The D-Days of 2012

I never did my yearly review and reflections in a specific way. The 1st 2 years I did it by listing my new year’s resolutions, while for last year, I just recapped on what made my year happy. This WordPress has really come a long way, and at this generation who can proudly say that they have kept to 1 blogging platform for such a long period of time! I was always thinking how I wrapped out my year in a post, and so I decided to end it this way, inspired by a K-drama which I recently watched and loved, Reply 1997! During 1 episode (if I recall it was Episode 7 or 8 where all the main took their final exams), there was this mention about D-Days, which gave me the idea for this post.


Hands down my top K-drama for 2012!

Kim Yuna lived on the ice rink 12 years for four minutes and 10 seconds at the Olympics. For this test, we waited, ran, and prepared for 12 years. August 18, 1998. Our D-Day was passing by like that.

You could say that the ultimate D-Day of my life have already past in 2011 when I took my A Level examinations, 12 years of studying down to those few hours worth of papers (but I don’t want to touch on that subject anymore). But other than the major exams, everyone of us had our own D-Days in our own lives, big or small. 2012 was quite a mixed year for me, many good and bad things have happened to me. It didn’t felt as fast as 2011, as the days at Tekong passed really slowly. This year has been an emotional roller coaster, but although it may sound bad, it has thought me to appreciate the small moments in my life and the life lessons which i can learn from them. (Again, they may sound repetitive, so I’ll try my best to make it sound nicer.)

March 2 2012… The day all 18-year old JC students were waiting for, getting back their A-level results. Although the constant thought about it wouldn’t change the results, the small possibility of flunking was still up there. I knew that I was going to do alright since I mugged like crazy for the past year, but how well? I didn’t really expect such good results, but it was a testament of how hard I worked for. Like I said, there wasn’t much to worry. My first choice course was going to be Maths, which doesn’t require that excellent grades. It was more about the worry that if the grade were lousy, my future would be jeopardized as I could not get a good job and would lead to a snowball effect. Of course, having scored so well felt great, but even if I was to do badly, the me today and the me before would still be the same. Life waits for no one, life goes on. Does that piece of paper means that I would be made for life in the future? No, it merely opened up many paths for me, but in every path I still would have to work hard to reach the end-point. Okay I already talked about regarding this on my previous posts and  I hate harping on the topic of studies, so moving on…

March 6 2012… The day which I knew was coming sooner or later but never wished would happened. After receiving my results just a few days ago, in an early Tuesday morning I took the bus and boat to Tekong and only to come back 3 weeks after going through confinement. In a flash, I was now in the army, wearing green for the next 2 years. I never knew how it was going to be like in there, so I was expecting many cultural shocks going there. Turns out army wasn’t as bad as I thought it would be, but nonetheless the transition to military life was hard. I never really treasured my civillian life until then, and now I just want my pink IC back and want to have nothing to do with the army (14 months to go c’mon rawr!). No one likes any changes in their lives, but every Singaporean guy got forced into this shithole. I made many friendships on that island as well, and although we only spent 4 months together, imagine 5 days a week where we go through shit together, and slack together in our small bunk, along with the nightly HTHT. And during that period of time, book outs felt the best as you really appreciate the things around you. Now, every book in and book out feels like a vicious cycle, and every weekend burned is a super burden to our more and more uneventful time outside in civilization. During our recruit times, it was like a must to do something eventful during every book out before going back in but now, it’s like a part of life and you just get used to it. Life as a recruit went on for 4 months, with training week after week and finally, we were ready to march the hellish 24km down to the Marina Platform.

July 9 2012… The day where we turned into “men”. I don’t really believe in any of the army shit where we defend the country etc, but at last we’re getting out of the shitty island. There was this sense of pride marching into the Marina Platform, but now I think of it, it’s like “Meh, whatever… it was just the start of a shitty 2 years in NS”. If they really wanted to help us “celebrate”, they wouldn’t make us suffer and let us march 24km carrying a shitload of stuff. Hell just call some buses for us to the platform and let us do our parade. Putting aside the pain we suffered, overall the parade was okay, but after which I was just tired and smelly. The block leave after that for me was a little waste as compared to the leave I was enjoying last week, as half of the time I was lying on my bed resting my poor feet and legs. So what have I learnt about the army? Yeap it’s stupid LOL (sorry for being so anti-SAF, but I think most Singaporean guys think this way). There are some life lessons learnt through my journey as a recruit and my time serving in the army which I will take back, and I think by the time I got back my pink IC, I would have matured much more and become a better person. I could have gone through another period of being a cadet if I had gone to OCS/SCS, but I don’t think I would make it through another 6/9 months of just suck thumb and do blindly things as instructed. But I shall just take life as it goes, I could have been in much worse places so I shall be contented with what I have!

