Guardian Will Be Back I


Quick Update on My Baby Bishop.

Currently Stuck on lvl143, but got free 2x + spare A-Cash = Chiong?
Very busy, got a lot of homework, so must try to prioritise! Homework 1st for today. Finally got MS running, great to see stan, lucy and poonit. Liverpool FTW! hope to reach 147 lol, so this is my little update on my bishop.

Next Update: The ‘My MS Story’ which has been rotting for very long.


Quick Update

Really quick update.

Did finish some of the linking using blogroll, decided to drop the idea of creating a banner as I won’t have Photoshop that soon. Doesn’t really look nice with default blogroll, may edit it using HTML and text widget if I have the time. Meanwhile for those who want to be linked, MSN me or leave a comment.

And i got my sexy own iPod Touch, thanks to my dad for giving me his iTouch. 2nd Gen has no really big diff, just cannot Jailbreak (what’s so good about jailbreak anyway =.=”)