Holiday… madness?

It’s been 2 and a half weeks since I came back from Taiwan. Life’s boring now, and I still have around 1 month to enjoy this ‘holiday’. After that, 2 years of torture for A levels, and when you thought its over. Nah, say hello to another 2 years of National Service. So right now is it holiday fun or holiday boredom?

As you see, I changed my layout again, wanted to put a custom banner for my blog, and was thinking of what to do. Only 1 obvious answer came up to my head, “SNSD”!!!. Lol, the pictures is from SPAO shootout if you are interested, and I photoshopped it. The Guardian is genie font, looks familar right? Thought it would fit the winter theme. See the snow falling? Haha, since this is the holidays, I should have more time blogging, but I’m getting fucking lazy. I watch TV till 2+ in the morning because I’m lazy to go to my bed. LOL, I’m lazy like that. So what have I been doing? Certainly not work, can’t find a good job. So what else? Staying at home 24/7. Unlike last year’s holidays, I did something more meaningful this year. Firstly, I’m now a translator at strongheartsubs, you’ll see my name at episode 5 lol. Strong Heart is a very nice talk show, you get to know a lot more about celebrities and their touching stories. I just don’t like that how some episodes focus on a few guests. Ep 1 was GD and Seung Ri, Ep 2 was 2NE1… and a story about a guy being mauled by a tiger lost to a story about reducing the time 2NE1 can get boyfriends (seriously wtf?). I have been also self-learning korean. LOL, but the only phrase i remember is that Hello is anneyo haseyo and coffee is kopi. Other than that, nothing much in my boring life. I still dota, mousehunt, go to guitar every Tuesday, watch SNSD videos, and some 2D1N episodes. 2 Day 1 Night is a damn funny show, I recommend those who like to see guys play and fight while seeing the beatiful sights of South Korea. It’s like a 2 in 1 show for me, so it’s very nice. Subbing is a VERY tedious process, especially all the bloody captions. Now I know why soshified takes so long to come out subbed videos. Credits to them!

6 guys on a 2 day 1 night vacation. what can you expect?

So what next for Guardian? Not much, maybe meet up with some of the 4F guys, play with some photoshop, some more dota (no more 6.64 pls), more SNSD, more korean, practise my guitar, and wait for the crude 2010 to come. By the way, what’s so nice about a new year? I don’t get why people waste so much money on parties to celebrate 1st January of every year. Gratz, you lived another year in this fucking screwed up life…

Time for me to go watch Liverpool vs Arsenal. Haha

Taeyeon in Strong Heart = Double win ^o^

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