NBC 2014: Camp Vindico (Day 4) – And we fight!

13 June 2014, 0200 hours… Or I might as well say it as Day 3.9, as we reach towards our last night in NBC. This would be a shorter post as Day 4 was sort of a half day and there was only one event for the day. So let’s go, as we continued previously on NBC 2014: Camp Vindico…

After the end of our SP night activities, Kratos gathered back together to prepare for the final event of the camp, Cheer Fight. Everyone had the shagged face, including the seniors as some of them had to stay in the haunted house rooms with their make-up on and act as ghosts for our games. In the middle  of our meals the days before, the seniors did mention about what this cheer fight was about and how they did it during their year. N was trying to inspire all of us to give it our best as it would feel good on our own part. So what is Cheer Fight? Yet another ala NUS Business Camp tradition, it’s where each OG prepares a combination of cheers which is usually the form of the skit and can be up to 5 minutes. May I present to you Exhibit A, the cheer:


This is the winner of NBC 2012 Cheer Fight, and you can tell that there’s a certain level of standard that you need to be if you want to win. The difficulty of the cheers wan’t that high, the part which really made an impact was how everyone was doing their part and shouting their heart out. If one person wasn’t on par with the rest of the group, it could be seen instantly and spoils the whole cheer. So will Kratos be able to emulate the same cheer? At the heat of the moment, where you just let loose yourself, no one knows so for now, let’s just come up with something and see how it goes. The problem is that no one could think of something unique since most of the cheers we were using throughout the camp are actually quite repeated, we have a small pool of cheers and all of them were short and simple, nothing impressive. Since our OG name is Kratos, we were also trying to come up with some cheers that are related to Kratos, the god of war. The seniors went to fetch our supper, yet again from Ameen’s and it was E’s treat, everyone just devoured the food and this first half an hour wasn’t very condusive as half of us were more focused on the food.  The seniors were all ears during our preparation and helped us take down whatever we were discussing. They also gave us some ideas and opinions on how we could improve on our cheers. I could tell that all 5 of them were freaking shagged and the panda eyes were showing, and C was already losing her voice but still went to find pi pa gao and strepsils for all of us. Gradually, we had quite a number of cheers in hand and the main issue was to link them together. As time flies, our cheer started to form and N started to get excited and thought that we had a decent chance to win if we executed our ideas well. Okay honestly, half of our cheers came from the seniors who had some really good ideas which was linked to our theme. It was just our linking from cheer to cheer which was bad as we were saying 3, 2, 1 and saying that really spoils the whole cheer (but I was too lazy to comment). C was diligently typing out everything on her phone and putting on whatsapp for all of us to read. We started to do our first few dry runs which didn’t went well as everyone was unsure of the sequence and some of the cheers. Given how lupsup our cheers have been during the whole camp, it’s no surprise that we had a few of them also as well in our cheers. So it was just more discussing and practicing and I lost track of time and just wanted to do our best and go back to sleep (Sleep is important kay!)

We did our last dry run at the LT which was empty and by the time we decided to call it a night (or day LOL), it was close to 6 am and we had to report to the LT at 8.30am. That left us with close to 2 hours of sleep only, and on the way back to hall I could see a few groups still preparing their cheers. I still had to pack up the room and my stuff, but I was too tired to do anything and the standard procrastinating me decided to just head to the bed and sleep. And within 2 hours I had to wake up, pack up everything and check out of the room. It was one of the worst sleep I ever had and I felt even more tired than before. Everyone had the dead look coming out of their rooms, and yet again we were late in reporting to the lecture theater hahas. I guess when it comes to planning, they really take into account of everyone being late already. We had a little bit of time before the actual cheer fight started so we did 2 dry runs outside the LT. When everyone is accounted for, the PD told us about their judging criteria and who the judges were, and we says all the OG names in a random generator website on the projector screen. The first few groups went up and they were quite impressive IMO. At that point of time I just wished that our turn never came and when it did, I just wanted to get it over and done with. I won’t go into details of the cheer and what we did for our cheer, but IMO we had the worst cheer lols. We had the idea, it’s just that it wasn’t entertaining nor it had the wow factor. After our cheer ended, there was this moment of silence which was fucking awkward until N started to cheer for us and everyone else in the LT followed. I was just glad it was over and afterwards we could just sit back, relax and enjoy the performances from the other OGs. Watching performance after performance, I was convinced that we were pretty awful. So tip for future incoming freshies for cheer fight: Be loud, be creative, be funny. Those 3 elements were imo what we lacked the most. Most importantly, I think everyone needs to be equally enthusiastic, from an audience’s POV it’s really obvious when you become a blur sotong or when your actions are smaller than the rest of your OG.



