Who’s That Girl? Part 2 of 2

Just realised I posted 4 days in a row, should do less posting and more work. Bahhhhh!

So Part 2 is up, the actress is also from Taiwan and a ‘part-time’ host of 我猜我猜我猜猜猜, and I’m NOT DESPO or some NO LIFE person who spends his time all day at the computer. I have lots of life and not interested in a relationship =D.Those who watch 我猜我猜我猜猜猜 every week should at least have seen her once before. The reason I like these two actresses is because their smile is very sweet and nice, quite entertaining as well and not some act-cute bitches.


Well’s that the end, hope you guys enjoyed it (sounded wierd). When I thought of the title, it reminded me of a Hilary Duff song, only liked Come Clean so far, but the acoustic version of ‘Who’s That Girl’ is not bad as well.

And I’m convinced that if you’ll study, you can get results. Got 11/15 for Geog Test, and upgraded Maths Matrices 18/20. I think even Mr Yeo and Mr Yap are surprised that I’m not failing, Mr Yeo gave me the guailan face, Mr Yap asked me not to scream for joy. Don’t get so cocky Nick, there’s still Chem and Physics, the subjects you FAILED during EOYs last year (so demoralising). Will reflect on it some other time.

Who’s That Girl? Part 1 of 2

So, many people have asked me, “Who is that girl in your DP?” And so today the answer will still not be revealed, but if you have Cable TV and have the Taiwan shows, you should know who she is. Will be posting some of these pictures to class blog as well during Thursday (not Friday the 13th, unlucky day =.=”), and decided to post 1 more actress, also from Taiwan, but should have seen before, got host 我猜我猜我猜猜猜 before, will post in Part 2, and I would be posting less pictures at class blog as I scared tio flamed like poor Leon by *ahem*. Let this be my Valentine’s Gift to all the guys of 4F (especially the socialiser Dillon Fool) =D


I’ve been liking to post Part 1 or I, makes it feel more interesting =D