To the future we go

It has been roughly 2 months since results day, this post should have been out way earlier, but I haven’t really had the time to sit down and write/type it out. This is just going to be my thoughts regarding my A Level journeys and everything else, what went right for me and the future installed for me.

me with my class ๐Ÿ™‚

Got to school, got my results, the end. That’s is basically a summary of what happened that day. Everyone in the school (as expected) did well, we had 90+ people getting 6As and above, which gives them a passport whatever course their heart desires. What I was more worried about are the rest of the 300 of us, can we get into the course of our choice? Or even worse, can we even get into any local university? Flashing back to what Mr Yap said to us a year ago, would we be crying tears of joy or tears of sorrow and regret? The wait to receive our results was so fucking bad, totally feel like shit during that moment. How would my 2 years of studying come out? All of these questions would be answered once I see those letters on that piece of paper…

So what was the end results? 3 words: Totally worth it. Of course, it could have been better, but I’m satisfied and happy, that is all that matters. Those mugging sessions in the school library, Starbucks, NLB, Subway, have not gone to waste! It also felt great to see all your effort paid off in the end. I supposed all the things I previously told myself really helped: the positive mindset, the constant hard work, the never-say-die attitude. Being “academically-challenged” for 4 years doesn’t mean that you have to be the same for the next 2 years. I still recall an assembly talk which showed statistics correlating GPA and A level results, well sorry but I didn’t see myself getting bad results since I had a lousy GPA. To those who think they aren’t “meant for studies”, don’t believe in those bullshit. People are “smart” for a reason, they study and put in the work, it’s just that simple. If you claim you study but still can’t get results, review your methods. Studying while talking to someone won’t help you absorb much, so there is always something out there where you can improve in. The most important thing is not to give up, never give up. Although you may feel down at times, just think how badly you want it, cause if you do, you willย definitely work for it.

Here, I really have to thank the teachers who have helped me immensely throughout those 2 years: Mr Ng Hao Jin, whom I give full credit for saving my maths when I was at my worst and re-instilling my long lost passion in maths. My chemistry tuition teacher Chris, who although may not be the most knowledgeable, but always puts in the effort in preparing questions despite having another job. My economics tuition teachers Mr “Sean Pang” and Mr Gilbert Lee, one which gave me the foundation and another who probably vomitted marking my essays :x. And Mdm Koh Li Keng, who helped me at the final stretch of the As, even though I wasn’t her student which made me twice as grateful. I feel awfully sorry to Mr Augustine Chan for my below-par GP grade, who always comes up with interesting acronyms to help his students in GP.

And that’s for me, but what about the others? Some of them did well, got close to the 6As needed to stand on stage. Some did worse than expected, but good enough for most universities. And there are the others, whom I’m really worried about: those who may not even be able to go to a university, or go to courses not even close to their preference. It’s really frustrating to see people whom you know studied hard, but the results did not show on that goddamn freaking piece of paper. Some of them are your close friends, but you can’t do anything but say: “It’s going to be alright”, which doesn’t really help, which leads me to the post A-level days…ย The most surprising thing that happened the day after results day is that a teacher, whom I didn’t expect at all, called me. She congratulated me for my results, and lead to the discussion of my class, where some did not do well. She told me to do something for them to comfort them etc, which at that point of time I didn’t really care, but I don’t know why, but in the end I decided to write something for them, kinda like what I write here. I even wrote a draft first before typing it out and posted on Facebook, and what the heck, might as well tag along the 4F guys as well. To be honest, that post doesn’t sound like me at all, because I never really open up in front of my class unlike I do here. But thankfully, I got a positive response from it, even some teachers texted/Fb-message me and told me that they liked the note. What I wanted to say is all in the note, so those who are interested can read the note at the link below