The results would be released during Finale Night, so we took our pictures and bid farewell for the time being. Shared a cab with E and M, and along our journey I found out that M, who was studying at Daehan, had the same teacher as me. What a coincidence!!! And it was finally home sweet home. Went for a shower, blasted the air con and I jumped straight onto my bed. Oh how much I missed you my comfortable bed! Set my alarm at 5pm because the OG was meeting up before that for dinner before going to Finale Night at Zouk, which started at 7pm. Off to my beauty sleep I went, and it’s time for finale night! NOTTTTTTTT. I FUCKING OVERSLEPT THE WHOLE FINALE NIGHT. no shit, when I woke up it was 9.30pm and final night ends at 10pm. I felt kinda bad because most of Kratos went for it and I just overslept, but it didn’t seem to matter anyways lol. CY also overslept but still met up with the group after the whole thing ended. For me, it was a hunt for food as I slept past dinner and after a later meal and chilling on the laptop, it’s bedtime again!! I really crashed and slept at least 12 hours after camp ended, the lack of sleep was that bad. I probably slept more that night than the 3 nights together. I seriously have no idea how people survive with that little amount of sleep in camps. Even on a normal day, sometimes 7 hours of sleep isn’t enough for me LOL, must be the magic adrenaline rush of camps. Okay since I missed it, there’s nothing to talk about, so the end? Most abrupt end to the string of posts ever LOL!


First of all, big shoutout to Kratos and my awesome OGLs/facilitators: N, C, CY, J and JT! The 5 of them really kept a constant look out for all of us freshies, ensuring that we all had water to drink and would help us fill up our bottles, bringing us snacks and getting us supper to ensure we never get hungry. All of them never complained once and stayed up with all of us without question every night. The behind-the-scene work they do is really a whole lot, from their dry runs to preparing our OG identities. It’s really a shame that this OG isn’t a close bunch and felt like the touch-and-go friends type (I will get more into details regarding this aspect in a future post), and the seniors were constantly emphasizing that the people we meet at NBC will turn out to be our friends in the long run, and sadly that wasn’t the case. It’s actually quite bad because I saw  some of them in school after camp and didn’t even bothered saying hi :(. And also, special shoutout to the really nice female facilitator from Legolas who was accompanying A during our SP games. I never got to know her name and all I know is that she was from CAPT (from the shirt she wears), she wasn’t the type which will make us go over the limits during our SP games and kept saying hi when she saw me in camp. She was like “Hi Running Man!” ^^, then I gave her the do I know you look LOL (forever paiseh >.<).  Her voice was quite recognizable and so I was like oh hello when I spot her but I never got to thank her :(. Nice seniors really make the difference among these camps!

CALLOUTS!: [for those who don’t know what is a callout, it’s just the opposite of a shoutout! (I normally don’t do this, but got this idea from Hotbid’s TI4 interviews)]

To all the *censored* idiots who think winning is everything, well I hope you will remember the fact that this is just a camp, all you get is pride and maybe a few prizes if you win. But what is the point of all these camps? To forge bonds and make friends! I believe I have mentioned some of these idiots in my previous posts, yeah lols *more censored words*. If I were to allow myself to keep ranting on these idiots, I’ll drop a couple of f-bombs and drag this already wordy post. Just please, if you want to win do it in a clean and proper fashion. Think twice before you want to risk injuring someone just to win, not long your poor victim has to go through being injured during the holidays, he/she also can’t continue on the camp. Is it that worth it? SAFETY FIRST PEOPLE!



FINAL THOUGHTS: [since this is written so lately, I’ll try to keep it exclusively to NBC itself]

My virgin university camp! I think what I feel regarding uni camps would be the same for almost every DHS student before; it was a freaking eye-opener. Business people are generally quite upz, and the guys in my groups are all generally the sporty type, so I found it extremely hard to connect with any of them well, sadly and when we do chat it ends up just being meaningless small talk. I’m still the same guy, the quiet introverted guy who really appreciates when someone initiates a conversation with me. I think I talked around the same duration to my SP as compared to all my OG mates for the whole camp, and I found my talk with my SP to be more meaningful. Perhaps partially because she was a kpop fan herself so yays to fellow fangirl! I was so much more reluctant to show my fanboy side so that I wouldn’t go off as some creep LOL! Just think of the difference when you talk about your concert experiences to one who appreciates and one who doesn’t; the response would definitely be very obvious (okay captain obvious strikes here HAH).  And also, really prepare to fall sick after camp because the lack of sleep is extreme. The sleep you get in camp for a few days equates to one night’s sleep on a normal day. So did I enjoy myself in camp? I consider myself to be quite an introverted guy, but still I did enjoy myself! I don’t enjoy all the constant interaction, and do wish at times I have my own myself time. But you can’t survive university without knowing anyone, that’s the ugly truth. It’s all about connections in university; the more people you know the more advantageous position you put yourself in. Because of this environment, many people change and I completely understand now why so many girls drift away when they are in university as I’ve seen it for myself how university life can be like. One thing I’m proud for myself that I didn’t let this environment change me completely to a tryhard, because why should I change for others? Okay I’m forever digressing when it comes to this kind of thing. tl;dr: omg uni totally new place, so not suited me. This is where I’m supposed to write something more positive, but ahhh I think I will keep digressign further if I was to do that, so I’ll leave it to another future post. Thank you NBC 2014 for the wonderful memories, and finally that’s a wrap for the posts regarding NBC. Next camp to cover, Union Camp 2014! (omg time to prepare to type out 10k more words T_T)

My first kill went a little like this, grab and twist, grab grab and twist, my first kill went a little like this, stab and twist, stab stab and twist. And we fight, FIGHTTTT, and we kill, KILLLLL, and we FIGHT KILL FIGHT KILL FIGHT KILL~!




Bonus picture – This was the gift that my SP gave me, omg super thoughtful >.<. I shall not give a Starbucks card ever again (Even though she used it well for a cake haha but still so malu…)

Thanks again A for the lovely mug! :D

Thanks again A for the lovely mug! 😀