passion. Not sure which words would be more appropriate to use here, but you get the jizz of it. If you aren’t going to help the cause, then stop adding fuel to the fire. Why did I join Guitar? Because I fucking love it. I love how you can play almost any song with 4 simple chords, and I love the emotions that songs played by the guitar that can bring out, which strangely other instruments can’t bring out. I always love to hear acoustic covers of songs on my iPad. It’s light on the ears, but yet it sound so awesome. Bring in a few simple percussion beats and it’s complete. I just have this preference with guitar over piano. Maybe because pianos are getting too common and boring.

Today in the SYF Exchange, I truly learnt how music is a universal language. Seeing how schools play completely different genres of songs on the guitar, it broadened my perspective of classical songs. Although the ensemble probably don’t know each other well, but on the stage, everything just comes naturally together and we let our guitars do the talking. On paper, the songs sound excellent but what many people don’t see is the countless hours of practice behind it. The more passion you have, the easier and more natural the practice feels. It kinda feels like me practicing the drums before CenterStage. Although I was playing on a plastic drum set on Wii, the songs naturally came in and when you are engrossed in something music, you generally lost track of time, because you are doing what you love.

If I didn’t join Guitar, I wouldn’t have know that I could actually play a musical instrument. I kinda brought back my love for drums years ago as well. It taught me how to be confident, especially when 800 pairs of eyes are on you at that moment. Revolution would not be part of my life, and music would be nothing else but something which I listen on my iPod Touch. When music communicates, it just seems to have the ability to bring people together. Love those random jamming sessions in the guitar room or even on the bus, you just need someone on the guitar and everyone just seems to sing along (especially someone like me who is shy finds myself sing along, even when I sound horrible =o). This journey seems to be heading for an end soon, but it would be just the beginning, and I would definitely continue if I somehow manage to get into NUS, haha.

I’m bushed from the 3 days of guitar. I’ll need to catch up on my work, starting by visiting my beloved Starbucks next thing tomorrow morning. Until then, two things in life again, studies and guitar. I’ll do 1 more post before the school holidays ends. Posting here is getting addictive… =D

No more fooling around

Another post for the end of Term 1. Thank God it’s Friday, but this holidays are quite packed as well, again so much things to do, yet so little time. It’s supposedly the holidays, but why are there so many things on? Life’s going to knock you hard at times, and you just have to stand up.

Not really happy with my performance this term. Why? Because I know I’m not trying my best, and it is reflecting on my results. I get easily demoralized when I do bad, and I should be using this to push forward or not sit back and ponder on it. The negative influence I have been getting isn’t helping much, but no excuses. I will do better, and mug the fuck out of myself. I’m not really using much vulgarities now as compared to before, but I’m fucking serious. A’s may seen like 8 months away, but time flies, and you gotta use every minute of it. If others don’t take it seriously, just let them play a fool out of themselves. Mugging a few hours won’t prove anything, it’s consistent mugging which matters, and making sure every concept down to the details are at your fingertip.

A results for the seniors came back, and I kinda feel pressurized. They did well and got a holiday for us (which I went out to mug for the first time for a few weeks). Met Mr Yap during the day itself, and he told the guys: “Learn from the success, and don’t repeat from all the failures”. Later, he would express that Dr Foo should have let us see the joys and tears of our seniors, which I strongly agree. Sometimes, you need to see the end-result to have a clear goal. Do you want to be the one hugging someone for joy, or crying on someone’s shoulder? The next two terms would be absolutely crucial, and I will make sure I’ll push myself to the limits, even if it kills me. Ok maybe note, health always come first.

To assist myself to achieve this seemingly impossible goal, I will list 5 major things I will do:

1. Stop using the computer
2. Stop watching Korean Dramas
3. Stop surfing Facebook during school
4. Stop playing Monopoly Deal and use all my free period wisely
5. Stop whining about the small obstacles in life

Notice that all of them are ‘stops’ instead of ‘starts’, but I believe that once I achieve these ‘stops’, they would turn naturally to ‘starts’. You can’t achieve instant success, there’s no easy way out. This may seem impossible for a stupid bastard like me, but I will at least try it out. It’s always good to have a go instead of pondering if it is a waste of time, cause even if you fail, it would be a good life lesson. I told myself when I find things impossible to overcome, “If you want a miracle, you need to make one out yourself.”

My CT is worried about my class, and she has every right to do so. As a chairperson, I feel so powerless because I’m not good myself and have no idea on how to help them. She told me to try and push them to work harder, and in certain ways, I can see their effort. Most of them mug harder than me, yet they aren’t producing the results they want. Life’s a bitch at times, and you don’t reap what you put in. Ahhhhhhhhhh as I type this, I feel so flustered, maybe because I am in no position to be venting about my class. Hopefully, my class would finally get the results they deserve and push themselves out of the bottom. Typing this paragraph is giving me the sighs, I don’t even have the time to worry for myself, but classmates are classmates, you want them to do well. Lets go 6C24 (Even though no one knows of this blog. LOL) Fighting!

I’ll set a few goals for myself for CTs, too early to set goals for A’s, and CTs would be a good gauge for the Prelims. Take it one step at a time, so here goes:

H1 Geog: B
H1 GP: D
H2 Chem: B
H2 Econs: B
H2 Maths: A

Seems unrealistic right? Especially the Chemistry and Econs grades, B’s? I’m setting myself hard goals which are not impossible to achieve. If I was crazy enough, I would be aiming straight A’s. So, I will work towards this grades, and I will put my wants into actions. I know that the school will back me up, so all I have to do is put in the effort. Easier said than done, but I will try.

Why am I still here? I’ll probably post less here, maybe write some GP stuff here or something, lols. Let’s go do some mugging!

I did it

I’m supposed to do my PW script now, but I have absolutely no mood to do it, so I’m here typing another random post. Surprisingly I have something positive to write about, guess that’s a good change.

Got back my results a while back. Managed to pass Chemistry and GP. Kinda flunked Geography, could have gotten a B if I read the questions more carefully. That aside, loved that I got my Maths sense. When Mr Ng called out my name as the top improved student for Maths, I was shocked. I would never expect myself to improve so much. +43, rofl. That kinda ‘spoiler’ my results since I knew my previous marks, but I was just happy that I improved so much. When I got back home and see my results again, I was just relieved that all those mugging paid off. Got a C for Economics, wasn’t really happy, but taking into account that a C was top 35% of the cohort and that I was the bottom 10% of the cohort during CTs, it’s another big jump. Pretty satisfied for this Promos, just gotta keep it up till A’s. sigh. fighting!

So exams are over, finally some breathing space. Like real, because something shitty called Project Work decided to make its appearance. To be honest, I kinda enjoyed my mugging experience. Sure it was horrendous, but it’s surely better than PW. God what a useless subject, 3 more weeks, and it would be over. Other than that, have been slacking around quite a bit, practicing the new SYF song (dreading the schedule, thank god I didn’t go the Japan trip), played a few rounds of dota, and of course watching some SNSD videos! Getting a HD Media Player was one of the best decisions I made, damn HD videos look fine.

Lol as I was typing this, I’m watching TMYW, have no idea why I’m not sick of this performance after 1 year… Kinda miss the concept, everyone looked great, I could go on and ‘fanboy’ all over it. So anyway, I can’t wait for the 3rd mini album to come out! Kinda mixed reactions with the new concepts, but my god Taeyeon looks like a completely different person.

Better get back to PW. Lazy to add captions for the pictures. I chose that specific pic of Taeyeon during Genie promotions. Anyway, just a small reminder for myself for the rest of my a level journey

Hell yeah, I did it.