So what is installed for me in the future? Well I got accepted into NUS Faculty of Science :). In the end, I chose interest over “utility”. With my grades, I could have gone into other courses which promised a better future, such as Business or Accountancy, but as I told myself, since I am going to study something for the next 4 years, might as well make it as enjoyable as possible. It always gets tempting to go to a course which seems more “sought-after”, but I think I made the correct decision and went with my heart, rather than just futureย practicability. I would probably have an average salary, but at least I would be doing something I enjoy. Just a little conflicted between Applied Mathematics and Statistics, both have its pros and cons. This leads to another big question mark in my life, what am I going to be in the future? I seriously don’t want to be a maths teacher LOL, but that seems like what most people do with a maths degree. Teaching do seems fun, but not as a profession. Imagine students come find me for consultations and I don’t know how to solve the question.. And how interesting could teaching Maths be? There’s only 1 way to solve it. Let’s just hope that I made the right decision!

So university life let’s go! But that would have to wait till 5 March 2014… Can’t wait to say the word ORD LO!

The last brick wall

Yes, we’re finally on the last lap. Less than a month to the As, and it seems like there was more than 200 days to the As. Well, reality hits hard, and we are always done in the 12 years of education. Haven’t been posting for a while, and I won’t post here till after my A’s, so I will try to make this worthwhile.

Got back prelims, hit my expectations. Surprisingly, I hit my expectations for every subject, even my Maths haha. Exact results will come on Friday, but I know where I stand. Could have enter the 80 marks range if I did a little better in Chemistry and Econs, but now I know my weak areas, no point thinking about it and go straight for the As. Getting a bit cocky now, since I’m slacking, which is the WORST thing to do. To be honest, I didn’t feel like I put in 110% for the prelims, maybe around 80%, but I improved a lot. Got an A in Geography, which I am super happy about, especially when I thought I flunked. Although I told myself to be more optimistic this year, I always think of the worst for my exams, such as fucking up Maths etc. Turns out, I’m doing much better than expected, so that’s a definite plus. I tell myself that I have come a long way since the CTs last year, so slacking now will just put all the effort I put since then into shame. I think I really improved a lot, from someone who shy away from academics to one doing relatively well now. I mean, I’m someone who got a GPA of 2.8 in Year A, but I still vividly remember a screwed up assembly where your projected score for the As has a high correlation with your GPA. Well, take that, cause I don’t see myself flunking in As. HAHA!

There’s only 1 week left in school, and I’m glad I get to leave the god-forsaken school. To be honest, I think I would have been much better off in another class, but that’s bullshit since people like Jiayu and Boon are still owning in academics. I always wanted to positive environment in school, something like what I see in Yong Sheng’s class, but what I see in my class is the exact opposite. If you have the passion in something, doing it would come natural. Ok, it’s 2 am now, so I may just be ranting. I’m dreading the last week of school, can’t you just give me a week off so that I can study in peace? Other than that, I’ve definitely met an awesome group of people.

Nearing to the end point, I kinda lose a little motivation here and there, but I recently gained 2 new insightful ones. One of them would be Steve Jobs. I reviewed one of his talks in Stanford and the famous quote still sticks in my mind. “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish”, is something really applicable now. I sort of follow only the hungry part, but that quote teaches a lot of things. If you want something, you gotta do something unconventional. Now that he recently passed away, he definitely left a legacy behind him. I learnt of his death on my iPod Touch, how ironic. The years of work he left behind would be an inspiration to many, and his actions speak for himself. Never give up, and go for your dream. His passion for Apple was simply amazing, and he would be definitely missed.

My second inspiration now is SNSD’s Seohyun (lol?). My bias used to be Taeyeon, but it’s slowly shifting to Seohyun. I’m just awed at how someone could be so upright and disciplined. Actually, I think she would have been better off as a student, since the idol status is probably stopping her from doing a lot of things, such as pursuing her studies. However, she’s clever to use her idol status into good use and I’m so glad that she got to meet her idol UN Secretary General Ban Ki Moon. In the short of 2 weeks of holiday where I spammed SNSD videos, I learnt how mature of a person she is despite her just being 20. Now, I would try to emulate her style (Kinda) and hopefully get into gear in time for the As.