July 14 2012… Okay this may sound like a random date but to me, it’s something significant. No one except for one would have an idea on what happened during this day, but it was a start of yet another lesson of self-discovery. On this day, I did something which I never, ever would have thought of doing, and just thinking about it makes me feel oh so freaking embarrassed *hides under blanket*. It was a big step forward in my life, and with all the dust finally setting down, with a composed mindset I can finally talked about this topic more comfortably. Of course there are many questions I ask myself when I look back into this: Should I have done it differently? Should I have even done it at all in the first place? How would it have been if I done it at a later date? But what’s done is done, you cannot change the past. Now after going through all of that, I feel like a big rock was lifted off of me. It just wasn’t meant to be and I was too simple-minded to think that all would work out smoothly. Okay I shall elaborate on this topic in another post, but overall, since it turned out to be like this, just take it as a lesson in life and move on. I’m too young to let this thing put me down, and there are still many chances out there and perhaps the one who would be the right one for me would come at the correct time.

October 21 2012… The day I tested my physical limits. You never know how capable you are if you don’t try, so I decided to try out a 10km run to see if I could achieve finishing that distance. Although the run was a total killer to the legs, it felt extremely good to finish it, especially to finish it under an hour during your first try. Seeing my age group, there were many younger guys who ran faster than me, but to me it’s a personal thing which I wanted to try and see for myself if I could really do it, so the position didn’t matter. At this age, it seems like you need to be good at something if you enjoy it; for example if you enjoy soccer you would naturally be good at it. However, running to me isn’t something where I must be the best, it’s more of a personal challenge which I set to myself. After the last dash, I myself realize there’s a bit more in myself than I think, and that comes when you really push yourself. Of course timing is important as an indication to whether you’re improving, but I have really enjoyed the process of myself running. Now I feel much fitter, and it has indirectly monstrously helped my 2.4 timing as well even though I have been running much longer distance. The decision to start running has benefitted myself immensely and now with regular runs, it has keep my body in good shape since some of the long-distance runs which I do cancels out the pigging out of buffets and high-calorie snacks during the weekends.

There are some things that I would have loved to touched on for this year-in review, but I would just cover the more important ones which have made an considerable impact on my 2012. So I realized I never did a new year’s resolution list last year, so I’ll end this post with a few simple things in mind which I hope to achieve in 2013.

1) Maintain SILVER for IPPT

2) Run more to achieve the following targets – 52:00 for 10km, 1:55 for 21km, and lastly complete in any way a full marathon (even if I have to crawl my way to the finish line LOL)

3) Focus and study more of my Korean (no more procrastinating)

4) Post more in this WordPress, and revamp the whole thing if I am able to find the time.

5) Go out more often and waddle less at home on my bed with my laptop  (I need to have a better social life .__.”)

6) Get my driver’s license and drive my family out (so that my mom does not need to drive me all the time .__.””)

7) Improve myself as a person overall throughout the year 2013

Okay 7 things for this year. Kept it much more simple as compared to my previous resolutions and many things can fall under number 7. So that’s a wrap for 2012. Thanks for the memories and roller-coaster ride, and 2013 is going to move like a coal-powered train from the 70s, slowly given the miserable status that I’m under now (le NSF), but shall not wallow in pity because every other guy has gone through this stage at 1 point of his life, so in a flash I would have 2 months left to ORD and I can start to countdown from there. Until March 5 2014 aka ORD date comes, just take life simply as it goes and may I fill 2013 with many happy and memorable moments! :))

OFF-TOPIC: SNSD’s I Got A Boy comeback stage is absolutely awesome DAEBAK!!! Everything from the singing to the dance is super polished and during the live performances the girls are just brilliant. *fanboy mode back on* (rapes replay button~)


Right now, it’s Girl’s Generation!!!


Second and third time’s a charm

This is going to be a quick one regarding the stuff which has happened to me during the end of year, mainly regarding my 2nd 10km run and my 3rd time seeing SNSD performing live. Yet another 1 of those posts which I have dragged for quite a while, but I thought it would be a little abrupt to suddenly review my whole year without covering these activities, and the 2 mentioned activities were what I were looking forward to end the year on a high note. Throughout this whole year, I would have loved to posted more here (not only regarding my life, much more broader topics), but I can only do this much with the time I have. So by chronological order, I would cover SMTown Singapore 2012, followed by the Standard Chartered Marathon 2012.



The 9 Angels ❤


(Warning: Fanboy post ahead >.<) When I heard SMTown was coming to Singapore, immediately the fanboy in me burst out and I was like: “OMGOMGOMG must go!”. But as time passes, there were several factors which made it tricky if I could attend the concert. The main problem was cost, along with the problem that it was held on a Friday night so I may not be able to book out to catch the concert in time. When thinking through about my decision, SMTown is like the SNSD concert last year, I would never know if I would get another chance to experience an SMTown concert again, so what the heck, YOLO 1 more chance to see the 9 angels live!! Fortunately, my army schedule now is very flexible and not unpredictable so I took half day-off to make sure I would get to the place on time. Another factor which made me decide to go to SMTown is that it was held at the outdoor Marina Platform, which would bring a new experience in watching a concert. It’s also the same place where I passed out from BMT 4 months ago, and it was part of the running route next week for Standard Chartered at that point of time, so the place holds a small place in my heart since many things has happened to me on that platform. Moving on to the concert, although I was a SONE, I really enjoyed most of the other songs which the other SM groups performed (but of course I still cheered the loudest during any SNSD songs). Although you see the many different fan groups supporting their respective bias, the Shawols, the ELFs, the Cassiopeias, seing all the different fan lights waving around the stage, all of us enjoyed the songs belted out by every single artist that day. It’s no wonder people say that music is a universal language, and during the day itself, I could feel the chills down the body as I enjoyed song after song. The atmosphere was so high that all the people camping at the Helix Bridge could feel it around the concert. I never expected myself grooving to the beat of Sorry Sorry and Mirotic, screaming out the fan chants as well. Of course I would have loved to see SNSD sing more songs, but 4 hours of concert was well enough. And yes, the 9 girls were ABSOLUTELY GORGEOUS!!! Everytime SNSD comes out to perform a song, I go into full SONE mode and cheer my lungs out and when it goes back to other artists, I go back to my seat and just enjoy the song, okay I’m too biased haha… Braving through the rain and stomache (never spam cookhouse food bleh…), it was an awesome experience and the day after, the feelings of the concert withdrawal crept in again. Not forgetting the fact that I got to hear Tiffany say “SINGAPORE, PUT IT BACK ON!”. Imagine the fanboy in exploding when I heard Tiffany say that, I probably screamed more throughout the concert than my sister. C’mon 2013, I need a SNSD concert pleaseeeeeeee!!



My target next year!


Now to the Standard Chartered Marathon 2012 a week after… Originally I missed the registration and was going to give it a miss, but coincidentally my sister had to pull out of the run since during the period my family was flying to Taiwan, so I took her place instead in the run. As compared to the previous run, I did close to zero specific training for the event, other than 3 10km runs and 5km live runs every Tuesday and Thursday in camp. For this run, I was better equipped since I ran before 10km so I knew what to do and not to do. On the day itself, it felt quite cool to board an MRT train full of runners who are all gearing up for the run later. Being such an big event, the atmosphere was there and the run was enjoyable despite the large crowd hogging the start point. Although there was a considerable number of people who were ahead of me, there were even more behind me just walking the whole run (not sure if they were just enjoying the run or just lazy…). It was a enjoyable run since the location was central and I got to run pass the Marina Platform (yet again!), and there were many supporters whom cheered on, which spurred me on at times of tiredness. Although I ran only 1 minute faster than my previous run a fews week back, the run felt much better as I paced myself better even though I could feel that my body wasn’t really up to the task during the day itself. After the run, I rewarded myself with a filling MOS Burger meal and returned home in my Spiritus T-shirt and FBT shorts (which brings out the most of my long legs HAHA :P). So that was my last run in 2012, with many more to go in 2013. Got 1 10km run at NUS in around 2 weeks, can’t wait! I would be going for 1 or 2 more 10km runs before trying a half-marathon and ultimately a full marathon. Target for NUS run: <55 mins!!

And so how I spent my last days of 2012? Rotting my days in camp, meeting and feasting with my friends, went to my batch’s SCS POP, some reflection and rethinking of what has happened to me for this year, and a whole lot of slacking in front of my computer watching random videos on YouTube during block leave. To wrap it all up, the apocalypse didn’t happen!!! So I didn’t die young and there’s still much to do with the years ahead of me. Not to mention that I’m finally getting my SNSD comeback! 3 MORE DARS RAWR!!!



seohyun saranghae~~~