Probably one of the crappy posts all time, but until then, I will continue to study hard, and of course, no regrets.

ok she’s officially my new bias >.<



This would be my first and last post for September before the EOYs rush. The next time there would be a new post would be mid October after my EOYs. Anyway I’m quite surprised about having so many views taking that less than 10 people know about this blog. having 5000 views in 9 months is quite an achievement for me, taking that I have 500 views a month, that means around 15 views a day. This holidays was supposed to be for me this kind of noob fuck to catch up, turns out I get too distracted easily. Went to Starbucks on Sunday and Thursday to do Maths, was quite productive until I ended up watching videos on my iTouch due to getting bored. Still ordered my usual Mocha Frap, $7 pain but Starbucks condusive for learning, especially being away from my computer *MouseHunt*…

Recently, especially among the guys in 4F, there has been a recent Korean girls craze, and I remembered when wz saw me making a wallpaper of TaeYeon, he MSN-ed me and asked when my taste changed to Korean, how the fuck should I know why? Anyway I think the only 1 chio is SNSD is TaeYeon, the rest okok, but Jun Kai mentioned about watching videos of SNSD, but one bad thing is that it’s Korean, so I have to look for subs. Just pure bad timing to get crazy over them… Hope this craze gets away soon… or else I would start having SNSD videos in my iTouch (I now have 10 videos of them out of 550, 2% of total) My father thinks that they are a bunch of plastic dolls, and I don’t disagree with him lol. But what can I expect from my dad? We are of two different generations, so our taste sure different.

Skip the girls for a while, do something constructive *Peter Chao Style*. There’s less than 3 weeks to the start of EOYs, should have started mugging a long time ago. I rewrote the WHOLE chem notebook, did the Physics paper and some maths, haven’t even touched Geography. I can’t wait for the end of EOYs, and class chalet. To be honest, I’m not really looking forward to all those ”class-bonding activites”, I just wanna have fun with the guys, and I’m not really the enthu type. Many will argue, say what I’m a loner bla bla, but looking at the girls in our class, it’s hard seeing all 33 people having fun, some would surely missed out of the fun. Thinking of it now, it’s seems like you want to do alot of things before the EOYs, but after it ends, you seem to have nothing to do… ahhh FUCK IT!

My stomach’s growling now, time to go to the washroom.

Final Wallpaper jpeg

Who’s That Girl? Part 2 of 2

Just realised I posted 4 days in a row, should do less posting and more work. Bahhhhh!

So Part 2 is up, the actress is also from Taiwan and a ‘part-time’ host of ๆˆ‘็Œœๆˆ‘็Œœๆˆ‘็Œœ็Œœ็Œœ, and I’m NOT DESPO or some NO LIFE person who spends his time all day at the computer. I have lots of life and not interested in a relationship =D.Those who watch ๆˆ‘็Œœๆˆ‘็Œœๆˆ‘็Œœ็Œœ็Œœ every week should at least have seen her once before. The reason I like these two actresses is because their smile is very sweet and nice, quite entertaining as well and not some act-cute bitches.


Well’s that the end, hope you guys enjoyed it (sounded wierd). When I thought of the title, it reminded me of a Hilary Duff song, only liked Come Clean so far, but the acoustic version of ‘Who’s That Girl’ is not bad as well.

And I’m convinced that if you’ll study, you can get results. Got 11/15 for Geog Test, and upgraded Maths Matrices 18/20. I think even Mr Yeo and Mr Yap are surprised that I’m not failing, Mr Yeo gave me the guailan face, Mr Yap asked me not to scream for joy. Don’t get so cocky Nick, there’s still Chem and Physics, the subjects you FAILED during EOYs last year (so demoralising). Will reflect on it some other time.